Hello beloved Sister ! .... I'm so happy to be walking through this sacred portal here with you at this time. It's so gorgeous to my soul, when I witness sisters choosing to tune in to their blood, and to the heart felt meaning of what it means to bleed! It's beyond my words to express the resonance and joy I feel as we REMEMBER ...


Our Blood, holds Magic.

Our Blood holds specific, beautiful, intricinatly designed lineage codings that are incredibly special to the Universe and to Mama Gaia.

No one has your Blood.

Your blood is Source.

Your blood is Life.


You probably have an idea and have felt the separation we have felt towards our blood; maybe growing up it was something that was never talked about, maybe you got into trouble for asking too may questions, and maybe it was something that was just so non-chalant it was simply never spoken about .... Also, I must say that this fear, shame and judgment we have towards our own blood, is also deeply engraved within our DNA through lifetimes and lineages of oppression + shame... brining up or freely speaking about our blood can become a very awkward conversation... so much taboo around it... luckily that is changing as WE come to LOVE a part of ourselves that has long been oppressed and shunned.

Mary Magdalene holds such deep space for us... for when we choose to journey with her, a portal that we must walk through is some kind of initiation and curiosity of our precious Womb Blood, and of the Blood Mysteries.

When the church became aware of the power we as women held, especially during the time of bleeding ... this time was called "evil." For the ones in charge of the church, that which we now call the Patriarchy...  knew that if they convinced humanity that this part of us was evil, wrong, bad ... and that we'd be going to a place called hell... we'd stay far away from our blood. We would stay away, push away and shame the Divine Feminine ...  We'd stay away from the sacred connection we have to the Earth... and women we're then only created for the pleasure and needs of men... or the shadow masculine. Why would we want to connect with something that made us evil and shameful? This wound goes so so deep ... and this hurts yes... but beloved, we are the change makers stepping in to our power now.

Walking as Preistess is not for the Faint of Heart!

Are you ready to pull up your big girl panties and explore the medicine and sacredness of your womb blood?  

If you don't know this yet beloved, our Ancestors use to celebrate the Blood Mysteries every New Moon and the Divine Feminine was a way of life... Women who were bleeding during the New Moon, would be honoured and bowed to... taken care of by the women who bled with the Full Moon... and vice versa.

Honouring our blood was a beautiful time of Connection and Sisterhood and was deeply honoured by our Ancestors.

So, as much as the pain resides in our DNA ... so does the truth.

We gathered in Moon Lodges and Red Tents.... Different villages and lineages had their own rituals and rites... some still deep within our own wombs and secret temples, and have not surfaced yet... but it's coming.

Before we begin, I'm inviting you beloved sister ... to tune in and let your blood teach you... let your womb lead the way in which you are being asked to live... in which you are being asked to love and honour yourself as a woman.

I'm sure you already know this... and are already doing this! 

Mary Magdalene holds such a profound resonance with our time of bleeding, as it carries a golden thread of REMEMBRANCE within our Wombs and Beings of truth... from me... to you ... through ALL lineages and ALL lifetimes.


to step in ... to step up ... to live 100% in ALL of who + what we are ...


... Bowing to Your and Your Sacred Womb, Beloved Sister ...


Below beloved, I'm sharing with you how I go about my womb blood rituals when I bring my sacred blood to the earth.

The reason why I've called this ritual "Sacred Womb Blood Ritual" ... is because there are many ways in which you can create a ritualistic space. Naming this ritual this, leaves lots of room for you to embody your own Magdalene Magic!!

Some of us are not ready or simply don't feel called to bring our Womb Blood to the earth just yet, or even ever. And that's perfectly fine. Honouring where you're at... how you actually feel abut your menstraul blood and getting to know this sacred part of you, is going to be perfect, its going to be YOUR journey to witness and live... I see you beloved sister.

Wherever you are on your sacred journey, is exactly where you're suppose to be.

Do You Choose to Go Deeper?

Before I share with you my sacred steps to bringing my womb blood to the earth, I'd like to share that what ever you are feeling called to do... is what I invite you to do. 

Always Tune into your womb through quieting the mind, bringing your attention and awareness to your womb + yoni... and FEEL what's being asked of you. Practice this as many times as you can a day ...

There are many ways that I've celebrated my womb blood ...

which include:

SACRED ANOINTING - Because our womb blood holds, and is life force energy and has special and ancient codings... when placed upon chakra points... we can activate Light Codes and Remembrance within our beings, giving us a more profound and deeper experience when tuning in. I like to place my blood on my third eye, throat chakra, heart and womb space. 

BRINGING MY WOMB BLOOD TO THE EARTH OR MY HOUSE PLANTS - Below, I will be sharing with you how I bring my blood to the Earth, and the sacred steps I take too. Mama Gaia is a reflection, an embodiment of the Great Mother... of God. When we tune in and feel the power of our Womb Blood... it is within us to feel a magnetic pull to bring our womb blood to the Earth because the resonance with the heart of mama gaia and our blood is one in the same. With prayer, She feels them so deeply and she takes them into her heart. It is said that when all women bring their blood to the earth (meaning when all women honour all parts of them, when we heal and transmute the lifetimes of shame and oppression towards our blood) ... there will be no more blood shed by violence or men. I believe this prophecy is true and this is what we are being trained for as Priestesses. We are being trained to Remember ourselves as Love, and cause a ripple effect of Remembrance and Feminine Change upon Gaia.

