Beloved Sister there is Power within our own Awareness of Self...

I'm so honoured to walk through this portal with you of honouring and healing the sacred masculine. Most women completely detach and misidentify with "masculinity" ... because we have seen what shadow masculinity has done to us and Mama Gaia.... What shadow masculinity has done to itself through projecting their own wounding and inability of actually seeing whats being asked.

This beloved, is changing.

Yes, theres been much trauma endured for thousands of years... But now is the time and chance for us to speak our truths, to heal our own wounding and create a New Earth. After all, that is why we are here. We are here to remember ourselves as Love and through those energetic vibrations, we create a completely new and resonant crystal grid on Mama Gaia.

This is what we are in training for.

The training itself beloved, is actually stepping up to what's being asked of us, truly.

And we are being asked to release the old and breathe in the truth... Tap into universal energies that ARE us, that live INSIDE of us.

The shifts between the old energy of scarcity, to the new one of love is causing us to feel uncomfortable. Reason being is because we are so use to the old programming.

Beloved, it is now safe to let it go and feel what is actually true through your now heart.

And that is where Mary Magdalena + Yeshua come into our lives as... as Embodiments of Love to show us what is actually true and real inside. To remind us that now is the time... the time where we are the safest we've ever been in the western world to share our truth without getting killed for us. "Shamed" ... we may yes, but Mary Magdalene asks of us to give her all of this so that we can truly show up as feminine leaders.

We are here now to walk in her foot steps.

We are the New Age Priestesses of Gaia... Of the Magdalene... We are Her beloved.

In order for us to clear the collective wounds, we need to first clear and release the old stories and wounding inside of us first, and in this case ... We are touching on the wounded masculine,

The wounded/shadow masculine is NOT the Sacred Masculine.

What's being asked is to consciously make aware the old wounds that go all the way back to our fathers. Calling presence to each of these stories and wounds. And then tap into what TRUE sacred masculine feels like inside. With this new awareness of the TRUTH, this is what transmutes the old energy. And as we continue to walk as Priestess, as we are challenged and triggered... we can continue to choose to tap into what we know is true, even when it can be hard.

We are going to be tapping into both the DIVINE FEMININE + the SACRED MASCULINE, to feel out what each of these energies feel like inside of us... within this... we are going to be doing a sacred ritual where you will embody both and write beloved vows to them and post them on your wall or keep them in your journal or close to you.

Here are mine below ... you can use these as a reference. And the ritual will be below <3 I love you :) 

Vow to my Divine Feminine Queen 
Vow to my Sacred Masculine King


Beloved, You will need:

- a ritualistic space where you will not be disturbed ... some incense ... a clear space, window open; whatever you feel tunes you in.

- a Red candle for your inner Divine Feminine

- a White candle for your inner Sacred Masculine

- Your journal or 2 pieces of paper

- Something to write with 

Now Let's Begin ...

- Allow yourself to tune in to your own inner being. Activating the I AM presence deeply inside of yourself. You can watch the ceremony and fast-forward to the meditation piece in there, or you can listen to the meditation on this page if you need some more direct guidance.

- Allow yourself to internally and intentionally connect with your own Divine Femininity inside of your being by rooting into the earth with your beloved and powerful etheric cords sprouting from your womb + root chakra. 

- Allow yourself to Receive this frequency of the Great Mother which is your inner Divine Feminine of receptivity, of surrender of trust and of release. This is the place where you can tap into safety and have that running through your being at all times.

- Once you feel you've tapped into her inside of yourself... ask her directly to activate your cells and being even deeper by asking "what do you actually feel like? what would you have me know right now?" ~ and allow yourself to completely receive all that comes through without trying to control.... just receive and witness the feelings that arise and allow yourself to be with this sacred part of yourself.

- With your eyes still closed, do this same process, but instead connect with either the infinite cosmos above activating your third eye and crown chakra to connect you deeply to your inner Sacred Masculine King... or you can do this by connecting with our central Sun instead of the cosmos. Allow yourself to tap into this energy of LIGHT, of the Father... breathing beloved.

- When you feel you've reached that beloved space of connection, even if its just a little bit... you can ask you inner Sacred Masculine "what do you actually feel like? what would you have me know right now?" ~ you can also call in the beloved Yeshua + Horus to be with you and ask what they feel like inside of you for they are embodiments of the Sacred Masculine.

- If you're willing and ready, both the Divine Feminine feeding and nurturing your lower chakra, and the Sacred Masculine activating your higher chakras... allow yourself to see this energy merge inside your heart, uniting in the centre of your chest as a beloved soft and pink light of LOVE.

- Let yourself sink deeper into this feeling of Unity... of safety... and all the wounded masculine and feminine stories can now be released at this time; you can say them outloud and ask that they be taken or consciously release them with the breath. Or both.

- Allow yourself to again, tap back into the unity Christ Consciousness inside of your own heart... if you have to, you can connect back down to the Great Mother, and above to the Father and meet them both in your heart again knowing that you can do this anytime that you choose no matter what is happening around you.

- When you are ready, you can open your eyes and choose who you'd like to embody first. Your Divine Feminine Queen or your Sacred Masculine King... 

- As you embody each, write down the Sacred Vows that you promise to fulfill and do for the other... knowing that they are in this together and love each other deeply.

- When vows feel complete, please light your red, embody your divine feminine Queen through intention, and read the vows outloud to your Sacred Masculine King as if another You, is speaking to You.

- Do the same for the Sacred Masculine King; embody those feelings, and read the vows outloud to your Divine Feminine Queen.

- At the end of this ritual, you can choose to hang your vows upon your wall. Wherever you choose to keep them is perfect.

- Repeat to yourself ... "it is is is done" ~ bowing to both your inner Divine Feminine Queen + Sacred Masculine King for both energies live inside of you and want to deeply take care of the other. And whenever something comes up like a trigger, or challenge between lets say, your sister or a man out in public, or something happens at work. You can remember these vows... you can remember what is real and true and that you are safe, beloved.

and so it is <3 

P.S ~ Also, you can share the vows to your King or Queen first, it doesn't matter as long as you do what you feel called.


Much Love to you beloved, it's been such a honour and an initiation to walk this deep path with you and Mary Magdalene ... May we know that she is always with us whispering to us sound freqencys and guidance of Love. 

We are Embodiments of Her... And its a honour to be on the planet with you right now.

I love you!
Much Love to you,
Sarah Nicole

Enjoy your Meditation <3