a 7 Month Magdalena Initiation Into the Depths & Essence of your own Rose Wheels through the Spiralling Golden Liquid Light of the Infinity Symbol, While Harmonizing your Inner Black Rose Garden to Full Remembrance as a Priestess of the Magdalena Rose




Sister of the Rose … I stand before you, to Deeply Ask…

∞ Are you ready to fully Embody, Remember and Step into the Divine Rose Priestess you truly are, by Activating your own Rose Wheels of Infinite Life inside of you?

∞ Do you feel an undeniable magnetism to the beloved Mary Magdalena, and the Rose?

∞ Are you ready to Reclaim your Divine Feminine power, your fears, your trauma, your shame, your wombs blood for a fully activated, and embodied Black Rose Rebirth?

∞ Do you desire to truly see yourself as LOVE within the depths of your own Inner Dark Goddess Temple?

∞ Are you ready to Release the chains of shame and fully Activate the Rose of Infinite Life and Love inside of your beautiful body?

∞ Do you desire a Safe Temple Space to be deeply Mirrored to you, your journey as a powerful Priestess of the Rose?

Temple Doors to ∞ Infinity of the Rose ∞ … Are now Open to claim your Throne…



This Journey is For You If You …



∞ Ready to reclaim all parts of your shadow, and transmute them to Wholeness and Sovereignty…

∞ You’ve walked the path of the Rose before in other lifetimes and feel drawn to this specific Lineage of Priestessing…

∞ You’re ready for a deeper and embodied awakening of the Rose inside of you, and what she has to offer you at this Specific point on your journey…

∞ You’re ready to see all that which you are, and activate your own Rose Essence, allowing this to trickle and emanate to all parts of you, and your life…

∞ You desire to fully embody and integrate what each of your Rose Wheels are offering you and your journey…

∞ You’ve experienced womb trauma, sexual shame and your soul deeply knows there are Gems and Gold within the integration of these specific traumatic experiences…

∞ You sometimes feel unsafe in your body, and need a potent and safe container/mirror to dissolve these imbedded beliefs from your Rose Wheels, and auric field…

∞ Deeply desire to release the chains of shame through truly showing up for yourself and all that you deeply desire and need…

∞ Ready to walk Rose heart - to - Rose heart, with both your Light and Darkness…

∞ You know you’re here on Mama Gaia, to bring your own Rose - Magdalena - Magic to the world!




Through my own Inner Gnosis …

Art by Linzy Arnott

Art by Linzy Arnott


Mary Magdalena was and IS the all encompassing Divine Mother … She is all faces of the Goddess … All colours of the Rose … She is the petals… She is the thorns …. Reflecting back to us that we are Her, and we also hold and carry these specific codes of awakening and honouring of the Divine Feminine within.

She was and still is a High Priestess of the Egyptian Isis Lineage … And it is also believed that she has reincarnated AS beloved Isis Herself …

She IS Lady Venus … Carrying the codes of deep Remembrance of Oneness … Connecting the Feminine since the beginning of time.

She is All who’ve walked before us, and all who will walk after… All walks of Life in honour of Unconditional Love…

She is the Black Madonna, the Dark aspect to the Feminine … Giving us permission to lay our weapons down of what no longer serves, and to melt away the residue of old patriarchal stories, and anchor in the Infinity Life Force that pulses through our beings of Unconditional Love, and Divine Leadership.



She is here now, beckoning us to reclaim our birthrights of our Sexuality, our Sensuality, our Innocence …

To release shame and fully rebirth all that no longer serves to Rose Petals, of liquid light; as we place the Waters of the Mother upon our lips, We Remember that we’ve done this before …

She is here to n o w, help us Remember the lives we lived in the Temples we once served …

To Remember the rituals and all that we deeply know inside of ourselves …

She is here activating and guiding us deeply into what we already know within our temple bodies, and hearts.

She is our sister of the Rose…

She is Our guide.

She is Our Angel.

She is and will always be our best-friend.

She is here,

opening us up as she comes to each of us differently

Honouring all the ways in which she has left you clues of Rose Petals deeply inside to your own Remembrance and Rose Heart of Knowing...

She is gentle, yet fierce …

She Loves us, Unconditionally.

