Hey Love, please... relax as you ask these deep questions internally...

 Do you desire to love yourself completely, but memories and experiences of the sexual trauma you’ve experienced, seem to make it incredibly difficult?

▽ Are you wanting to honour your story and your experiences, but can’t seem to release the pain around it?

▽ Do you know deeply that you’re meant for really amazing things, but feel afraid to fulfill that? And you need some guidance to lovingly inspire you?

 Would you like to make sense and know the Divine Purpose of your experiences of sexual trauma and begin to use them as feminine fuel for LOVE? 

 How do you feel when you say to yourself…  “My Pain in My Gold?” 

Sister, if you resonate with any of the above questions…

I’m now offering FOREVER 1-1 Womb Remembrance ∇ Sessions + Packages for you to choose from, to transmute and turn your sexual trauma into the GOLD that it truly was, all along. 

Here in my 1-1 Womb Remembrance ▽ Sessions, I meet you where you’re at on your special journey, with your special experiences. 


I listen . 
I hold you. 
I guide you to what I feel you need to sit with, hear and do. 

▽ Single Session
  • 1 one- hour womb Remembrance Session
  • Free 30 minute follow up!!
  • 1 Guided Womb Meditation 

* Option to write a testimonial on your before + after journey to be featured on my website. 


▽ 3 Session Package
  • 3 one-hour Womb Remembrance Sessions 
  • 3 Guided Womb Meditations 
  • Pink Moon Body Scrub 

*Video Interview of your before and after journey, that’ll be featured on my website.

$333US or

3 bi-weekly payments of $111US

This is for You If...

♡ You deeply know you’re here to help the planet in consciousness, but don’t know how to step into LOVE. 

♡ You don’t know why experiences of sexual or womb trauma happened to you.

♡ You’re ready to clear all the old beliefs that say you are not worthy, so that you can fulfill your mission of LOVE, and need help to do that!

♡ You need safe space held for you to truly release and feel the loving intentions underneath your experiences of sexual trauma. 

♡ You have a calling to use your experiences and stories to deeply serve other women overcome their deep wounds of sexual shame + trauma. 

♡ You’re ready to turn your shame and Pain into Gold! 

♡ You’re ready to do the inner work to completely change your perspective on WHO YOU ARE! 

With the Help of Your Spirit Guides + Angels, You will...

☽ Feel FREE of the patterns and beliefs of not being good enough and feeling unworthy. 

☽ Transmute the sexual + womb trauma and the belief that it was your fault.

☽ Clear + transmute the belief that you are not lovable, or loved, and feel the unconditionally LOVE of the Great Mother …

☽ Understand the Loving Purpose underneath any womb trauma or sexual shame.

☽ Wake up everyday knowing that you are here on purpose and that you are So incredibly supported.

☽ Feel and KNOW that first intention; that you chose to be here, and your experiences to rise the fuck up!

☽ Understand your own triggers and deep wounds, and begin to work with them in a loving feminine way.

☽ Create loving and powerful boundaires on how you’d like the world to treat you, and how you treat yourself. 

☽ Activate your womb through deep meditation, check in’s and commitment to feeling amazing in your body.

Who is Sarah Nicole ?

I AM! … Womb Priestess, Energy Healer + Angel Intuitive, and I’m here for LOVE, I’m here to help YOU remember who you are at the core. I’m here to help you remember the truth; that you are here for big things… that your sexual trauma can be something that empowers you every single day.

Imagine waking up every single day with the knowingness that you chose to be here, that YOU are NEEDED HERE… that you make a difference by simply being here; despite what your experiences tell you.

To be honest, I did not feel so on Purpose pretty much my entire life. I did not know why I was here … I didn’t know the true purpose behind my experiences of rape, suicide attempts, choosing to get paid for sexual acts, and really shitty relationships one after the other… I've experienced things and didnt know how I was ever going to look at myself again... all I felt was disgust. and shame.

But now, it's SO different.
Now, I know the Truth.  
And I can’t just keep HOW I'm doing this, to myself. 

Something magical happened.  I chose love … and it was so simple. 

The answer was love… I got the help I needed from mentors … I listened to my own inner calling … and I’m still doing that! I listen to my inner voice of bringing my womb blood to the Earth… I do the inner work when I am triggered. I do it, and I do it with LOVE!  I wake up every single day on Purpose… knowing I’m here for greatness. And anything that does not tell me that, I work through. Because anything that tells me other wise… is not true.

... Black Jaguar of Fierce unconditional LOVE..

