My experience participating in Sarah's guided full moon meditation circle was one that was deeply comforting and helped me get in tune with my spirit. It allowed me to better connect to myself as well as to a community of women with varied but ultimately similar experiences of pain. With Sarah's gentle, compassionate guidance, we were able to hold space for our pain, to honor it and view it as a catalyst for healing ourselves, each other, and all those we encounter.

It was a blessing for me that this circle came together at the full Leo moon; the full moon being a time that generally brings emotional turmoil, self-doubt and the opportunity to face our shadow selves. In line with the moon's energy, earlier that same day I was confronted with personal trauma that needed immediate attention. I felt like I might drown in the confusion of my life in that moment!

Stepping into the temple from the cold felt like coming home. Her attention to detail in the chosen setting, decorations, altar arrangement, refreshments and gifts provided were beautiful, thoughtful and very obviously imbued with divine feminine magick and intention. In Sarah's presence and as part of her circle, I felt a deep sense of acceptance. The space created was one where all emotions and experiences were honored, and we were able to view them through the lenses of self-compassion and radical love that Sarah encouraged us all to find within ourselves.

Sarah has a warmth and grace that is honestly otherworldly to encounter. She is down to earth, honest, frank, funny, lighthearted, and a deeply reflective, grounding healer. She owns her struggles and it makes her very relatable as well as inspiring. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to join one of her rituals!

- Leah Hesketh

β€œ I got to take part in Sarah’s Blood Moon Circle. I have never been to anything of the sort, and the experience was nothing short of magical. Sarah made us all feel safe and loved. Her ability to consistently poise her voice, face, and soul to ooze love and acceptance is literally supernatural. Her power not only created a safe space for us to explore and work through our feelings and trouble, it gave each of us the knowledge that we have access to that power within ourselves. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. β€œ

- Anna, the Flower Witch

"There isn't enough words to express how grateful I am for connecting with Sarah. I met her at her priestess circle..where she held space for me and a couple of other sisters. I came there curious...reading her story the night before and deeply relating to her.

I left, empowered. Her incredible intuitive guidance allowed me to sink deeper into myself. Till now, I still find myself replaying channeled readings that always hit home. She is definitely a gift and a sister, connecting with her has been tremendously healing. I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Maureen Rose

" Working 1:1 with Sarah Nicole was life changing for me. You get the 100% true Sarah. Her pure love, her light, her sacred connection to the Goddess. She is truly following her soul’s path. She’s one badass warrior who has suffered intense wounding in her own physical life ... yet amazingly has chosen to transmute that pain into sacred healing that she offers unconditionally to us ALL. She’s raw, she’s authentic, she’s funny, she’s vulnerable. The healing journey with Sarah Nicole is like hanging out with your best friend. She radiates love and light just by being herself.

When I began this journey I was afraid, but Sarah made me feel safe to step slowly, consciously into my shadows. She β€œgets” it. As sisters, we are no longer required to carry these deep, hidden wounds. We can heal ourselves, and heal the collective. YOU can heal. 

Sarah Nicole is with you, every step of the way."

- Jill McAlpine Heuer

" Sarah's angel reading was amazing. I needed some clarity in my life when I inquired about the angel readings and was unsure what would come about the reading. I was very open to my Angels and the energy around me. Her questions to me and knowledge was very helpful in guiding me and helpful in making the decisions I was facing and I ended the reading having a clearer vision of myself and what I wanted to create. Thank you Sarah ! "

- Tinishia Forsyth

" I had been conversing with Sarah for some time since we met at a book signing convention from a personal development course we both took. We did 2 angel reading sessions. The first one, I was very confused and going through a number of personal emotions and matters. Sarah is very uplifting and kind and let me ask a million questions.  She has a great intuition and  knew exactly what I needed to hear. I got the most perfect advice. She explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I went to work and started focusing on myself through her advice. I had started making some progress dealing with my inner self-doubt.

Then we had the second session and it confirmed everything I was working towards.
The great thing about Sarah is that she has such great timing. She knows what to say and when to say it. She's very intuitive and very personable. She's very honest and she makes you feel like you can speak your heart out. She's very trustworthy. She is someone I'm very glad to know, to call a friend and am very glad to have in my life."

- Paul Marcoccia

" I want to thank you Sarah for doing such a great job! Our two sessions together has brought me lots of happiness and it was an amazing experience for me, especially the Angel Reading. Before our sessions, I couldn't sleep well, and since the Reiki Sessions,  I feel a big change, and I feel a shift in my energy. I sleep so much better now! I feel blessed, and thank for the crystal gift. Thanks Sarah ! "

- Daniel Lebon