She is here with us within this specific 7 month Initiation, as I’ve been receiving the Infinity Symbol Transmission within every inch of my Being, and within the Rose Wheels…

(also known as our chakras)

Many of us know her as the Beloved of Yeshua … And indeed, she is and was a huge part of His Initiation

I choose to give her more credit for the work she has done for us to be where we are now …

They were, and still are, ONE.

So as we work with her, Yeshua is there guiding us as well … How lovely and potent does that make you feel?

These Beings that we bow to, they bow to us … They see us … And are here with us now as we carry these codes of Remembrance to the planet…

The planet needs this medicine through YOU.

She beckons us to fully step into the path we came here to walk as Priestesses of the Rose.

Fully Awakened.

Fully in our Integrity … and in FULL Gnosis of who we truly are.

and so it is …


“ My experience participating in Sarah's guided full moon meditation circle was one that was deeply comforting and helped me get in tune with my spirit. It allowed me to better connect to myself as well as to a community of women with varied but ultimately similar experiences of pain. With Sarah's gentle, compassionate guidance, we were able to hold space for our pain, to honor it and view it as a catalyst for healing ourselves, each other, and all those we encounter.

It was a blessing for me that this circle came together at the full Leo moon; the full moon being a time that generally brings emotional turmoil, self-doubt and the opportunity to face our shadow selves. In line with the moon's energy, earlier that same day I was confronted with personal trauma that needed immediate attention. I felt like I might drown in the confusion of my life in that moment!

Stepping into the temple from the cold felt like coming home. Her attention to detail in the chosen setting, decorations, altar arrangement, refreshments and gifts provided were beautiful, thoughtful and very obviously imbued with divine feminine magick and intention. In Sarah's presence and as part of her circle, I felt a deep sense of acceptance. The space created was one where all emotions and experiences were honored, and we were able to view them through the lenses of self-compassion and radical love that Sarah encouraged us all to find within ourselves.

Sarah has a warmth and grace that is honestly otherworldly to encounter. She is down to earth, honest, frank, funny, lighthearted, and a deeply reflective, grounding healer. She owns her struggles and it makes her very relatable as well as inspiring. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to join one of her rituals! “

- Leah Hesketh





∞ New & Full Moon Rose-Content (video transmissions, meditations, video rituals) x28

∞ New & Full Moon Online Gathering Activations (for each Rose-Wheel) x14

∞ Secret Online Forum / Portal where all content will be held for you to have forever

∞ Sister Support via Private Facebook Temple

∞ One Womb-Remembrance Session / month (with Rose Oracle Package Only)



Goddess Gifts

∞ Venusian Witch - Kitchen Yoni Steam

∞ Womb-Made Moon Time Tea’s

∞ Pink Moon Body Scrub - (With Rose Oracle Package Only)

∞ Egyptian Goddess Body Spray - (With Rose Oracle Package Only)

all Goddess Gifts are made with organic herbs, essential oils and high quality products … With Love, Prayer and Magdalena Magic in the Venusian Oracle Temple Space ;)




Magdalena Rose Heart Bundle of Your Choosing - (1 Pre-recorded ceremony, 1 pre-recorded meditation & 1 written ritual)

Moon Time Medicine -  a Deep 5 Day Video Initiatory Journey into the Mystery-Codes of your own Menstrual Blood

Magdalena Meditation album - 10 deep pre-recorded mediations to connect more deeply with Mary Magdalena

** Receive the Magdalena Meditation Album & Moon-Medicine Journey right away**


" Working 1:1 with Sarah Nicole was life changing for me. You get the 100% true Sarah. Her pure love, her light, her sacred connection to the Goddess. She is truly following her soul’s path. She’s one badass warrior who has suffered intense wounding in her own physical life ... yet amazingly has chosen to transmute that pain into sacred healing that she offers unconditionally to us ALL. She’s raw, she’s authentic, she’s funny, she’s vulnerable. The healing journey with Sarah Nicole is like hanging out with your best friend. She radiates love and light just by being herself.

When I began this journey I was afraid, but Sarah made me feel safe to step slowly, consciously into my shadows. She “gets” it. As sisters, we are no longer required to carry these deep, hidden wounds. We can heal ourselves, and heal the collective. YOU can heal. 

Sarah Nicole is with you, every step of the way."

