Energy Healing Offerings

Beloved, as you enter this temple of healing to your heart... I bow to you for listening. As as we walk this path together, I'm here to witness you as you are.

Sacred Intentions for my soul work is to always meet you where you are at with love. I find many healers are not able to " hold the space" ...  I am here to do just at. And I know deeply that you are already healed. 

Our sacred time together will be held by the Goddess herself, as I tune into your energy body... and whether we are meeting in person or virtually, I am here to deeply serve you beloved.

We are all born healers... and I Love the work I do, this is my Soul Work...  and this loving healing energy is pulsing through my hands as you read the magic on these pages...

Welcome Beloved ...

I believe we are all Healers of the Earth .. 

The Earth is our Mother ...  and is the portal back home to Oneness..

She is the one who supports us during our time together ...



Frequently Asked Questions

What does each session consist of?

How should I prepare for our time together?

How do I know that this will work?

What if I like it didn't work?

How many sessions will I need to be completely healed? 

How will the booking go after I make my first sacred exchange payment?

Do I receive a follow up session after our time together?

Are there refunds?

In- Person Healing Sessions

$177.00 US / Hour

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Virtual Energy Healing Sessions

$144.00 US / Hour

Beloved, if you are not in the Toronto area and cannot meet with me in person... please don't think that this is a disadvantage to receive the healing you are looking for. Because energy is limitless... and we are limitless, I am able to share healing energy with you anywhere in the world. 

Virtual Energy Healing
Amount at checkout $144.00 USD