Welcome, Beloved Sister ...

I stand before you, at the temple doors of the Magdalene. I am so honoured and blessed to be with you.



Holy Waters of The Magdalene Ritual

She covered her lover and partner Yeshua, from head to two… in Spikenard and Frankincense  after his death, and before his resurrection. 


Anointing into the holy waters with the medicine and frequency of the Magdalene which is of safe and coherent space… and allowing us to step in as we then become the space… will activate the UNIQUE and special light codes FOR YOU that she has to offer you at this time in your life…

Beloved… as you step into Holy temple by creating clear, safe and loving space for yourself to be held in, will allow you to truly see your magnificence … and the truth that you are safe to be here n o w.

As I write this to you, I feel warmth all over my body… I smell a burning fire to transmute all that does not serve you in The Holy Waters of the Magdalene Ritual … This ritual is held inside a luxurious and potently clearing bath. 

As I tuned in and asked her what it is she’d like me to offer us within these two week, to step more deeply into the codes in which are already ours… we are just remembering. She showed me a Holy Bath… and us anointing ourselves from head to toe by the Magdalene herself… I see her holding each of us in the holy water of what we truly are… Unconditional Love

From the soles of our feet, to each strand of our hair; Anointments… and we will get more deeper into this in month 3 when we anoint ourselves with our own divine flow.

When we place already encoded frequency upon our bodies, it opens even deeper portals of remembrance and knowingness. 

The potency of soaking in a bath, is that of even great value… because, we are soaking every inch of ourselves in high frequency liquid…  and treating our temples as THE HOLY TEMPLE.

Water itself is a neutralizing frequency… but when activated through prayer, intention, ritual, holy oils and flowers… the water because more powerful.

The Magdalene teaches us that it’s safe to actually BE in our bodies… feeling ecstatically alive. And she showed me the power of allowing ourselves to BE and float within our own activated holy waters, that when attuned with essentials oils and our very own energy … it flows from the universe, through us, and into your bath.

You could do this with some Pink Himalayan Sea Salt  and your favourite essential oils ~ Which one makes you feel the most calm and safe? That is the one you use.

If you’d like to really step in and set up a potent and sacred space in the Magdalene’s name to create a clear space so that the codings within you could be activated… you can use… 


  • Red and White candles
  • Red Rose Petals or which ever colour your feel called
  • Rose Essential oil
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • Rose Quartz or any crystals and stone you love.

Next Steps...

Bring all that you need into your bathroom. Including your towels, a glass of water etc. We want to keep all the energy within one area of the room to create a powerful and clear space, and opening the door and us going in and out will not give us the space to be totally present in what we are doing. Take it from me as I’ve forgotten a lot of things before I start my bath lmao. It somehow takes the potency and magic away a little bit. So bring all of the things you need for ritual… and your clothes and organic creams for after. Bring it all with you in one place.

When you’re ready … Consciously take off your clothes in the mirror. Admire the beauty and sovereignty of your own holy temple. Appreciate the shape of your breast, and your behind … the unique shape of your yoni… your stretch and beauty marks.

Breathe in deeply and share a prayer with your higher-self, with the Magdalene, and who ever else you’d like to call into coherent space with you. 

Activation Prayer

“O Magdalene… I ask that you now enter my awareness for the Remembrance of who I actually am… For the activation of the light codings of your teachings and what you have to offer me at this time. Thank you beloved, I am here as a Holy Divine Vessel for your unconditional love. Show me the way. I love you. Thank you. And so it is."

My intention for this ritual, is to actually do what feels right! So if you don’t do this ritual in the exact order, or you don’t say a prayer out-loud or you decide and feel called to do it your own way, that is perfectly fine and I actually invite you to do that


She Beckons You ... 

Light your candles,  and place your crystals around the bath, in Presence. 

As you turn the water on… making sure it’s your perfect temperature. 

The Magdalene wants you to feel absolutely safe and at One with yourself … so what ever your body likes in terms of temperature is really up to you. 