- Jill McAlpine Heuer










Of Unconditional Love & Compassion


“ We will begin this journey by activating the Pink Rose of Unconditional Love & Compassion through specific heart-opening practices, rituals, and meditations that Mary has gifted me with … As an overflowing frequency of Unconditional Love pours forth into this sacred portal, deepening a Love that is inherited within your own heart: SELF LOVE. We’ll be mirrored to us any fear of being separate from the GODDESS as we Love, Hold and Accept the True Strength of Love that lies within. Transmuting and Transforming with the Beloved Pink Rose as she takes the Black Rose of being Separate from LOVE, as her own… 






Of Divine Truth & Expression


“ We move up the Rose Wheels to the Throat where we begin the journey of dissolving the vow of silence, a vow we were born into as women. This now gets to shift with your willingness to fully Bloom and Blossom your Blue Rose of Divine Truth & Expression… We’ll be moving through fear of sharing what is real at all moments of your life. We’ll be using our beautiful voices, toning, singing and clearing all energy that has hushed us as Priestesses of the Rose, as Awakened Women. We will activate the Blue Rose of Divine Truth and Expression as we create a true and resonate inner dialogue within ourselves of the Sovereignty; that is our Voice and our Heart… Mastering the power of our Sacred Words, the Art of Presence and arriving unapologetically through your own Blue Rose... “






Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Pleasure


“ We move down the Infinity Symbol of the Rose Wheels, to enter our womb-spaces and activate the Peach Rose of Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Pleasure…. Your Womb holds specific keys, Beloved … It’s where all Life is created and birthed, carried and laid to rest … As we honor this specific Rose with practices, meditations and sacred mirroring, the dew on these petals of your Peach Rose, will begin to cleanse your womb of past lovers, trauma and wash away all that no longer serves. We will be sharing more deeply of the womb trauma we may have experienced … Laying the stories of shame to rest while we truly sit and listen to our wombs. Creating strong sexual boundaries and opening ourselves up to limitless potentiality for self-love and pleasure. We will be tuning into our own blood magic within our cycles … Mary Magdalena will guide us to hear exactly the codes in which we carry, have to share with each of us. This will open you up even more as we devote ourselves more deeply to our desires, our needs, our pleasure, our ecstasy and birthing Rose-Womb-Vows of Unconditional Self Love and Pleasure of the Peach Rose.”






Of Passion, Safety & Trust


“ Moving deeper, to the Beloved Red Rose of Passion, Safety & Trust … Birthing our Red Rose, and allowing the red velvety liquid light of the Divine Mother’s pulse, of her blood, gently open up our root, and Red Rose of the wild woman… Anchoring you into Mama Gaia, and your birthright of being Safe on Her body and IN your Body … Reclaiming the Sovereignty power of Divine Purpose, Connectivity, Sisterhood, and Trust. We’ll be cultivating rose-grounding techniques while entering more deeply into the dark palace of the Cosmic Mother that holds us all … Mary Magdalena desires for us to know deep inside that we are safe, and our own Rose - Life - Shakti, can be our guiding force and energy in which we tune to and vibrate at each day to ensure that we are SAFE…”






Of Overflow & Self-Worth


“ We flow back upwards, as we fill ourselves up to the brim, with liquid light for a full Ivory Rose blooming of Expansiveness, of Overflow, of Self Worth … Anchoring us more deeply into our ability to receive all that we desire. To receive from ourselves to ourselves, through ourselves. Where do we feel unworthy? Where do we feel we lack or are not good enough? We’ll be getting more into the deeper shadow work as we bloom the Ivory Rose from within. Activating this specific Rose Wheel will deeply show you with Love and Presence, all the stories that say you do not have an Ivory Rose of Worth, of Overflow, of Abundance. The purity and potency of this specific rose will fill your inner chalice up with the sacred waters of your Ivory Rose that you once ordained yourself within the temples you once served… Activating this imprinted memory of your Pure Rose Essence … No longer being afraid of shining your light with your fully blossomed Ivory Rose…”






