HI! <3

We meet again as we step foot into Portal 2 of this journey together.

We often "think" that the mind has all the answers ... that LOVE is outside of ourselves. But this my love, is not the truth. And if we continue to live and make choices from the mind, and from that place of "love is outside of ourselves" ... we will find that we are always searching and looking for things to make us feel good, meanwhile... the answer and truth to feeling on Purpose is knowing inside the heart and holding ourselves in our wombs. For it is that space where the truth can resurrect itself.

I've learned that, when we connect with our hearts + wombs... life seems to make a lot more sense. 

Press Play to Walk Through Portal 2, Together ...

In this Portal, we :
- Connect deeply with the Great Mother
- Talk about why it can be difficult to remember the truth
- What we can do to remind us of what's real + the truth
- & More <3

Here, is the printable PDF with deeper questions <3 

I'm so honoured to have walked through Portal 2 with you!

May this have deeply served you... And may we meet again tomorrow as we meet at the doors of Portal 3.

Divine Goddess Sisterhood ☩


Enter our online temple on FB of LOVE and REMEMBRANCE ... If you feel called; share with us any aha moments and challenges that you moments you may be experiancing. This is a safe space for you to share your heart + vulnerabilities.

May you know you're safe, beloved. 

May We Remember The Truth, Dear One ... 

With Love, Sarah Nicole