I Welcome you at the temple doors .... as we walk through our last Portal together ... Where ever you are ... Thank you for being here. 

So... One of the biggest challenges I had, and still have, is really committing to the mission;

Am I willing to do what ever it takes? Am I willing to choose love above all else, even if that makes me weird?... Even if layers of who I thought I was is stripped away?... Even when my mind tells me stories that hurt?

Yes... That's exactly what it means to choose love.

You choose the Truth.

So, what do we do when we are triggered? Or something happens that doesn't make us feel so high vibe?

Press Play to Walk through Portal 3 Together <3 

In Portal 3, we walk through:
- What it means to you, to be committed to your mission. 
-  Some practical and spiritual steps to committing to your mission.
- What I do right away when I hear myself saying not so nice things to myself.

Here, is the printable PDF for Portal 3 :) 

Divine Goddess Sisterhood ☩


Enter our online temple on FB of LOVE and REMEMBRANCE ... If you feel called; share with us any ahamoments and challenges that you moments you may be experiancing. This is a safe space for you to share your heart + vulnerabilities.

May you know you're safe, beloved. 

" Beloved, It was an honour being in circle with you. Thank you ... And may this offering have deeply served you in some way." - Sarah Nicole

May You Know Your Mission,
May you Know Your Power,
May You Know that You Are Love,
And So it is..."

Did this Workshop Deeply Serve You? Would You Like to go Deeper Together?

∇ 1-1 Womb Remembrance Sessions 


Whatever you desire to feel, to do and to be… truly beloved, I am here to hold safe space so that you could walk as that!

Imagine … living in a world where all women and girls of this planet REMEMBERED WHO THEY WERE, at the core. This is the intention and energy I put out for us Every. Single. Day 

I am here to hold the space of Remembrance and Love. 

If you feel called to work together… than I believe you are being asked to walk as Love on the planet for the remembrance of the Divine Truth. 

Sometimes, our pain and sexual shame/trauma, can be really loud, and need someone to help us to transmute it; i know I needed this ... that is where our 1-1 time together can deeply serve you...