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Activation ☥

Hey Beloved, deep bow to all of us in this sacred circle... We are showing up, and i honour us so deeply as we are!

Before we start.. again I'd like to share with you, that this journey isn't about learning anything as I am not your leader... this is about remembering deeply who you are, and resurrecting all that your heart already knows... What we do together, will help you to do that! 

SO ... Activation... Activation, is the act of REMEMBERING deeply of who you are, why you are here... of allowing the truth to surface from our very beings ... and remembering that we are both Human + Divine ; in One. 

There are two parts to this Scroll beloved, the first is the Priestess Activation + Ritual and the second part is the Womb Activation + Ritual... both will allow you to "Become the Vessel". 

Yummy ! <3

Who is the Priestess ?

The Priestess is You ... and an ancient archetype who is resurfacing here on our planet through women.. Women who are here to Hold the Space; for all is held and loved deeply by her ... as she knows that whatever is in front of her, is her sacred reflection.. IS HER.  For it is her Compassion and Love for all, that all things are transmuted (turned into gold) ... she is deeply connected to her womb, to the earth, she breathes in her Shadow and holds all that comes into her space for the evolution of all things in existence.

Beloved, you are already the Priestess you've always wanted to be... And she is waiting for you to birth her out into the planet in which ever way you feel called! The sacred intention for this moon, is to Activate the inner Priestess within you through Activations + Womb Remembrance and gradually building upon your Soul's purpose, or going even deeper if you already know your Soul's Purpose... so by the end of our journey together, you will feel safe being here on planet Earth... doing what you love... Holding the Space... And Now is the time that your inner Preistess wants to be birthed! 

To be the Space Holder, means that it is time for you to BREATHE IN all parts of yourself without judgement... including your Shadow, including pain + shame. And seeing truly, that these parts of you are indeed Love itself.


How can we birth our inner Priestess out into the planet?

How can we really begin to cultivate and birth the Priestess within us? 

Through the breath beloved + by Deeply Listening ... Your breath will allow you to centre what is real within you at any given time. And that Deep listening to ALL of yourself... will allow you to know what is required of you, and to DO the required action step to fulfill that.

As we know... the Priestess is the Space Holder... both in which you and I are. You are also the space in which everything is held.... Just take that in for a second, and even say that out loud " I am a Priestess ... I am the space in which everything is held" - Yummy right? I feel such a deep resonance when I say those small yet powerful sayings to myself.

Since we are both Human + Divine in One, a huge part of walking the path of the Priestess, is being deeply grounding INTO our bodies... So, what deeply grounds us into our bodies? What allows us to become that sacred human vessel for the Divine? ... One of those ways, is through  The Menstrual Cycle... No wonder I was so called to the Earth with my womb blood... it is because it is so deeply a reason why we are here.

Your blood connects you to all women of this planet in an interconnected womb web... your blood connects you deeply to your mothers womb, to your grandmothers womb, and to her mothers womb. Your Blood is Life. What else happens, is that we carry around ancestral trauma, that needs to be integrated, loved and transmuted.

So I ask you sister?

What common patterns, both positive and negative "lineages" do you feel that you are carrying around in your womb? - for example, my lineage is of Music + of the Sacred Rose. That is a common thing that my mother and her mother feel deeply connected to.  You might've heard about The Rose Lineage, or the Magdalene Lineage; which is something we will be deepening into together too (and no rush beloved, as all things will come to you and download deeply into your being, at the perfect time for)... I've also noticed that the female "lineages" in my family on my mothers side, can be passive aggressive, and manipulative because of generations and generations of fear to share our truths for we may be shamed, or humiliated, and even killed..... This is an example of a negative ancestral lineage.

I'm still tuning into the other lineages that connect us, and have my entire life to have fun with this, and so do you... but what is yummy about this, is that we can catch onto the patterns that are not serving us, and really breathe in, love them, and transmute them... for our children, and for the collective. Sound powerful?

