Red Rose Petal Adornment Ritual

Hello beloved sister, I'm so honoured as we walk through week 3 - 4 together of Month One: Magdalene Light-Code Activation, and the second part to this deep and potent month, is us Coming Back Home to Our Temples; a huge piece of embodying the Magdalene frequency. 

Mary Magdalene knew who she was completely ...and despite many people calling her a whore and prostitute, she still remained and stood with her beloved Yeshua... helping him to complete his journey. She still knew and chose to stand as an embodied frequency of the Divine... because she connected and chose truth regarding her body, mind, heart and womb. 

Why does this matter?

We have been born into many families who do not truly see our bodies for what it is ... a divine vessel. Just skin and bones and blood to conform to societal expectations.. within these beliefs and lies... we actually didn't even know that connecting and LOVING our bodies and seeing our bodies as sacred, is a huge part of experiencing the human experience of complete connection with the Divine ... and is a must in truly seeing ourselves as love and deeply knowing our purpose here on Earth.

So whenever we were intrigued or curious about our sexuality or the Shakti we feel that pulses though our vessels, unfortunately within families ... it was either seen as evil... or bad or shameful... or just not talked about or acknowledged. And even shaming us directly by calling us evil, or shameful, dirty or the black sheep... 

Beloved... all that you experienced within this... has been your initiation to embody this frequency. She reminds us, that you are She... and that she was right there witnessing you, waiting patiently for us to see the sacred clues of rose petals beneath our feet.

Old Energy... 

Being disconnected to our bodies has somehow made us feel "safe"... but not really. That's what the illusion is. The illusion, that its safer to be disconnected and isolated because that way, no one and nothing can hurt us.

I witness you sister... I witness all sisters who may believe that its unsafe and even dangerous to feel into the body.

Your temple awaits you to see her beauty, the alters that she's filled with and the frequency of LOVE... that deeply resides within your own body.

Maybe some of us have experienced assault, abuse or even rape. And within those traumatic experiences, we have even associated tuning into our bodies and feeling the totality of our bodies, as something that can be dangerous and bring us harm. We believe "Well my body has been taken advantage of, and hurt... why would I want to tune in and feel that again." Creating more fear, shame and doubt around who we truly are. Closing our hearts and bodies ... and building an armour of fear and shame around it. 

Are you willing to let it go at your own pace to truly transmute, see and actually feel how precious this vessel is that you've chosen to be in for this lifetime? This is a huge decision. 

I bow to you beloved sister ... 

Because it's our birth right to know ourselves as Love, and to do the inner work to feel that...


Because Mary Magdalene knows how this feels in terms of being shamed... maybe feeling unsafe sometimes and feeling cast out...  she is a guide for us women to remember that YESS, our bodies are indeed Sacred... our bodies do hold special keys for our over all awakening and sacred relationship with the Divine.

Your body IS THE Temple...

As she stands before me, I feel her Remembrance as it pulses through my vessel with the message that we are already whole unto ourselves. A huge piece in completely embodying the Magdalene frequency, is truly seeing our bodies as sacred.


We ARE the Universe... We ARE each other.. We ARE the Rose ... and We ARE the Magdalene .

And with that, we are ALL things that She is.

Because there is no separation. 


She teaches us that all is One, that you ARE safe within your own body... its simply about tuning into that magic... and loving what you see inside no matter what you've experienced. And being willing to walk through the initiations that your very own self has said Yes to.


We are Love, Safety and Complete Embodiments of the Goddess

Imagine ...

Imagine that you see a beloved temple in front of you. The sun is setting, shining its light upon the intricate designs and carvings that create this temple. There are beautiful gems and stones... some beloved Rose bushes... and you see inside that the walls are dressed in red silk... tapestries and alters of the Magdalene... special rooms for different parts of your own being...  all you feel when you walk through this space, is safety... it feels like home. 


Beloved this temple IS your body... A direct reflection of it...

And this is what happens when we begin to create safe space within our bodies. When we begin to see the beautiful and wonderful sacred reflections... We begin to see and feel the Truth.

You ARE the temple. 

Try This Beloved ...

So, something is really wanting to come through right now.. and its about asking... How would you treat your body... What would you say to Her ... How would you respond to your body and self... If you knew that the very temple full of Red silk walls and Rose bushes was actually your own body?... How would you treat your body if you knew deeply that it WAS indeed a temple? 

This is something I invite us to ask everyday... and then go deeper by doing what is most resonate with our heart and womb.

We Are Priestesses of Great Sovereign Power

When we choose to transmute any pain or trauma... and begin to practice full body presence ... across all time space dimensional realities, we completely heal generations back and forth of separation, judgement, shame and trauma.

Through the Essence of our own Rose Hearts... and through the willingness to see our bodies as sacred, creates a potent energetic ripple effect that is caused by your unconditional love and remembrance. Meaning... this energy meets your mother...her mother. and her mother's mother. 

So, this work that we are doing beloved is incredibly powerful and potent, for what we do for ourselves we do for every single sister walking, and who has ever and will ever, walk upon this planet.

My Intention ...

