Womb Remembrance Ceremony

W/ The Magdalene

A safe and sacred container to be held in as the ancient codes + womb medicine of the Magdalene are resurrected from within you

Do you yearn to feel safe as you peel away the layers of shame and show up as your essential self?

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... an offering from my heart to yours...

Join US Friday December 1st, 2017

10:00am PST // 1:00pm EST

Our ceremony w/ The Magdalene will be held in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Temple on FB

As we Sit in Circle, We Will :

❁ Feel the essence of the delicate rose open up our hearts to feeling safe as we show up unmasked in all ways

❁ Activate the Light Codes of the Magdalene Lineage as she lives from within us

❁ Deepen into our sexuality knowing it's safe to feel juicy + alive!

❁ Remember the sacred mystery of our Womb Blood;  the Blood Mysteries

❁ Tune into our psychic abilities to best serve our path as Priestesses/Healers




Welcome Beloved ...

This is for you if ... 

♡  You’re ready to show up as yourself, unmasked

♡  You’d like to transmute sexual shame as we resurrect the medicine of Her from deep within you

♡  You have a deep and unexplainable awe and resonance with the Rose… specifically the Red Rose 

♡  You feel the call to own your gifts as a healer, seer, medicine woman etc.

♡  You’d like to remember how SAFE you are to step into your sensual and juicy self, knowing that this SHAKTI within you, is powerful and sacred.

How Can I prepare for our Ceremony? 

❁  In honour of the Magdalene ... open your heart to receive the unconditional love she offers you as a direct reflection of who YOU are. 

❁  To go deeper, you can light a Red Candle, get some Red Roses or Petals ... Have some Rose, Jasmine or Ylang Ylang essential oil to anoint you and your senses during the ceremony.

❁  Red fruit to eat like strawberries, raspberries or pomegranate.

❁  Create an alter; I have an alter card of the Magdalene on my alter, as well as some dried up rose petals, some sea shells, some precious stones and my essential oils! You can create your alter however you wish; what ever resonates with you and your relationship w/ She.

Can't Make it Live?

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2 Guided Meditations 

❁ When you sign up for the ceremony, you will receive 2 guided meditations to keep you aligned with all that was resurrected within you and you sacred womb.

Womb Activation Meditation  + Womb Lotus Meditation

Womb Coaching + Intuitive Readings

❁ At the end of our ceremony, I will be available for personal womb coaching + intuitive readings. I will be able to serve you when Live, however for the women who are not able to make it live, send me a private message or email me at sarahspiritualspot@gmail.com with your question + challenge that you need clarity on, and I will answer them in the Live Stream. 

Go here to private message me <3

I am so honoured to walk as LOVE with you + The Magdalene 

..."We are being called, beloved." ... 

Join US Friday December 1st, 2017

10:00am PST // 1:00pm EST

in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Temple on FB


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