That is the responsibility of the Priestess.

And this is what you are. 

♡ Priestess Activation Ritual - For Becoming the Vessel


Beloved, it is the way that you are Present while you light the candles on your alter. The way you light your incense.. The way you draw the bath. Why? Because you are present while doing it.

You are fully in the NOW.

In order for us to Hold the Space, all must be held in the present moment. And Your Presence is a Gift. This Priestess Activation ritual, is meant for you to do everyday, for yourself. It involves , slowing down... and tuning into the Divine within, into the I AM, into the REMEMBRANCE deeply within you... that you've done this before in many life times. So Beloved, allow yourself to be present with what you are doing + feeling during this ritual.


Cultivate a Priestess Practice to deeply connect you to your Essence.


This should all be done with Presence of your breath. It doesn't need to be perfect, remember that all parts of you are LOVE itself.


♡ CREATE THAT SPACIOUSNESS INSIDE YOUR HOME, your bedroom or in your garden... of an alter, or a space in which is made for you to tune into yourself i.e. for meditation + yoga. If you don't have a room for that, then clearing up some space in your own bedroom, and use your bed as the meditation space and using some pillows to support your bum if you don't have a meditation pillow :) . You can clear some space on your dresser to use as your alter space. 


♡ CREATE YOUR SACRED INTENTION FOR THE PRACTICE. i.e. "My sacred intention is to deeply sit with my soul essence, and birth what the Priestess within me, would like to birth + share.  or "I'd like to deeply root myself in the Present moment." - You can say this out loud or in your heart and mind.


♡  LIGHT A CANDLE OR SOME INCENSE in the name of the Mother. You can light it to whomever you want, as long as you are present and you KNOW what this candle is for (your sacred intention) ... as you light your candle. 


♡ SAY WITH PRESENCE  ...  "For we are the Vessels Lit, in Holy Mother's Name" - these words will allow you to go deeper everyday into yourself and your souls purpose as to why you are here. These words allow you to become the Divine Vessel.


♡ BRING YOUR HANDS IN PRAYER IN FRONT OF YOUR SACRED HEART .. Feel deeply of this present moment, through the breath, allowing yourself to breathe in all that you are feeling... whether you think you're doing a good job or not, whether you think you're doing it right, and whether or not you think you're worthy of this practice. (You are <3 )


♡ BRING YOUR PRAYING HANDS from your heart,  up to your third eye, connect you even deeper with the Divine.


BRING YOUR TWO HANDS TO YOUR WOMB SPACE, creating that triangle mudra, or the Holy Trininty over your womb space... feeling that deep connection with your womb space. ... Allow yourself to now "Belly Breathe", inhaling the breath deeply into your womb, and releasing it out to the rest of your energy body. You can repeat this 10 times or how ever many times your feel comfy.


CLOSE THIS PRACTICE WITH A BEAUTIFUL INHALE, and exhale... followed by an "And so it is", I know some sister like to say "It is done" ... whatever you want to say to close this practice. 


And so it is, beloved.

Priestess meditation

This Priestess Initiation Mediation, will take you into the depths of your own being as you come face to face with your own inner Priestess. 

Part two : womb activation.


Activating WOMB Remembrance, and really really sitting with the receptive stillness our wombs + womb blood is what were gonna be deepening into this Moon as well. Below, I will be sharing with you, the downloads, the transmissions, and what I've learned of the Blood Mysteries through my own lensing + Herstory of our sacred wombs,  and a blood ritual that is encouraged to do every time you bleed, if you feel called. 

Deeply engraved in our beings, deeply encoded in our DNA, lies great Womb Truth and power of our womb blood.

Long before the Catholic Patriarchy, about 2000 or more years ago.... before our blood was named the "original sin", both women AND men, honoured the time of bleeding as sacred, and women of tribes + communities,  were so deeply connected to each other, and with Mother Earth.