... Black Jaguar of Fierce unconditional LOVE..

Imagine ...

Imagine letting your experiences actually fuel you for LOVE, instead of holding you back from how you truly want to see yourself, and life.

That you chose your experiences to help you rise the fuck up and to show up as LOVE on the planet? 

How amazing would it be to wake up on purpose? To WANT to say Yes to life every single day? 

Showing up as Love does not need to be this extravagant thing, as what our minds tend to make it. Walking as Love, is powerful yet simple. It’s as simple as knowing that your existence is love, that you being here makes a difference, right now. 

Whatever you desire to feel, to do and to be… truly beloved, I am here to hold safe space so that you could walk as that!

Imagine … living in a world where all women and girls of this planet REMEMBERED WHO THEY WERE, at the core. This is the intention and energy I put out for us Every. Single. Day 

I am here to hold the space of Remembrance and Love. 

If you feel called to work together… than I believe you are being asked to walk as Love on the planet for the remembrance of the Divine Truth. 


My Sacred Intentions for You ...

My intention is hold sacred and safe space for you to be yourself in, to guide you deeper into yourself… that’ll allow you to feel your very own Essence. From there, you will have access to your own Divinity... consciously CHOOSING how you want to feel, and how you'd like to perceive your experiences. My desire for you, is to wake up every single day feeling on Purpose, knowing what you’re doing here,  making sense of all that has happened to you. And causing that ripple effect of LOVE and remembrance every where you go. I desire for you to truly be happy <3 

I believe that you don't need to learn anything from me, you are simply remembering your own divine truth through spiritual and practical tools.

You are safe to be yourself.

You will be held. You will be loved.

You will be guided to your own truth within.


What to expect ...

In our Womb Remembrance sessions together, I hold space for you and your experiences. I guide you with spiritual and practical tools that'll allow you to see and feel the divine purpose behind your sexual shame + pain. We will go deep into your very own experiences, where you'd be held unconditionally with all that you are. Because You are Good Enough. Because You Are Worthy!

You will walk away knowing your Divine truth... and because of that, you know the divine purpose behind the shame and pain... inspiring you, and empowering you to SHOW UP as LOVE.

You'll walk away having a shift take place that truly allows you to feel LIFE and LOVE within you. Making sense of your exprainces and feeling inspired to actually live the life you desire.

I connect with your higher self, your guides, your angel and other dieties who'd like to come through. I share their messages... I guide you deep into where ever your being wants to take you.



We share.

We connect soulfully.

What ever I feel would deeply serve you, will be shared with you for your own expansion.

Next Steps...

If you're feeling the resonance .. If you feel it in your heart that this would deeply serve you.  I'm so honoured to walk as LOVE with you.

Single Session or 3 Session Package ?

You have the option of choosing a Single Session, or the 3 Session Package.

▽ Single Session

  • 1 one- hour womb Remembrance Session
  • Free 30 minute follow up!!
  • 1 Guided Womb Meditation 


* Option to write a testimonial on your before + after journey to be featured on my website. 


▽ 3 Session Package

  • 3 one-hour Womb Remembrance Sessions 
  • 3 Guided Womb Meditations 
  • Pink Moon Body Scrub 

$333US or

3 bi-weekly payments of $111US

*Video Interview of your before and after journey, that’ll be featured on my website.



How will we be connecting?

All sessions are held online, via phone call, Factime or Facebook video chat and you will share all needed information with me when you fill out the online chart.

How do I know which option to choose from? 

If you've never done this kind of deep integration, if you haven't really had space held for you. I would suggest the 3 session package so that you'd be able to open up, yet receive the magic of working together, at a good pace for you.  But to be honest, what ever FEELS right. What ever your intuition tells you is what you should choose to do. 

If I choose the 3 session package, how often are our sessions?

If you choose the 3 sessions package, you can choose how you'd like to spread out the sessions. Every 2-3 weeks is what I feel resonates with most women. But this is completely up to you :) 

What happens after I make the payment?

After you choose which option you'd like and the sacred exchange has been made, you will be lead to a page where you will fill out a chart with all your contact info and availability so we can connect. We will have a confirmed date and time within 24-36 hours of payment.

Do I have to do the written testimonial or video interview? 

- No. If this is something you're interested in, we can discuss. But its not mandatory! 

I'm feeling really confused and stuck and don't know which one to choose. What do I do?

If you don't know what option to choose. Go here, and share with me your thoughts and feelings, and we will connect and go from there :) 


With Love,
Sarah Nicole