Why I Switched to a "MOON CUP" ...

There was once a time in my life, in which I did not think at all, that my Moon Time ... My Menstrual Cycle was "Sacred" ... When I was a dancer, I dreaded this time... I thought it was an inconvenience to making money. I use to shove a tampon up in my sacred portal, cut the string off, use as many whipes as possible, and whipped all the blood that might still be there ... I made sure I did not wear white lingerie... And I could not tell at all that I was bleeding ... unless I had cramps, but then I'd drink and do some blow and would forget that I was on my Moon. I'd get so high for like 3 days, I'd forget to take out the tampon. Completely disconnecting from my womb, and this time. 

I also Remember growing up, that if I was on my Moon, I still had to go to school and play sports... even though my body was telling me to slow, down and rest. The schooling system does not go into the depths of what this time actually is... and thus, parents and generation after generation, have seen this time as a sin, as something that is not important and to "suck it up" ...

We have beliefs around this time as something thats "dirty" .. that it's smelly. I actually have come to LOVE what I smell like on my Moon because I can smell the innocence and energy of who I truly am. Its delicious.  It has a different scent compared to any other time of this month. And I love it. 

SO first things first, I wanted to say that I believe that this time is a profound time of release, of rest and rejuvenation. When we do not listen to our bodies at this time ... our bodies will communicate to us through pain via cramps... emotional breakdowns and re-occuring patterns. This time was made for women, so that we could birth life into form. And was gifted to us,  to slow down, release, honour and plant new seeds every cycle. That is literally what is happening when we bleed; Our bodies are bleeding and shedding the lining in which life was not created in; the egg was not fertilized ... So the blood that is being release is LIFE BLOOD. Instead of a child... we shed the lining which the child was not created in. 

If you are on a conscious spiritual journey ... you know that all is energy. We are Star Dust ... we are Divine. So... why would this time not be sacred? Does that sound or feel aligned? To just let this time be "another day" ? 


The truth is... this time is sacred. Our ancestors knew this. And if you decided to tune into your Womb and Moon Blood, you'd begin to see and feel the truth of what this time has to offer you.

Each bleeding is special, as we are releasing what ever has occurred from the previous cycle. We are resting and slowing down to see what needs to be released. And within that stillness... that death... can we plant seeds, and birth that during the new cycle. This death + re-birth process is happening on ALL LEVELS, physical, emotional, mental and esoteric. 

The Missing Gap

A sister I follow, said something profound in an interview I watched. She said that ... Bringing our Womb Blood back to the earth, fills the gap of starting a brand new cycle. It also brings peace, and innocence and unconditional love back to the earth. And as our own personal codes enter and are encoded within Mama Gaia ... we create a New Earth ... and we as women are the reflections of this. This resonates, so deeply.

As we come to love this time, we come to love ourselves and know ourselves as Whole and Sacred beings. And this... is why we are here. Well... this is why I AM here...

We cannot walk around saying we are awake and here to create a New Earth, and that we love ourselves unconditionally, if we do not honour this sacred part of ourselves. This is also apparent for men to honour this part of a women as well... If a man would like to know himself as Whole... he must honour the Divine Feminine within himself... and his mother. And how he was birthed into being through her portal and womb... And Truly honouring this, not just saying that he does, which is what I see majority of the time right now... however... I feel the shifts taking place on the planet. One woman at a time, One man at a time. One blood offering at a time.

SOO Why have I chosen to switch to a moon cup? What is a moon cup? 

This is a moon cup :) It's a silicone triangle shaped cup that you insert into the yoni, and it sits there to collect your blood. Instead of using a tampon or a pad, which has harmful toxins in them, I choose to use a moon cup during my time of bleeding.

So why a Moon Cup? 

I've switched to a Moon Cup for 3 main reasons: 

I'd Like to Know Where my Precious Womb Blood is Going... 

