♡ Womb Healing Workshop :

** This event went live in August 2017, however the videos are still available to you if you sign up! 

A Free 3 Day/Video Womb Workshop to Transmute the Trauma of... 

Sexual Shame, Abortion , Sexual Abuse + Rape

☽ Day/Video One : Sexual Shame

 ☽ Day/Video Two : Abortion  

☽ Day/Video Three : Sexual Abuse + Rape

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Are you haunted by the memories of feeling really disgusting for the choices that you've made?  You’ve felt judged by others, judged yourself and even by the Goddess herself? 

I’m here to tell you sister. That this is actually quite normal… Unfortunately, because of the patriarchal system that we were raised into, it is quite common among us women to feel this way, and to experience this type of womb trauma.


I say that this stops right now! 

I say NO MORE! 

I say YES to my womb.


I say YES to YOU; your Experience, your Story.

+ I’m here to show you the beauty in this kind of womb pain +  trauma.

I’m here to show you how myself having 3 abortions, experiencing sexual abuse, getting raped, and not honouring my womb blood was indeed the catalyst to my GREATNESS, to my SOUL’S WORK, and the Fire within me !!!

If there is one thing that has helped me transmute womb trauma + bringing me back to my truth of WHY I am here .... is

The Menstrual Cycle 

I invite you sister, to the FREE 3 Day Live Womb Workshop where we witness each other in Sacred Sisterhood, talk about our experiences, and then transmute all of that with the power of our wombs and womb blood. Sound powerful ? Yes, because it is! This is what has worked for me, and it's actually our natural design to release, to heal with our wombs and our womb blood.

I’m not saying that I don’t experience shame, or fear anymore… because I do. I’m here to tell you, that my womb and my womb blood has helped me REMEMBER who I am on a deep soul level, even when I'm faced with memories, shame and fear.  And because of that, my life, the way I see and feel about myself and everyone in it has completely shifted into a life of purpose. And that is what I invite you into today sister! Into a deeper level on COMPASSION for yourself.

You are so worthy… 

We chose these types of experiences to allow ourselves to become something much greater, much bigger then we could ever imagine… 

You are Powerful! You are a Goddess! And I want to prove that to you sister. 

Within the Free 3 Day Live Womb Workshop, we will be touching on 3 major events that you may have experienced, that really traumatizes the womb, and creates deep shame within us. Whether you've experienced these just once, or multiple times... or at all... We will be shining womb light upon what we find difficult to share + heal :

Sexual Shame , Abortion , Sexual Abuse + Rape

Sexual + Womb Empowerment!

This is how we will transmute our womb trauma. 

Day/Video One : Sexual Shame 

We have all been sexually shamed. All of us.

SEX and CONNECTION is a our species consciousness ... it is who we are, it is why we are here and it is HOW we are here too. Maybe you've made a choice you don't feel so good about, maybe you have some shame of wanting to pleasure yourself or maybe you have done some things that've made you feel "dirty". You Are Not Dirty. You Are Pure... You always were, and you always will be. We're gonna be sharing our experiences, breathing deeply into our wombs, activating womb truth and transmuting all shame that comes up through tantra, mantra, sharing, witnessing + meditation.

Day/Video Two : Abortion

There is so much controversy around Abortion... Is it right...  Is it wrong ? ... Honestly... It's not about that. It's about how you're  treating yourself now... It's about Loving yourself anyway, and knowing and having that Deep Truth + Compassion for yourself. That's what we will be doing as we breathe deep into our wombs. We'll also be connecting with the souls who also chose not to come through physically. This is going to be an intense day for me also. I'm excited to do this together :)

Day/Video Three : Sexual Abuse + Rape

Never ever was it okay or will it ever be right for someone to touch you, or have sex with you against your will. Never is it okay or good for us to hold on to this pain and live in a place of fear. I thought that this kind of pain would never go away, until I deepened into my womb + womb blood. Our time together, will be breathing deep into our wombs and finding that compassion and forgiveness for our abusers, and more importantly... For ourselves as women. I'll be sharing with you ways to deepen into your womb blood,  sexual practices that really allow us to open up to all the beauty that we are and can create for ourselves,  and that when we are faced with memories and pain, we know what to do :)

You will leave this workshop feeling SAFE and witnessed because feeling Safe + Witnessed is our birthright. And I'm honoured to hold this space for you.

Why should you Trust me + Is this really for you?

Because … I am you sister. I have been it. I have seen it. I have experienced the pain, the shame, the fear, the unworthiness, the vulnerability, the reoccurring patterns, the suicidal thoughts, the suicide attempts, the unhealthy / abusive relationships after the fact, the grief, the hurt of not being loved by my Mum + Dad, the abandonment… Should I keep going? Girl, I feel you. We are the same, my love.

You know what else I’ve experienced? - TRUTH, Compassion, Universal Guidance… I experienced a menstrual flow for the actual first time, that has changed absolutely everything. And I'm here to guide you into the same womb awareness.

I'm here to share with you how your womb whether you bleed or not, can transmute this kind of womb trauma. And we will do it together.

We are not alone. Let’s Connect beloved. Lets really sit down, engage and activate our wombs to remember who we are, and to have a new kind of compassion for ourslves, so that when we do experience fears, shame, memories… we know what to do :) 


If you’re ready to get witnessed… if you're ready for a new way of living… Living of the WOMB, our Womb Blood… Our soul, our TRUE calling… then this is for you. 

We can Do this! We can hold this space for one another... WE CAN HEAL. And you don't need to do this alone :)

☽ Day/Video One :  Sexual Shame
 ☽ Day/Video Two : Abortion  
☽ Day/Video Three :  Sexual Abuse + Rape

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After you've signed up, you will receive these 3 videos, over a 3 day period! <3


We will be connecting soon,
So much womb love ♡
Sarah xo