So here WE are n o w ... Who is Mary Magdalene? - From my Lensing <3

photo by Sam Sadaghiani

photo by Sam Sadaghiani

So... here we are now beloved sister ..

And ... I'm so honoured and excited to share a new offering with you from my heart and womb to yours. This offering is now ready to be birthed. The time is n o w to create Everlasting Remembrance within our own Sacred Wombs + Hearts.

I'm feeling into our energy as a sisterhood and temple ... I find there is a lot of confusion as to what Goddess Archetypes, Ascended Masters and even Angelic Beings have to offer us...  and right now I'm going to presence deeply as to what the Magdalene has to offer us collectively and individually.

Collectively, I feel she offers us of the knowingness of who we actually are through the Remembrance of our powerful wombs and Shakti. And with that, knowing it's safe to be who we actually are as women. Embodying our Goddess-Given Gifts of our wombs, our higher-selves and our sacred sexual life-force energy... It's engraved in our DNA to have deep fear of being killed when fulfilling our life's mission and hearts as healers, medicine women and the priestesses that we actually are... and she offers us the permission to come out of hiding from deep within the belly of the Mother and birth the truth of what the Divine Feminine has to offer us; which is the space to be held in as we remember the receptive energy of the Divine Feminine within us; through our bodies, our wombs, our blood and our hearts.... Through the Magdalene. Through Her.

The message here and the call to Remember for me personally, is to come back down to our wombs and to Mama Gaia. To know the answer to relieve us of suffering, is within our own hearts and the choice to come back to unconditional love as we peel away layers of shame, knowing its safe to do that now. 

I'm aware of my deep fear of being killed for bringing my womb blood back to the earth. I do it anyway because it deeply soothes my soul... but I sometimes feel paranoid that someone is watching me, that I will be cast aside because of what I'm doing and embodying.

This is exactly what happened with Mary Magdalene. She speaks about how her mission as a Divine Feminine leader, was to "lick up the blood and wounds of my sisters." ... the blood shed by thousands and millions of rapes and violence towards us women. This is why her energy is so potent and powerful because we are She... We have and are experiencing the same initiation she has... and she lives deeply inside our wombs and hearts as this Remembrance ... she knows deeply of what we yearn for in our own hearts, and the desire to walk upon the earth barefoot as we claim our temples and claim our calling to Priestess and to Heal.

Mary Magdalene .. was considered a prostitute in the bible... that she had to "beg Yeshua to forgive her for her sins." ...  Actually, her and Yeshua were tantric lovers... and many didn't understand her and her purpose as a Priestess of Isis who practiced tantra and sex magic. This intimidated many men... because she embodied what it meant to be a Divine Human ...  She completely embodied the sovereignty of who women truly were and the power we actually held in our wombs. Because of this, they called her many names ... a prostitute and a whore... they were also jealous of her relationship with Yeshua... She was the one he went to first after his resurrection.

This is what I believe to be true, and I wish I knew every detail of her journey ... all I know is what comes through for me, through my vessel as I share this with you. And I trust what is being passed through me. 

They BOTH practiced tantric pleasure . Both Mary Magdalene + Yeshua... They both deeply served one another within their journeys, and as Yeshua knew it was his time to walk through the death initation through his crucification... she was there. She says in the Magdalen Manuscript that he often worried and sometimes doubted himself, and his mission. But she was there the entire time, reminding him of the Truth.



The forgotten peices of the Divine Feminine within our Herstory has been completely subsidized and demonized as evil ... when really, Mary Magdalene was embodying The Cosmic Mother.

Mary Magdalene was cast aside from the vey beginning because others did not understand what it was she was embodying. They didn't understand that they too, have birth rights of Sacred Pleasure and Safety. Of Connection, and of Divine Truth. 

She knows what it means to have deep sexual shame. She knows what it means to want to hide because of fear of being judged, shunned or "too much". She knows the yearning in our hearts to connect more deeply with our bodies, our wombs and yoni's. She deeply knows how much we want to look at our bodies with unconditional love. She knows how much we need sacred space to peel these layers as well as guidance from her to remind us of who we truly are.

We are daughters of the Earth... We are Sovereign and Sacred beings of Light... and these body temples we've chosen to come into on purpose, is our way to expand our awareness of who we truly are. 

And we are LOVE

Given that most of us have experienced sexual shame ... one of her many messages are ...


"Beloved, it's safe to come back home... to your temple.”

The Magic of the Magdalene... 

The Magdalene has many messages...each unique and powerful for each sister.

But as I step into and feel the collective wounding and shame of what it is we are experiencing as a sisterhood.... (sexual shame of being women and of our menstrual cycle, not feeling safe in our own bodies, hatred towards the masculine, hatred and jealousy towards each other) I feel the Magdalene offers us space to know its safe to be our authentic self, as we are Worthy right here right now. That it's safe to be lead by our hearts... by our Intuition, our own SHAKTI ... our Higher Selves and by the Goddess within us. It's safe to remember how sacred our womb blood is and with that, our birth right to live in rhythm and synchronicity with Mama Gaia and Grandmother Moon.



SO I ask you beloved sister ...

☥ Are you being called to drop the layers of sexual shame, to flourish and step into your divine purpose?

☥  Are you really sick of the on going patterns of "I am not good enough." and wish to create a new and resonate way of how you see yourself?

☥ Do you desire to feel safe and alive in your own body?

☥ Do you yearn to feel safe as you embark on a journey of full Soul + Womb Retrieval of who you actually are?

☥ Do you want to dance with your shame, call it in, learn to love it instead of pushing away powerful aspects of yourself?

☥  Do you need safe space to be held in while you do this?

... If so beloved, I'm offering you a 3 month deep dive with the Magdalene ..  in the Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene journey... a 3 Month Magdalene Lineage Initiation dedicated to your own Personal Rremembrance as a Sovereign Being ... 



This 3 Month Initiation Includes :

▽ 2 Live bi-weekly Ceremony's with the Magdalene / month

▽ 2 Guided Meditations / month (*pre-recorded by me)

▽  2 Sacred Rituals / month

▽  1 hour 1-1 Womb Remembrance session / month (optional with the Red Rose Chalice)

▽  24/7 online sister support via email, FB Group or FB chat 

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▽  BONUS CEREMONY : Birthing - Bringing Your Own Magdalene Magic to Daily Life

 BONUS RITUAL: Sacred Womb Blood Ritual



This is for you if you ... 

 Desire to be in deeper resonance with your womb and sexual energy.

 Would like safe space held for you to transmute sexual shame and womb trauma. 

 Would like to activate and go deeper with the Magdalene medicine and message of "It is safe to be here now, beloved."

 Like to experience Everlasting Remembrance of who you actually are, within your entire being.

 Desire to step into your purpose as a Divine Human here now, letting yourself go of the idea of being perfect. 

Would like to be lead by your heart + higherself for your over all fulfillment as a soul on Earth.

 Are being called to stand strong in your knowingness of who you actually are! And would like some guidance and support around that desire.

If you're feeling a resonance with Mary Magdalene as she lives from within you, and would like to go deeper with her teachings and magic.. I welcome you sister.

You can say Yes to this 3 month deep dive here.


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Sister, I want to connect with you... I yearn to know what's real inside your own heart and how you are being called to Walk as Love. If you'd like to connect, have a heart-felt conversation, receive a reading from your Angels + Guides, or you''re feeling like you're being asked to really peel those layers of sexual shame but don't know how... I am here to hold space for you. 

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With Love + Womb remembrance,
Sarah Nicole