Of Oracular Gifts & Clairvoyance


“ We cycle our way back up to activate the Indigo Rose of our own Oracular Gifts and Clairvoyance of seeing beyond the veils of Illusion that’s been bestowed upon our Intuitive & Psychic Gifts … That which we’ve been hung and burned at the stack for long ago … That which we’ve been called crazy, too much, and too wild … Now is the time to fully activate these gifts to be of service to the planet, and to our daily lives. Activating us so much more deeply as Indigo Rose Petals fall from this Rose Wheel… Leaving traces of Truth everywhere you look. Seeing life through the eyes of the Awakened woman, the Awakened Indigo Rose Priestess … We’ll be practicing specific clairvoyant rituals with other sisters within our temple, dissolving the illusion and the confusion of who you truly are, why you are here and to clearly see Life through the eyes of Source, through your own Indigo Rose.”






of Multidimensionality


“ We complete our journey by integrating and touching on all the Rose Wheels once again … Flowing upwards to others, as we activate the Rainbow Rose of Multidimensionally … We’ll be diving deeper into Dream-Time healing and Integration as we allow the Rainbow Rose to activate the Crystalline Infinity Symbol Grid inside all aspects and dimensions of ourselves. Flowing to all the Rose wheels … we'll do a final clearing of anything that is not of the highest good of all beings … Integrating fear of the Unknown … We’ll dissolve all that no longer serves … Coming to completion as we set off as fully birthed, fully bloomed Infinity of the Rose Priestesses.”







Beloved sister, you may have noticed that the journey through the Rose Wheels are not from bottom to top, or top to bottom, (like what we’ve read or done in the past of journeying through the chakras) ...  We will begin this journey activating the Pink Rose of Unconditional Love & Compassion inside our hearts first, we move up to the Blue Rose of Divine Truth and Expression in the throat, back down to the Peach Rose of Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Pleasure in the womb space, down into the Red Rose of Passion, Safety & Trust inside the yoni and root... And then we spiral our way upwards once again to the Ivory Rose of Overflow & Worthiness inside the upper womb and Solar Plexus, to the Third-Eye Indigo Rose and the Crown’s Rainbow Rose of our Oracular Gifts and Multidimensionality.

I was shown that going through each Rose Wheel this way, creates Sacred Geometry of the Infinity Symbol inside of our temple bodies, activating the Infinity Symbol within each Rose, and as a Whole through our entire body and auric field.

The Infinity Symbol resides within all Life and Death, and is part of this whole process of seeing all that we are through the Rose.

Pillaring deeply into the flow of life, learning to deeply listen to what each Rose has to offer us, fully claim and activate your Rose Garden to full bloom within, whilst also letting what no longer serves wilt and burn to ash. 

Each Rose has a counter part, a Black Rose, which we will be moving and integrating and loving through the specific meditations, rituals and ceremonies every week together for the next 7 months. 



Hello Beloved … my Name Is Sarah Nicole Oracle…

Photography by Sam Sadaghiani

Photography by Sam Sadaghiani


It is truly such an honour to hold this deep space for us all to R e m e m b e r … Who we truly are through the Rose.

If you’re new to me and the work that I do … I am a Initiate of the Rose Lineage, Life Long Clairvoyant, Womb Mystic Mentor and Soul Sister to you … I’ve been doing this work professionally for about 3 years.

I’ve been on this path of transformation my entire life … Not knowing what was happening at first, I felt lost … Unworthy … Not good enough for most of my early years.

Flowing back and forth from Light to Dark within my Soul’s journey … The Peach Rose of Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality and Please awakened me so deeply in 2014 … With her scent that binds and connects all Life, Light and Love together … That is when the journey truly began.

Still heavily into drugs and alcohol after my awakening, … I couldn’t handle the intense transformation taking place, as all the shame, all the memories of being raped and abused surfaced, and I didn’t have space to do the inner work.

Deep in the mud I was … I had no choice but to turn this mirror in, and see and witness what was truly happening inside of me… A Death was occurring, and as I resisted … The invitation of the Lighter aspects of the Rose teachings postponed … and I was sucked into the Black Rose Temple to meet my own inner Dark Goddess…

I’ve come out and entered back into this space… Every time, I am re-birthed from the mud and the Darkness of the Divine Mother.

Every time… I birth and find new Golden Gems to place upon my alter of my Magdalena Rose Heart.

