Hello and welcome Beloved sister! The previous two weeks were I'm assuming, to be a bit challenging... maybe a lot came up for you ? ... Some unintegrated Shadow may have surfaced... and I say YES YES YES!

Because the Deeper we go, the Safer we will feel... the Deeper we Go the Clearer it Will get for us. 

The next 2 weeks... I wanted to bring our focus and hearts into a softer and gentler part of ourselves. Shakti Activation definitely can be powerful... However, I wanted to hold space for us to allow our own Shakti to gradually make her way up to the surface and conscious awareness at our her own gentle pace.

Being deeply into some Sacred Shadow aspects of myself, I know something is so true in the pit on my being ... The more we can deeply hold sacred parts of ourselves and choose what feels really amazing inside of our hearts...  is what will set us free. 

You are a powerful being. Your Holy Body Temple is a gorgeous and uncodntionally loving vehicle, that you chose to come in to, to know yourself as Divine. The beauty I have found through traumatic experiences of separation, abuse and fragmention ... is that we get to remember this truth all over again ... and Hold space for us to look forward to this journey back home to our bodies! 

I've become aware and am witnessing my self as I choose to Love my body ... despite all that is arising, despite all the shadow that is surfacing  and learning to transmute it with a gentle presence, makes claiming our pleasure much easier.

I remember when I first began transmuting womb trauma and seeing my body as a temple ... not just as a "body" that people who used and fuck (that is how I felt) ... I did a wonderful ritual that I am going to share with you that is sooo incredibly powerful when we choose to feel safe enough and hold ourselves through this process of pleasure and Unconditional Self-Love.

Sacred Yoni Adoration Ritual 

For this Ritual, You will Need: 

☽ A beautiful warm space to get naked in

☽ Pillows and Blankets 

☽ A standing mirror (any mirror works if it can stand on its own) 

☽ Rose Petals or Peacock Feather (anything that activates sensuality when you place it upon your body)

☽ A Pink Candle (also any candle will do) ~ the frequency of pink holds a beautiful, soft + compassionate energy for us to feel safe in...

☽ A Yoni Wand, Vibrator or Self Pleasure toy that you'd like to bring forth, you can bring that into your ritual if you feel ready (also, this ritual is not meant to be done only once... you can bring whatever you feel called to bring during each ritual)  


This purpose and intention for this ritual is to deeply feel the divine and safety that lives within through your choice to choose and activate pleasure within your body through sensual and sexual stimulation


allow yourself to set the intention before you begin... this could sound something like ...

Prayer + Intention ...

"I Intend and Choose to Connect Deeply to Myself for my Expansion and Connection with the Divine within Myself... I Choose to let this Ceremony and Ritual Transmute any Sexual Shame + Trauma, across all time space dimension realities. All that occurs in terms of old energy I choose to hold and allow it to pass as I choose my Birth Rights of Love, Bliss +  Pleasure...
And so it is "


☽ Light your candles. And get your space set up. Make a little nook or nest on the floor or on your bed... And bring all that you need (your mirror, your wand, yoni egg, and self pleasure toys, candles, rose petals, feather, incense...) Whether you'd like to do this on the floor or your bed, whatever feels right and whatever you have available for you.

☽ Once your space is beautifully set and made... you can begin to take your clothes off (also I like to do this right after I have a shower when I feel refreshed)

☽ Put your mirror down where you can see your Yoni clearly ... Lay down in front of your mirror, open your gorgeous legs and begin to really look and admire your Yoni... the way she's shaped, feeling the natural energy of unconditional love, of nurtance, of sacred sexuality, of shakti begin to pulse through from your Heart... to your Womb... to your Yoni.

☽ Allow yourself to breathe and do a small meditation with you eyes closes ... feeling the air on your body.. on your yoni and really "milking" the feeling of ecstasy the best you can without forcing ... allowing the feelings of pleasure to arise from deep inside

☽ begin to think and say to your yoni directly "You are so gorgeous ... Thank you. I so happy to be witnessing you. You are so special to me. I'm so happy we have this connection.. I'm so excited to connect with you... you deserve to feel amazing... What would you like me to say or do to you beloved Yoni..." 

☽ Let her communicate back to you in whichever way she'd like ...  allowing and receiving her special messages.

☽ Bring a hand to your womb space ... and being to communicate to her directly as well ... saying the most beautiful things to her. Sending her so much love and honour....(You can do the hummmmm exercise that we do in our ceremonies to activate your womb)

☽ Taking your sweet time ... no rush. Allow yourself to be present as you witness yourself and the sensations, feelings, pulses that begin to arise. 

☽ The Shakti.. the Arousal ... the 'want for pleasure' or for climax... is a direct transmission from the Divine as your birthright of what a Sacred and Sovereign woman and being you actually are...

☽ If Shadow or judgments arise... its okay... nothing is wrong with this. Allow yourself to breathe and honour all that arises as old energy you are about to transmute... and you choosing to continue this practice and ritual, is transmuting old energy

☽ Bring your Roses Petals and Feathers and all that you brought wiht you... to your body with Gentleness and Awareness... creating a yummy space of activation within and around your body.. Do this for as long as you choose...

☽ Next,  when you feel ready ... to begin to touch your yoni in a very gentle way... doing whatever you feel called. 

☽ As you do this... witness your yoni in the mirror how she contracts or releases... surrenders and releases with your touch and with how you are nurturing her.

☽ Allow yourself to breathe in the WORTHINESS of all that you are, being conscious of the breath... thinking thoughts like ... "omg I'm so worthy of this ... I'm so worthy of feeling amazing ... I'm so worthy of pleasure ... I'm so worthy to connect withe Divine through my body ..."

☽ Truly witnessing yourself climbing up to orgasm ... continuing to take your time... breathing into the worthiness that you are...

☽ As you reach orgasm ... allow yourself to look into your eyes in the mirror as you are connecting directly to the Divine.

☽ When you feel complete in your orgasm ... allow yourself to rest with you blanket and pillows... breathing in and and allowing the Divine within you to nurture you and hold you as you are now

☽ Feel free to d this as many times as you feel!

☽ Feel free to write about your experience in your journey if you feel called as well.




May this Ritual Deeply Serve your Remembrance Beloved Sister ...