As most or some of you know, the time of bleeding is sacred to me, and I give my womb blood back to the earth in prayer and ritual, for Peace on Earth, Unconditional Love, Healing and Release. When I use my Moon cup, I have the choice to keep it for my ritual, or to flush my sacred codings down the toilet. I love that when I use a moon cup, I have the pure innocence of my blood in her most purest form; in a chalice. When I use my moon cup, I can save every last drop. I no longer resonate with just throwing my pads out or flushing my tampon down the toilette. Because this part of me is sacred, and ever drop is powerful, I'd like to keep it instead of just throwing it away. Using a moon cups keeps my womb blood safe as I can directly pour the codings into a jar. 

I keep the Earth clean ...  

Approximately $244 is spent each year on menstrual products, $3,300 in a lifetime – that’s 12,000 tampons used. " - Shona Keeli from Womb Illumination. 

When I use a moon cup, I'm able to keep the earth clean by not contributing to the landfill that's piled up on the Mama Gaia. As an Earth Angel, it is my duty and call to keep Mama Gaia clean of waste and garbage. Not saying that my moon blood is that, but all our pads and tampons go into the garbage! The purest form of magic is being thrown out. No. I don't resonate with that.  

Also, I will also save thousands of dollars when I use a moon cup. You can change a Moon cup every few years or so. Not sure how long, but to me, is better than using pads + tampons.

I'm not absorbing Toxins ...  I'm Keeping my Yoni Healthy + Happy:)

Cotton products like pads and tampons are actually harmful for our bodies, as the cotton sticks to our cervix.. The toxins and chemicals in pads and tampons, actually fuck with our PH balance, and natural balance of bacteria and can even cause more serious cervial complications. Most of these products are bleached too. Putting bleach in or on our vagina's does not sound like it'd be good for us :) 

This goes so deep! But if you're curious... or just beginning the deep and sacred journey of Womb Activation and Honouring of this Sacred Time . I'd love to invite you to sit with a few things. 

  • How do you truly feel about this time? Be honest. Its okay if you've never thought of this time as something really powerful. It's also perfectly okay if you're not ready to tune in. What memories come up when you think about this time? Do you secretly hate this time? Why? Be honest. And question... is what I've been taught about this time, maybe not true? Maybe, it's not a sin? Maybe, it's not a time that is just like any other day? Maybe, its not a time that's an inconvenience ? Maybe its not a time where my vagina bleeds and it smells funny? Really question your beliefs and how you feel. Go deeper, and then communicate with your womb and ask her what she has to say. By Simply closing your eyes, putting two hands on your womb, feeling her, and literally talk to  her. She will communicate to you through feelings, sensations and emotions. Sometimes thoughts.


  • Connect with Mama Gaia ... We are sacred reflections of her beloved sister. When you sit with her, you sit with yourself in her flow, and her stillness. Lay your back against a tree. Let yourself Be, and see the truth of who you actually are, in your wholeness... We are Mama Gaia. We are Mother Moon. While sitting with Mama Gaia or the Moon. Place two hands on your womb and let yourself be... see what comes up. Know that your communicating. When we do this. The more we do this, the more aligned we become with the truth of the Earth. 


  • Begin to track your cycle. When do you bleed? On a Full, New, First or Last Quarter Moon? What does that mean to you? What does that mean to your heart? How does your body respond to the earths cycles? Do you see a sacred reflection there? How? 

When you tune in to this ... the significance between your cycle, Mama Gaia and the Moon... will connect you deeper to who you actually are.



  • Purchase a moon cup, even if you do not see this time as sacred just yet, getting a moon cup, you are not contributing to the pollution of  Mama Gaia, and you are ridding your body of any unhealthy substances. You will also save some money :) And your vagina will be happy!

So here we are n o w beloved sister. I wanted to speak of this; I just finished my last bleeding of 2017, and it was very very powerful and triggering. I shared my experience and some other things too in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood FB Group... And I'm so grateful to be alive and to experience being a human... a Woman.

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Much love to you sister,
Sarah Nicole