Where my soul has been placed and where I’ve placed myself, has been intricately chosen specifically for me to clear and transmute the wounds of Sexual shame, of unworthiness through my own Initiations and experiences through Sex work, Sacred Exotic Dancing, being raped, being abused, activating my sexual energy at a very young age and being misguided as a child as to what that was.

Mary Magdalena has been there since the beginning … Before I was born … She awaited me in the ethers and sent me on my mission to this Earth realm … My baby blanket has pink roses on it … My Grandmother had Rose bushes, my Nanny was a White Witch and these teachings pulse through me… The Rose has always been present within my mother and father line… I’ve always loved the intoxicating Scent of the Rose … That is what awakened me through the Peach Rose in my backyard … Now it all makes sense … Riding this wave … Seeing myself as a Precious Rose of all faces, my body being a Holy Temple … I feel the pull now more than ever, to deeply hold this space to Remember, that you are not alone. I feel, you’ve been guided here … And it is my vow to hold you within my wings of LOVE, to share with you all that my soul knows within the Sacred Beautiful Rose Wheels inside your own beautiful body, and guide you into the deepest initiation you’ve ever walked: into yourself.

If you’re here … I ask you, if it’s your time… Do you feel the call to Remember that which you already know?

I love you sister.

This journey is not for the faint of heart.

But nonetheless … We are here for a reason.

I choose to Trust this…

I love you Sister of the Rose … You’re seen, you’re loved!

And infinitely guided upon the sacred lands of Sophia Gaia,

With Rose Love from my Heart,

Sarah Nicole Oracle




If you’re called to Infinity of the Rose … scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the package that you want and click on the payment option best suited for you.

You will be lead to an application to fill out so that we can further feel into your energy.

Once all sisters are in temple, I’ll begin inviting and adding you to the private facebook page.

You’ll receive the first email before our first New Moon Ceremony as we Enter the Temple of the Pink Rose of Unconditional Love and Compassion on the New Moon in Cancer…

The Schedule will be on the Online Forum where all content will be held.

Before we begin this journey, we will be bringing our own Rose Essence to our private temple, sharing what our intentions are for stepping into this journey together…


Doors Close Saturday June 22nd, 2019 at 11:59pm

✨ We Begin this Journey on Tuesday July 2nd , 2019 … on the New Moon in Cancer ✨


𓋹 New & Full Moon Rose-Content 𓋹

Every New & Full Moon, I’ll be sending you, and sharing in our private temple… The overall energy of that moon as it’s correlated with the specific Rose Wheel… Along with 1 video transmission, video ritual or guided meditations. You’ll be receiving this content every New & Full Moon… This is not a class, this is an initiation meant to serve where you’re at on your journey… Go at the pace that resonates most with you, beloved sister.

𓋹 Secret Online Forum 𓋹

This is where you’ll have access to all content in one place. The link will be sent to you Week One of our journey, and will continue to put all of our magic in this space. You will also be sent this link multiple times throughout our journey.

𓋹 New & Full Moon Ceremonies 𓋹

Each New & Full Moon Ceremonies (x2 a month) will be held usually the day of the New & Full Moon. Dates will be sent to you prior as you’ll be reminded a few hours before we gather. All gatherings are held on Zoom.chat, and are later posted in our online forum. The link to this online forum will always be sent to you, and the link will never change. You’ll have this content to keep in on your inner alter forever, to go through for the rest of your journey here as a Priestess of the Rose.

𓋹 Womb-Remembrance Sessions 𓋹

For the 4 Sisters who chose Rose Oracle package with the Womb Remembrance sessions; All sessions are about 2 hours long. We will email/ facebook messenger back and forth to pick our day and time for each month. This is for sisters who feel they need the deeper mentorship to sitting with her Black Rose, to transmuting womb trauma, and all that she needs deeper space held for. Sessions will be amazing, leaving you clear, feeling aligned with who you truly are and why you’ve come here to Earth.

𓋹 Weekly Heart Check-ins 𓋹

You are welcome to go live and share what is real at any time you feel called within our sisterhood. I encourage that actually. I will be going live in our temple as often as I feel called just to check in and see where all sisters are at, and sharing all that wants to come through for us.