Women were in sync with the natural rhythms of the Earth and of the Moon. And many women to today have deepened into their bleeding through ways of the Moon's phases. 

The Moon, was how women of these ancient tribes, which are our ancestors... knew it was either a time to slow down + receive the magic of the Moon + Earth,  or a time to planet sacred conscious seeds... or their time to conceive. Our ancestors were so in tune and body conscious, they knew deeply that their time of bleeding was a call back to Mama Gaia for Introspection + Gratitude, with their womb blood.

Most women of these tribes, bled with the New Moon, and many of us now bleed with the New Moon. Women who bleed with the New Moon, have what we call the "White Moon Cycle" ; these women were considered the Mother archetype .. or the nurturer and lover as when the moon goes into her dark phase, so does she, and when the moon is full and in her glory, she is in ovulation and ready to create life.

Women who bleed on or around the time of the Full Moon, have  the "Red Moon Cycle"... these women were considered the Healers, the Oracles, the Midwives, the Witches,  and actually took care of the bleeding women during the New Moon, as these women were ovulating and in their "Mother Phase" ... Both of these cycles are sacred, both cycles powerful, both Divine. When does your time of bleeding occur in the phases of the Moon? 

Red Tents + Moon Lodges, were held mostly on the New Moon when women gathered in sacred sisterhood, and bled onto the earth to give back the life that Mother Earth, and the Goddess herself, had given them. Women who did not bleed with the New Moon, found their way to Mother Earth with their womb blood anyway... as they deeply knew how sacred their womb blood was. 

The time of bleeding, is a time where our body's are being called back down to Mother Earth. The time of bleeding is a time for us to REST, and to release + actually have a mini death of all that had not served us from the entire cycle.

Notice how heavy we feel during our cycle, notice how our body's naturally enter this dreamy, imaginative realm space. We tune into the stillness and the slow (not low) vibration of The Earth. We are so deeply connected to Mother Earth within our womb blood. And our womb blood is our body's natural way to connect to Her.

On an esoteric stand point... there is one word that describes our sacred time of Bleeding...

magic! <3

The Blood Ritual I'm about to share with you, is one that I do at the end of every bleeding, and the reason why I'm sharing this Blood Ritual first, is for two reasons;  the first is because this will plant the seed into this journey together, and will stay with you when Womb Blood Alchemy is fininshed,  this specific blood ritual is our natural way of being, this will allow you to surrender to your Soul's path as the Priestess, and appreciate your womb blood + Mother Earth.. as the Earth and our bodies are reflections of one another. . And the second reason,  is because this was indeed the ritual our ancestors did every time they bled too! We will RESURRECT this wisdom within ourselves, and REMEMBER how to love and treat ourselves + our bodies during this sacred time.

This practice will cultivate a deeper and loving relationship with your body sister. an intimate, deep and RAW relationship with your body's Divine flow

** IMPORTANT** - To start our journey off together in a really STRONG and SACRED way. Here is what I invite you to do each time you bleed : 

  • Start tracking your Moon, know when your expected first day of bleeding is, and cater to that; getting a babysitter or making sure your partner can watch the children for an hour while you tune in on your days of bleeding, and something I just started doing, is pre-making meals so I can relax without getting up too much to cook . ( I begin bleeding usually on a Monday, so Saturday, I go grocery shopping, and make all my meals, that way I am so taken care of during my time of introspection)


  • On all days of your bleeding, allow yourself to tune in for an hour. You can mix this in with your Priestess Activation Practice as well. If you can take the first day of bleeding off... that is amazing . Giving yourself that hour to SLOW DOWN, and go inward, and honour the call back to Mother Earth. This will allow you to resurrect the deep  wisdom of the ancient engraved ways of the womb.


  • Begin to be self aware of how you're feeling right before you are about to "drop". Drop, meaning the moments before you begin bleeding. This is a really important time... all that is coming up in terms of attachments, emotions, or memories and over all shadow, is what needs to be consciously released with your womb blood when you begin bleeding...and will give you a huge doorway into what you can offer the Earth when if you decide to do the blood ritual below...