Assume your body in prayer position, kneeling over the tub … 

I now invite you, to add your essential oils to your bath. If there’s a special number you feel really called to that day. Do that… whatever FEELS good and right to you. You will know beloved. I enjoy using the numbers 13, 11, 7 + 8… in terms of how many drops of oil I put in my bath. Whatever I feel …

Allow yourself to be conscious and aware of what it is you’re actually doing. You are creating clear and cohesive space for you to activate the light codes of the Magdalene within your DNA… this is a very special thing you are about to do beloved. 

Next, grab your Himalayan Pink Salt or Epsom salt if you choose to use it. And actually feel the salt with your hands. Feel the coolness as you grab it. Notice how some grains stick to your hands. Allow the energy of the salt to enter your energy field as you touch, and grab as many handfuls as you want. Put it in the bath in a very gentle, conscious and slow way. Mix the salt and water together in a figure eight motion, or which ever way you want.

Turn off the water when you have the amount of water in your bath that you desire.

Now add your beautiful rose petals as you are present with the sounds of the petals hitting the water, and them floating perfectly. 


Slow it down, beloved <3 


After I’ve put my salt in, I connect more deeply before I enter the bath. 

Hold your hands out over the bath, and bring your awareness to both you root, your heart, your crown and the centre of your palms. Open yourself up to receive the energy of the Magdalene … this will feel like a safe and loving presence and will be very special to you. 

See the water receive this energy as it permeates through your entire being. 

See the water as an iridescence of white light. 

Take your time … do this for as long as you feel. 

Place a hand on your womb, and on your heart. 

You are going deeper and deeper with each in breath.

The act of being anointed and entering holy water, is incredibly profound… So even if you feel as if this may just be a regular bath. I invite you to deeply KNOW that it’s so much more than this right now.


This is you activating the light codes of the Magdalene for the first time. 


You can make this as special as you’d like <3 


As you get up from off your knees, and enter your beautiful bath … allow yourself to feel the water careers every inch of you as you slowly go foot first into your bath. 

Slowly go deeper into your bath, allow every part of you to feel the presence of this holy water.


Sitting down slowly … 


And when you finally lay back … Allow yourself to bring your head and face into the water (you might have to plug your nose or blow out to prevent water from going up there … and thats okay … you can still be present at this time of anointing. That’s okay.

You also don’t have to get your hair wet if you don’t want to. 

I love to make sure that I get some of the holy waters and oils in my hair.


I invite you now… to close your eyes and receive the magic of this holy bath that you’ve created for yourself and the Magdalene … allow yourself to receive the messages and images that are directly coming to and through to you at this time. It’s okay if you don’t receive anything consciously…your subconscious is also receiving it all… so eventually the message will come through to you consciously. 

Become aware of your heart… open her up with the breath and with the water on your actual heart space.

Seeing a Red Rose opening up in the centre of your chest.

Allow the essential oils to confirm this by breathing deeply.   

Allow yourself to let it go and receive as you are held in this holy water, in this safe space of unconditional love.

Breathing… feeling your skin being activated by the energized and activated water with essential oils and petals. 

Relax. Allow. Receive. KNOW. Remember…

Take your time…

When you are ready to pull yourself out of the bath. Deeply know that anything that is not in alignment with your higher truth… is now being cleared and washed down the drain, with love.

You have now activated the Magdalene Light-Codes from deep within your DNA …  
Ylang Ylang Flower

Ylang Ylang Flower

You’ll feel a sense of deep calmness and safety as you leave this space with gratitude. 

Allow your heart to pump, be conscious of this. This is a huge gateway to another portal of the Magdalene … 

Enjoy the meditation below… of connecting even deeper to The Magdalene and how she lives  through you… 

I’ll see you in sacred ceremony on Sunday January 21st, 2018 … as we Come Home to Our Body Temples in an even more deeper way in week 3- 4 <3

I love you beloved Sister ...

P.S - Are something’s coming up for you that you’d like some support and guidance with? Please share in the temple. We are here in sacred sisterhood to create a safe and potent space for each other, and ourselves. If you feel called, step in deeper beloved. And Share <3

I love you.

With Unconditional Love + Womb Remembrance,

Sarah Nicole xo



Magdalene Light Code Activation Meditation