Can you be that Clear Vessel for the Divine?- YES YOU CAN!

I have this deep yearning to write, to share my hearts truth... not too sure how this is going to go... I am tuning into The Goddess herself... what ever messages pour through me; I will share with you...

How can I serve? - I asked that this morning as I was on my knees. so oblivious for many years of the hatred and racism that exist on our planet... as a spiritual person, we tend to spiritually bypass anything that triggers us, or makes us feel any kind of shame.  

I have even recalled being racist myself. I'm racist to some west Indians, to blacks to whites and to hispanics. And there was one thing that I realized, it was that rascism is not something we are born with, it is taught... and programmed. I hear some family members mimic the indians, saying that they stink... some of my family even say "It's their women, they are weak." - it really triggers me deeply because FUCK I just want to stand up for what is right. Racism, in any way shape or form , it is not right.

What is the key to ending racism ? ...It is to find racism (which is in everyone including those of colour) in ourselves and look at it vulnerably, instead of shamefully. Shame will not get us anywhere... feeling sorry for ourselves or shame for being a racist will not get us anywhere.

The time is now to remember who we truly are... we have made an oath to come down at this time in the planets herstory, because we have a voice! Never before have I seen and witnessed so many people especially women, use their voices for the healing and benefit of this planet. And it is quite empowering... but when something huge and uncomfortable comes along, resurfaces or merges from the depths of our own being... oh are we too afraid to say something.

Judgement .... that's what racism is... Ego ... that's what racism is... it's when we look at someone and see them as 'other'. And yes, we have our own separate selves... but there is an underlying energy and force that is very alive in us, that allows us to even be here in the first pace. It is the energy of Oneness, of Source energy... and when we begin to use that as our way to transmute, heal and NOT "give back the taste of there own medicine", will we be able to truly end this. 

Can you walk this path with me?

Are you willing to look at the shadow and racism within yourself, and see it as vulnerability ? - NOT VICTIMIZATION 

Can you find Source energy within yourself to birth that?

Can you be willing enough to try? 

say something beloved...

Share what you know is right and love in your heart beloved. I know that it's scary, I know... I truly know. I myself was so hesitant on showing up for the Planet on video today... but I did it. And I do it everyday when I share my experiences of womb trauma + sexual shame... & when I open emails and messages of how I truly helped a woman heal and look at herself differently through the eyes of The Goddess... it is one of the most loving and truthful feelings ever... and that is why we are here! We are here now to birth the Goddess out into the planet, and I did what the Goddess asked me to do. And now I'm writing sharing my hearts truth.

How can you show up more fully on this planet?

How can you serve this planet?

Now is the time to truly show up.

Do you consider yourself a healer ? A light-worker? Do you just love spreading good vibes? Me too! But it's time to stand up for those who do not have a voice... admit that they don't have a voice and it's time to stand up for yourself and spread LOVE.

White women, white men, white spiritual leaders, white teachers ... use your platform, use your voice, use your status and privledge. I promise I will!  Because we are listened to most the time. We have the chance to be heard and end this... to those of colour... let's use our voices, stand up for what is right. Racism is very real and exist in all of us. 

Myself being a women of black heritage, Native Indian + white ... I feel deep deep pain, the pain on all sides.

all sides need to be loved & presenced

Hate will not heal this... fighting will not heal this.

Love, will heal this, so I ask you..  

Are you ready to show up?

Are you willing to LISTEN to truth and birth that out into the planet? - Of course you are... Why else would you be here on this planet at this time? To just sit back? NO you are here to do some amazing work.

So I guess you're wondering how we can do that? Well, it's different for everyone; it's different depending on your skin colour, your life in general , what you've been through and where you're at now... And what you have available to you. There is one thing that we all have, and it is our voices. What's important is that we use what we can to spread and share the love! 

You can use your social media platforms

How can you begin sharing your truth and what is right?  You can use your social media platforms...  call it out on the street when you see shadow taking place...  you can shine your light upon it.... And I'll tell you, I'm terrified sometimes of sharing my truth - afraid of death actually, but I would die in the energy of Oneness, and for standing up for TRUTH. - I still need to prove this to myself, but am so willing! And I WILL!

 Find the racism within yourself - and yes we are all racist.

It is a fact, and unformtuney true. Can we admit that? Can we admit that we can be racist ? - Really begin to be present with this... to call it in, and to LOVE it. When you see your racism as being deeply vulnerable and afraid of being "less than" ... and start to integrate that by calling in Source energy into your awareness... You can begin to help others with their process too! SO admit it, Accept it, and LOVE IT, as it is apart of you.

 Listen to the call  

God , Goddess, Source, Our higher-selves, gives us opportunities everyday to fully show up on the planet. If you have an urge to say something, to write... or share... it is your higher-self and the Goddess wanting to speak through you. It is also your responsibility to be the Clear Vessel for the Divine to birth what it needs to, through you. You can help so much beloved. Can you be willing to share and elevate consciousness even when you're afraid ? - Yes you can. 

There are many ways in which we can help our planet REMEMBER WHO WE ARE - We are children of the Earth. It is deeply engraved within US ALL the truth , and how amazing it is to have a planet that takes care of us completely - The Aboriganls knew this deeply, my people know this... our ancestors knew this deep truth of oneness and of RESPECT for our Earth... and she is not something to be claimed, she is not something to keep people out of... I laugh right now because Mother Earth is still Mother Earth, she is our home and we are fighting over it when she will always be the same LOVE. It is time to wake up.

Are you ready to take Divine action? - Everyday, wake up and ask The Universe, "How may I serve the collective today?" , "How can I fully show up in my purpose today?" - LISTEN DEEPLY, and take that divine action. 

You are supported... We are suppose to be here right now... We are suppose to be experiancing this right now.

Both pain + Love exist in our world, we have made it so - SO let's choose love, and compassion FOR ALL, including ourselves.

How can we love our vulnerability and shame within ourselves ?

By breathing it the fuck in and loving it! - that my friend, will transmute it.

To join me in a Guided meditation, press play Beloved xo


Here are two amazing Blog Posts I read of the current level of consciousness, and how we can truly help..


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Thank you Beloved for being here, I witness you... I witness your shame + shadow... your vulnerability ... your anger. And I love you!


xo Sarah Nicole