SACRED WOMB BLOOD ART - I've only done one of these :) ... and it's such a profound experience because it allows you to tap into the very introspective and sacred frequency of our blood. Allowing the art to come through by surrendering to what wants to be birthed and brought forth onto the canvas or paper is a beautiful experience and will teach you lessons of wisdom, patience and purpose .... Womb Blood art brings forth the truth ... that your blood is definitely a form of art! And Life itself. So gorgeous I must add :)

INTROSPECTION / QUIET TIME  - When I am bleeding ... I choose to always take as much time as possible, to literally do everything. My body wants to move slower... so I listen. My body wants to rest ... so I listen. This can be challenging; We live in a very go go go society... its very masculine and does not honour the menstraul cycle (yet) ... So we are not use to slowing down. What slowing down does is allows us to catch our breath! It allows us to tune into the truth ... you are beginning a new cycle. So what would you like to seed? 

Let Us Begin ... Sacred Womb Blood Ritual


COLLECT YOUR BLOOD - I use a moon cup, and pour the blood in my special jar. If you don't have a moon cup, you can use a tampon and when its full, you can soak it with some warm water in a jar. Let the water and your blood cool down. When its cooled down, place the lid and keep it on your alter till you are ready and feel called to bring her to the Earth.

YOU WILL KNOW - when its time to bring her to the earth. Your body will call you to Her. You will have a deep knowingness ... this calling always happens on the New or Full moon for me. Sometimes I will bring my blood to the Earth on day 6 of my cycle ... It all depends. Its not about rules. This is about deep listing to when you're being called, and each time may be different. You will be able to hear the call when you begin the process of tuning in to your womb, your blood and the Great Mother.

ASK MAMA GAIA - where would you have me go? Connect deeply to her heart in meditation, to the Earth's core and directly ask her where she would have you go... That you have a prayer and offering for her that you'd love to give her as a deep thanks and bow. If she shows you a place you are familiar with, or if you're simply called to go outside and nature calls you to a specific tree or place on her body ... that's the spot :) You will receive either a knowingness ... a feeling ... an image ... you might here a word or a specific spot. If you don't receive something right away ... its okay ... give it some time and allow yourself to listen in more deeply. You don't need to force the answer. 

WHEN YOU ARRIVED - at your spot that you were called to, ASK AGAIN ... connect with mama gaia and ask her if this is the spot that she would like to receive your prayer and blood. You will just know if its the right spot. You will get a clear yes or a clear no. A no may feel like a disconnection, it may feel like a sharp pain. You as an intuitive being, will know what she is saying to you and if this is the right spot. And with practice, you'll be able to clearly hear what she's saying.

CONNECT WITH YOUR SPOT - that you've decided to bring your blood to. Place your hands to the Earth... I like to directly bring my bare bum to the Earth and connect with her as deeply as I possibly can. I want to feel her when I am doing this. I want to feel her responding to me and my prayer.

GIVE THANKS + GRATITUE - for your life at this time beloved. That you get to bring your blood to the earth and that you get to bleed! It is truly a gift. Send that gratitude to the Great Mother and feel her respond to you through the elements ... the wind, the birds, the trees, the bodies of water around you will start to respond to your intention. 

BEGIN TO SHARE YOUR HEART + PRAYER - with her outloud. This is going to be authentic to you. What is it that you'd like to leave behind and what would you like to see more of on the planet and in your life? Share it all with her and know she's listening. Connect with her as deeply as your can... taking your time and witnessing any fear, shame that may come up. Let her take them from you. Let the Goddess and Mary Magdalena take them all from you. Give it all away. Surrender.

ASK AGAIN - if this is the right spot and if you have her  permission to give your blood to the Earth. Let her respond to you ... again, you will know.

WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY + FULLY READY - take a beautiful big breath in and, pour your womb blood onto the earth slowly, and attentively.

BOW DOWN - to the earth in deep gratitude. and really allow yourself to stay in this state of deep connection.

STAY WITH HER - for as long as you feel. Don't just leave your spot right away. Really spend some more time with her and what you've just done for the planet.

Repeat ... It is Done ... It is Done ... It is Done ...


Beloved ... no matter how you choose or feel called to honour this beautiful and sacred part of yourself ... it is accepted ... it is loved and is Good Enough.

You are worthy of Life.

Because You are Life 

And what a gift we have as women to Bleed.

PRESS PLAY! - here is a video of me bringing my womb blood to the earth... this is not how you have to do it and all my rituals are somehow different. I'm so honoured as I let you in to a deep and personal part of my life and cycle. I love you dear sister xo ... May this video be of deep and genuine service to you!

rose Pixabay.jpg

Listen to this meditation to activate your beloved womb and create a deeper relationship and resonance with your blood


With Love Always,
Sarah xo