For these two weeks is to begin to become aware of how we truly feel about our bodies... trusting and using the frequency of the Magdalene that resides deeply inside our own hearts, and resurrecting this feeling of safety and knowingness...  completely and deeply choosing to feeling the essence of who we actually are.

Exploring the different parts within yourself as rooms within an actual temple. And resting there.


As she guided me to feel into my womb... I then asked her "How can we come back home to our temples? How can we see our bodies and wombs as sacred once again?"

She showed me Beautiful Red Rose petals, and us sisters completely adorning ourselves in them. Through PLAY ... through exotic and pleasurable laughter...  through smell, through breathing in the essence into our energy and field... and through touch... and even taste. She showed me what the essence of the rose is actually doing for us, which is completely transmuting any energy thats not currently present. Activating golden seeds within our bodies. I felt ecstasy and bliss when she showed me this ... 

She said to me ...

"This is the frequency of the One Heart... We are The Rose" ... 

Mary Magdalene teaches us, and shares with us that all that we've ever wanted to be... all that we thought was outside of us, or impossible to be or get...  is already deep inside us. That WE are the answer. She also reminded me that this could be a slow process in terms of coming back home and truly seeing our bodies are sacred. And that is perfectly fine. Honour where you are at beloved... There is no one who has the relationship that you have with Her.

My intention for this beautiful and sacred ritual, is to see and feel that the essence of the rose is already deeply inside of us.. creating safety and unconditional love.


This practice with the Rose Petals is fun, it's sensual ... and activates this Remembrance.

Red Rose Petal Adornment Ritual

In this ritual, if you feel called, you can create a Mary Magdalene alter. When you make an alter beloved, its not really about having certain things that make an alter "good or bad", its more so about what you feel resonate, and connects you directly to her. For me I like to include:

  • -Red Rose petals
  • - Red Jasper and Rose Quartz healing stones
  • - Some fruit like Strawberries or Pomegranate
  • - Red candles
  • - Feathers
  • - Seashells
  • - Some Incense
  • - A Picture of Mary Magdalene

You can choose to do this ritual naked if you choose to do so, I find my house to be too cold lmao but if feel called to "peel more layers", or you'd like to become more intimate with your body, you can do this ritual naked if you feel called.

Beloved you will need:

❂ A clear space to do this ritual in; your bed room or living room ect. With no interruptions or distractions

❂ A Magdalene alter, if you choose to create one

❂ I ask that you come into temple with empty presence ...

❂ Red Rose Petals.

❂ Some Soft Music

❂ A Red tea light Candle.

❂ Some Sage or Palo Santo


Let's Begin Beloved ... 

☽ Choose a time in which you'd like to do this ritual and clear up your space


☽ Make sure you have all of the things you need in front of you. ( rose petals, candles, tea and whatever you feel called to bring with you)


☽ Do a tune in with Mary Magdalene and call her into your space...

"Mary Magdalene I call you in beloved to be with me now as I clear any energy that is not currently present or mine...Thank you for helping me tune into my own Divinity..."

Or say what you feel called to say...


☽ Use sage or palo santo to clear any stuck energy in your field


☽ As you take a few minutes tuning into her, I invite you to bring your awareness to your womb space... beginning to say really beautiful things to her. "Hello Beautiful Womb..." "I Love you beautiful Womb." "You are so Special, you are so pure." "What would you have me know right now?"


☽Let her open up as much as she'd like to ... 


☽ Begin to slow down, become more present with the energy of your Womb, I invite you to empty even deeper into her presence of unconditional love


☽ Once you feel ready. you can open your eyes.


☽ Allow the Magdalene to guide you on how you'd like to adorn yourself in the rose petals


☽ Maybe you'd like to bring them into your face and breath them in...Maybe you'd like to bring one rose petal and brisk your face and body with it. Maybe you'd like to throw them in the air... Whatever you feel called to you... allow yourself surrender to what your heart and womb wants.


☽ Your eyes might naturally begin to close again


☽ As you continue to breathe in the essence of the red rose... begin to see what the rose petals would like of you.


☽ Continue to play and have a sensual and fun experience with your precious rose petals! Bring the petals to parts of your body like your chest or womb... and your feet! 


☽ You can close this ritual by doing the meditation below, or even doing the Bath ritual from week 1 - 2.

The potency yet simplicity of this practice, allows us to truly honour and FEEL the sacredness of our bodies. The gentleness of our bodies and the love and frequency of the magdalene as we are directly connecting with the essence of the rose as we then place the petals on areas of our bodies that we feel called.

The frequency of the Red Rose reminds you, of what is already deeply within you.... allowing you to see the preciousness and innocence of your temple.

The Red Rose also reminds us that is is safe to come back home, and to feel the magic that lives deeply inside our very own bodies. 

This ritual, is more so of an intuitive ritual where I will offer you some heartfelt things to work with, however your intuition will know what you deeply need interims of leading the space for yourself.

Enjoy this lovely ritual where you can come to this space whenever you'd like to tap into the beauty and truth of your body, through the sacredness of the Rose. 

You are so loved sister xo

Love Always,
Sarah Nicole


Below, is your meditation to root you deeply into your body and to see and feel the essence of your very own heart of the Rose.