Welcome Beloved ...

I'm so happy you're here! 

I feel something is being seriously shaken within us ... Something that we've be avoiding and have long to despise within ourselves , and in others .... Our Shadow.

I'm on a mission beloved! A sacred mission to remember myself as Love, and within that to reflect that back to you.

Do you feel the same?

I've become aware of Shadow within myself ... and I deeply feel its something that is almost needed ... Why? Because the contrast then allows me to tap into who I actually am. And at the same time, our Shadow ... is simply pieces of ourselves and the collective consciousness, that want to be loved.

The Shadow holds all unmet needs, fears and pieces of ourselves that we don't think are lovable ... Most the time, our Inner Little Girl... And I'm so OVER pushing pieces of myself away that I made true to believe were unlovable ... or pieces of me that I'm afraid to show the world.


Do you feel the same?

How do you feel about your Shadow Self? 

What is Shadow to you?

How have you integrated Her?

How are you currently Integrating Her?

In one word, describe your true feelings towards Her...

What does "Shadow Sexuality" ... "Shadow Masculine" ... "Shadow Feminine" ... "Shadow Entities" ... Bring up for you? Are there any certain experiences that surface when you think about it?

I’m Calling You In ... beloved sister to interview and connect with you in regards to your intimate journey with your Shadow... What Shadow is to you... How you’ve integrated it... or How your currently integrating it... How you’re learning to love it.... and how your Shadow has truly helped you expand when you decided to turn the mirror in with love.

The Sacred Shadow Series, will be a series of interviews with women of all journeys + missions + lifestyles who have found deep and genuine purpose for her Shadow, and the challenges experienced through it for overall her expansion and purpose here on Earth.

My intention is to deeply serve women who may be having some challenges of integrating her Shadow... has no idea where to start... and needs that support ... she needs other women to deeply understand her so she could take her first step towards her integration process ... My intention is to connect and bring us together, for we are ONE

I'm calling in ALL women + men who feel called to share <3 


Interviews will be held on Skype ... and recorded videos will be edited and molded together in a free offer I'll share when it's ready :) ...

the sisters who sign up for this offer will be deeply served by your vulnerability, courage, willingness and what you have to say <3 



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(healer, priestess, model, school teacher, dancer…ect.)

Thank you Love xo I look forward to connecting with you soon xo

With Love,

Sarah xo