We stand here at the temple doors to this special portal, as we identify our suffering as LOVE. For it is our suffering (when shifted in perspective) that can set us free, when we see it as our catalyst for greatness, for our Purpose.

Press Play to walk through this Portal together ...

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In this Portal, we walk through :

- The resurrection of the Ultimate Truth! 
- What your special mission is! Why you're really here. 
- The 3 most painful experiences... as the opposite emotion, is indeed your Life Purpose.
- The connection we can access everyday with Source, through meditation.

Here, you can download the printable PDF with deeper questions for you.

I'm so honoured to have walked through Portal 1 with you!

May this have deeply served you... And may we meet again tomorrow as we meet at the doors of Portal 2.

See You Tomorrow!!

Divine Goddess Sisterhood ☩


Enter our online temple of LOVE and REMEMBRANCE ... If you feel called; share with us any aha moments and challenges that you moments you may be experiancing. This is a safe space for you to share your heart + vulnerabilities.

May you know you're safe, beloved. 

"May We Remember Why We are Here..."

Sarah Nicole xo