𓋹 Payment Plans 𓋹

There are payment plans available … But if money is still in the way of you stepping into this journey, please email me, please fill out the application and we will be in touch with a plan that works better for you. I truly don’t want money to be the reason why you don’t step into this journey. You are Abundant <3

𓋹 Bonuses & Goddess Gifts 𓋹

Your Goddess Gift will be sent to you when all sisters are in Temple, and we begin our journey together. Bonuses can be accessed through the Secret Online Forum where are content will be throughout our journey. You’ll receive 2 of these bonuses immediately after you sign up.



“ I got to take part in Sarah’s Blood Moon Circle. I have never been to anything of the sort, and the experience was nothing short of magical. Sarah made us all feel safe and loved. Her ability to consistently poise her voice, face, and soul to ooze love and acceptance is literally supernatural. Her power not only created a safe space for us to explore and work through our feelings and trouble, it gave each of us the knowledge that we have access to that power within ourselves. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. “

- Anna, the Flower Witch

1395918940292836846flower rose -wild-red purple-transparent.png

"There isn't enough words to express how grateful I am for connecting with Sarah. I met her at her priestess circle..where she held space for me and a couple of other sisters. I came there curious...reading her story the night before and deeply relating to her.

I left, empowered. Her incredible intuitive guidance allowed me to sink deeper into myself. Till now, I still find myself replaying channeled readings that always hit home. She is definitely a gift and a sister, connecting with her has been tremendously healing. I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Maureen Rose









14 bi-weekly payments of $222

or $3100 in Full


∞ One Womb-Remembrance Session / month x7

∞ New & Full Moon Rose-Content (video transmissions, meditations, video rituals) x14

∞ New & Full Moon Online Gathering Activations x14

∞ Secret Online Forum / Portal where all content will be held for you to have forever

∞ Sister Support via Private Facebook Temple (priceless)


Magdalena Rose Heart Bundle of Your Choosing - (1 Pre-recorded ceremony, 1 pre-recorded meditation & 1 written ritual)

Moon Time Medicine -  a Deep 5 Day Video Initiatory Journey into the Mystery-Codes of your own Menstrual Blood

Magdalena Meditation album - 10 deep pre-recorded mediations to connect more deeply with Mary Magdalena

( Bonuses value of $200 )

Goddess Gifts

∞ Venusian Witch - Kitchen Yoni Steam

∞ Womb-Made Moon Time Tea’s

∞ Pink Moon Body Scrub

∞ Egyptian Goddess Body Spray

(value of over $100)

∞ 7 months of a Deep Initiation with Mary Magdalena (Priceless)





14 bi- weekly payments of $111

or $1555 in Full

∞ New & Full Moon Rose-Content (video transmissions, meditations, video rituals) x14

∞ New & Full Moon Online Gathering Activations x14

∞ Secret Online Forum / Portal where all content will be held for you to have forever

∞ 24/7 Sister Support via Private Facebook Temple


Magdalena Rose Heart Bundle of Your Choosing - (1 Pre-recorded ceremony, 1 pre-recorded meditation & 1 written ritual)

Moon Time Medicine -  a Deep 5 Day Video Initiatory Journey into the Mystery-Codes of your own Menstrual Blood

Magdalena Meditation album - 10 deep pre-recorded mediations to connect more deeply with Mary Magdalena

(Bonuses value of $200)

Goddess Gifts…

∞ Venusian Witch - Kitchen Yoni Steam

∞ Womb-Made Moon Time Tea’s

(value over $50)

∞ 7 months of a Deep Initiation with Mary Magdalena (Priceless)



Is ∞ Infinity of the Rose ∞ for you sweet sister? Do you have some deeper questions, and would like to know what it feels like to work with me?

I am offering Free 30 Minute Rose-Heart Calls to ensure that we are an aligned match for this Initiation, and for you to know what it feels like to work with me <3

You can book your call here :

Are You a Clear YES, beloved?

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You are ready to walk this deep initiation within Yourself …

You can have a guaranteed spot n o w …

It is yours… Welcome…

Please also fill out the application after you make your payment so that I can get a feel of your beautiful energy.

Thank you beloved<3

I Love You So Much Beloved Sister of the Rose …

What an honour it is, to be in your Presence …

What an honour it is, to walk the path of the Magdalena Rose With You Sister …

May we deeply Remember who we truly are, through the Magic of the Rose.

With Love Always,

Sarah Nicole Oracle