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Each bundle was created from the recent journey I held space for in the 3 month journey, Everlasting Remembrance.

All content is incredibly potent, valuable and magical!

And may the bundles be of deep service to you.

Each Bundle Includes:

☽ 1 Deep Pre-Recorded Ceremony with Mary Magdalena

☽ 1 Channeled Written Ritual

☽ 1 Pre-Recorded Guided Meditation


You Can Purchase :

A Single Bundle ~ 1 Deep Pre-Recorded Ceremony, 1 Channeled Written Ritual + 1 Pre-Recorded Guided Meditation

The Premium BundleAll Single Bundles in 1, Pink Moon Body Scrub, Bonus "Birthing the Magdalen Ceremony + a 1 Hour Mentorship Call w/ Me


Magdalena Bonus with Any purchase Before Saturday March 31st, 2018

... this journey will begin in April 2018 in a Secret Temple on Facebook

Beloved ... If you purchase any bundle before Saturday March 31st, 2018... you will receive a free 3 day journey with the magdalene where we can activate our DNA light codes, and create a safe space for us to walk the earth as divine feminine leaders + priestesses. 

More Details coming soon <3


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 Bundle 1 : Magdalena Light-Code Activation

If you're new to Mary Magdalena, Her teachings and would like to activate the Magdalena frequency from deep inside your being... then this bundle is for you. Activate the Sacred Red Rose through your higher heart chakra and feel the ripples of Self-Love be poured through you, from you. Transmuting all that you throught you ever were. What does it mean to be an embodiment of She ?... You will get to know Mary Magdalena in your own unique and authentic way through diving deep into this bundle.

Bundle 2 : Coming Home to Our Temples

Mary Magdalena teaches and shares with us that our bodies are incredible Temples of Holy Sacred LOVE, PLEASURE and PURE DIVINITY... As the Red Rose Ripples through our hearts, she guides us to knowing ourselves as Love. And Our bodies as an embodiment of Her... as the Divine. This bundle is for you if you've suffered from womb trauma, and have experienced fragmentation within the  body, and the belief of not feeling safe in your body or on this planet. 

Bundle 3 : Alchemizing Sexual Shame

Deep into the Shadows we go as we are asked to give all shame and shadow to Mary Magdalena ... She and many of my other mentors have guided me into this beautiful practice of transmuting shadow + shame  through deeply holding and loving ourselves through it. Are we willing to turn the mirror in and know that its safe to face all shadow in the result of deeply transmuting collective wounding? As Mary Magdalena guides us into our roles as feminine leaders... We are being called to transmute all that is still sticky and untrue inside. This bundle is for you if you are being called to transmute shadow in a safe and loving way.

Bundle 4 : Sacred + Sensual Pleasure

Our ideas of what sex is growing up, may have been distorted to what it actually means to connect intimately with another person, or with ourselves. My experience with watching porn at a very young age completely misguided me to what I thought sex was. This all made sense in time. But can you relate? Have you ever asked yourself what it truly means to be intimate with someone, or with yourself? What are you desires beloved? How gentle and sensual are you with yourself? Mary Magdalena + her Beloved Yeshua practiced sex magic to channel the Divine and walk through portals of Alchemy and Magic... truly reflecting back to us the power of our sexual energy. In this bundle we walk through a complete re-birth of what it means, looks and feels like to be a sensual being as we allow the Magdalene to live through us with exploration and Shakti activation. 

Bundle 5 : Womb Blood Magic

Mary Magdalena guides us into the magic + potency of our womb blood and the frequency it holds for our collective awakening and ascension. She holds space for any shame that we may still be carrying around as this is asked to give away to her in result of truly feeling and knowing your womb + blood as pure... as the Holy Grail. This bundle is for you, if you have a call into the Blood Mysteries, and if you have a deep knowing that tuning in and loving this sacred time will transmute deep and hidden wounds for you.

Bundle 6 : Honouring the Sacred Masculine

Shadow Masculine is what we've been living by and with for centuries and has distorted our psyche on what Sacred Masculine truly is. Feeling into the truth of my being... Compassion of Heart here leads this bundle with Mary Magdalena and her beloved Yeshua to truly ask "What is real and resonant?" ... The truth is, is that we are both Masculine and Feminine ... Both are sacred... both love each other and this bundle  is meant to feel how these energies live inside of you ... forgiving any shadow masculine within this process of truly owning all that we are as Divine Humans. Are you ready to transmute any shadow masculine wounds? Are you willing to forgive yourself and others to truly ascend into the Light Being that you truly are? This bundle offers just that.


  • Includes All Single Bundles

  • Gift ~ Pink Moon Body Scrub shipped to your door

  • Bonus 'Birthing the Magdalene'

  • a 1 Hour Mentorship Call With Me!!


The Premium Bundle includes the entire Everlasting Remembrance w/ the Magdalene Journey,  some amazing gifts + mentorship!