Divine Goddess Imbolc Celebration


Celebrating the Precipice of Spring ...

this Turn of the Wheel Ask us...

"What is Germinating within us?"
"What are we Preparing for?"
"What needs to be Released, for our seeds to fully Bloom?"

IMBOLC marks the beginning of Spring ...

So what would you like to see grow? 

What did you seed during Yule?

Let us amplify those seeds  + nurture those seed in Temple Together Beloved.

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As a Priestess who has just recently felt the pull to hold space for the Wheel of the Year ... I don't know everything about Imbolc ... However, I do know how I FEEL and have accessed into the depth of my being what Imbolc has to offer us.

To me, when I celebrate the Wheel of the Year, I am celebrating Gaia Consciusness ... and the Gaia Frequency. What does that mean? To me, it means truly loving, honouring and respecting the ALIVE piece of Land that we are so blessed to be living on. It means, that as she changes, through her fully bloomed season, to her harvesting of crops..  ... as she decides to go into a resting phase and then slowly comes back up for a fresh breath of air...

We are that...

And how she makes you feel...how the Gaia frequency makes you feel within each turn, is exactly what is being offered here to you beloved. 

I also found some really amazing and cool information on Imbolc that I've found online that you can read below.

But when I first heard the word Imbolc, I actually imagined the snow melting ... and buds growing from trees and from the Earth. I then asked myself... "How am I that?" "What is melting within me?" "What needs to be released from within me?" "How can I nurture my own body, mind, heart + womb, so that I can continue to GROW + BLOOM?" 

Then the word Germination came forth to my awareness ... the point in which a seed sprouts her first little green. Its so precious yet a direct reflection of how powerful we truly are as women when we see that the Earth is actually US in the totality of what She is.

... And when we set intentions and plant conscious sacred seeds within us, they will grow when nurtured. And that little green, is a very powerful symbol. It represents the germination that has taken place unearth the black soil and earth, that's been loved, watered and nurtured. And in the wonderful cycle of seed, to sprout, to flower, to seed again ... we see that this is exactly whats happening within us too! 

Goddess Brigid  ... Art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Goddess Brigid ... Art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

So ... Imbolc offers us so much and have found that the Goddess Brigid has been trying to grab my awareness through various books and online pages that I've read, and she is also the first Goddess on my New Calendar! Her photo has been on my wall for some time now since September! 

I truly feel that celebrating Brigid ... and what she has to offer us as a Global Sisterhood, will allow us to ignite the inner flame from within us. Just like the Sun nurtures the Earth ... and our plants. The Inner flame does the same inside of us as we nurture our own inner seeds. 

" The term Imbolc, or Imbolg, (pronounced “em-bolk”) is derived from old Irish which means, “in the belly“...

Imbolc signifies the celebration of fertility, reproduction and new beginnings. It’s at this time of year, winter makes her final attempts leaving the sting of cold temperatures, ice, and snow in its wake. As we warm our homes with fire, and set candles to glow in our windows, the earth is rekindling life within itself. We see daylight hours increase, and the sun stimulating life deep within the earth. These environmental changes signify the return of spring. New beginnings. This is also happening deeply with us, and our bodies as women.

Imbolc is a time of cleansing and refreshing ourselves and our surroundings.

Many cultures celebrate Brigid and call it St. Brigid's Day. 

Seasonally, Imbolc is linked to the appearance of the first spring flowers - snowdrops - and early signs in that Winter is retreating and Spring is approaching. This time of early seeding, and in temperate climes, farmers keep their eye to the soil to see if it is warm enough to sow crops. It is a good time for sowing other "seeds" as well - ideas that you wish to come to fruition and plans and projects that you have for the coming year.

Imbolc, when the snowdrops emerge in Europe at the end of January, comes at the time when lambs are born. This festival makes the thawing of the earth in preparation for planting and crop sowing. A celtic fire festival, Imbolc is sometimes know as Brigid's Day, a much loved healing Goddess. Brigid has the reputation of being fiercely protective of women, children and new born animals, so this is seen as a time of justice. It is also a time of renewal, when the winter loosens its grips of the earth and sets the rivers and streams awash with the melted snow. Daylight is noticeably greater length now, and just as Brigid is invoked as a midwife to the newborn lambs, Imbolc is seen as the midwife of Spring. "

Information found from this website + from the Spell Bible by Ann Marie Gallagher.


Beloved ... I am here to tell you, just how powerful you are. Do you see the glory is Mama Gaia? ... can you witness her changes... her rage... her fruit and Bloom ? Beloved this is YOU... in totality.

When we honour Our Earth we Honour Ourselves ...

When we honour her Changes + Phases ... We Honour ALL parts of ourselves.

Inevitable, when we begin to tune in and celebrate Mama Gaia... we begin to transmute and hea. We begin to LOVE all parts of ourselves as we then see and know how extraordinary we truly are as WOMBYN!





When you sign up, you will receive a guided meditation with Celtic Fire Goddess Brigid, as well as an Imbolc Seeding Spell that you can do every Imbolc, as well as any other time you'd like to plant new seeds.

We will be doing this Seeding Spell during the Live Imbolc Ceremony Celebration on Thursday February 1st, 2018 @ 1:30pmEST

This Spell is from 'The Spells Bible' by Ann Marie Gallagher. Go here to see if this book would be a fit for you.



To prepare for this ceremony, I always invite us to create a clear space where alchemy and magic can happen. Any time in which we partake in a ritual ceremony, energetically, we are doing some powerful things!

So with that being said... 

☩ Clear any clutter

☩ Listen to the Brigid mediation if you feel called, and start to invoke her with "Brigid... thank you so much for igniting my inner flame of alchemy + healing."

☩ If called, make sure you have the things you need for the spell, you will see the list of things you need when you sign up. 

☩ Have your journal with you and consider these questions :

- What did I seed during the Winter Solstice, and how does that seed feel inside of me now? Where is she in her growing process? Does she want me to know something?

- Is there anything that I feel that may be preventing my seed to fully grow and bloom?

- What is slowly beginning to rise, germinate and wake up from deep within me?

- What do I feel is melting away in my life?

☩ Create an Imbolc Alter (you can create your imbolc alter however you feel called... there are no right or wrong way) But, you may consider: 

☩ Pink, yellow and/or white flowers or a potted plant like tulips

☩ Three tall white candles or 3 white candles of any shape

☩ Crystals ; aquamarine, rose quarts, carnelian

☩ Flower petals of choice

☩ Bring all that you feel called to bring and do :) 

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Divine Goddess Sisterhood ...

Beloved Sister ... we will be celebrating the first ever Imbolc Ceremony in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood ... a sacred temple garden to come as you are! You heart is deeply welcomed here as we truly step into what we are as Priestesses and Wombyn ... I look forward to spending time with you beloved sister.