Use this Blood Ritual to :

  • Release All that has not served you, I invite you to get super specific.
  • Manifest what your BIG hearts desires.
  • Transmute shame + womb trauma.
  • Deeply connect with Mother Earth.

☥ Peace Connection Blood RitualFor Womb Activation  

This Ritual involves you bringing your womb blood back to the Earth with prayer + intention. 

*** This ritual should be performed during your last days of bleeding, or anytime before your next bleeding... and should be repeated every cycle***

Sacred Steps :

☥ INTENTION : is always important when doing magic, especialy with your own womb blood. Place one hand on your heart + one had on your womb and declare your sacred intention for this blood ritual. i.e, I'd like to bring more peace into my life, and in al the lives on this planet.


☥ COLLECT YOUR BLOOD, and put it in a concealed container ; you could use a Moon cup to collect you womb blood, or you could use a tampon, and soak the used tampon in the container with some warm water. 


☥ WHEN YOU FEEL THE TIME  IS RIGHT, go outside, place one hand on your heart + one hand on your womb and say "Goddess + Ancestors, I call on you now to lead me to where I can offer my womb blood back to Mother Earth. I trust that you will lead me to where I am meant to be " - follow this calling by walking around your neighbourhood (if you live near some nature + greenery) ... if you automatically think of a place to do this ritual, that is probably the place :) Also, your back yard is also a great place, as it is safe and could use your blood to even keep your home safe.


☥ ASK + RECEIVE  : When you have reached your destination or have chosen where you'd like to offer your womb blood, place two hands on the earth where you feel called to share your womb blood. And ask Mother Earth telepathically  " Mother Earth , is this the area I am suppose to share my womb blood? Please give me a clear YES or NO." - you will know the answer based on how you receive information. You may FEEl, SEE, HEAR or just KNOW the answer. Trust it :) 


☥ SIT + CONNECT more deeply with your sacred spot + your womb blood through breathing in the abundance around you. And really allowing yourself to be rooted in the Now. Place both hands onto the Earth, and allow what ever needs to be said or felt... to happen. I enjoy singing and connecting with Mama Gaia that way before I share my womb blood with her. 


☥ SHARE YOUR PRAYER OR INTENTION WITH MOTHER EARTH + Your higher self , and continue to share it until you feel you've been heard by The Great Mother. You will know sister,


☥ GIVE YOU WOMB BLOOD BACK TO THE EARTH, by pouring your blood onto your sacred spot that you received approval from. 


☥ ALLOW YOURSELF TO SIT WITH YOUR EYES CLOSES, bring your hands into prayer position over your heart,  and let Mother Earth recieve anything else you'd like to release from the previous cycle. And repeat "And so it is" or "It is done."  to close the sacred portal.  

Bring you prayer mudras from your heart, up to your third eye, closing the sacred portal as you bow down to Mother Earth.


* Have fun with this! Not only is this such a beautiful and sacred act, this is really really fun to be doing something that deeply resonates with us, connects us to each other, Mother Earth and our Ancestors.

** If you feel guided to do this a different way, follow your intuition. This is what works for me!


And so it is! 


If you've got any questions, please share your heart in the Womb Blood Alchemy Priestess Temple. I love you xo

" When all women of this Earth bring back their womb blood back to her, there will be no more blood shed by violence, and all peace shall Reign." - Unknown 

womb meditations:

This Womb Activation Meditation, will take you into a deep journey into your own womb +  the heart of Mama Gaia to activate womb remembrance within you.

This Womb Tree Meditation, allows you to surrender to the stillness and purity of nature and your own sacred womb tree, which is deeply inside of all of us.

Allow yourself to soften in and breathe into the growth of your own wombs lotus in this Womb Lotus Meditation. Use this meditation to spread womb love to the entire planet!

this moon's mantra: