❝ I am devoted to walking as Love! and Guiding circles and gatherings into deep spaces of Love, Healing, and Transformation, Fulfils that... ❞
-Sarah Nicole
Press Play <3
Red Tents:

... are held every New Moon for women of that community to gather, witness, support and LOVE one another in the presence of the Goddess. It's held as a reminder of who we are at the core... to resurrect the remembrance of how connected we are... how sovereign we are... and how our voices, our presence is needed!

We meditate, we do yoga, we share what's real, we cry, we sing... we do what feels natural for us in a group of women. 

And I support and guide us to feeling comfortable in our own skin, and presence of one another. 

it's really so beautiful.

Women's circles:

.... can be held any time of the year, if you're looking for someone to hold space for a specific idea or topic that's important for you, and need a space holder for it,  I'd love to help you <3



Going rate for holding space starts at $144.00 CAD

... rate may vary, depending on the details. Please connect with me and tell me all about what you're looking to create! 

I'm so honoured and excited to show up more fully in my Priestessing <3

Love, Sarah