to Dark Goddess Reclaimed <3

May this journey deeply serve your soul + purpose ...

I'm so excited and honoured to officially begin this journey with you ... Our first Ceremony will be begin on Sunday March 18/18 on the New Moon in Pisces ... All Ceremony's will land on either a NEW or FULL Moon ... I created this journey in accordance to these potent phases to enhance the power of each ceremony + intention.

When we are all signed up, I will then create a Secret Temple on Facebook ... this is a safe space to share all that is real ... all that is challenging and all that is resonant if you feel called to do so.

In the meantime please fill out the chart below and feel free to message me on facebook or email me at for any questions or if you wish to be witnessed with something.


I love you! 



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The link to book your 1-1 monthly session with me, will be sent to you via email when we are all signed up...


With Love Always,

Sarah xo