A Sense of Deep Remembrance ...

Walking down the small dirt hill, down into the depts of my special nature spot.. hopping from the smaller rocks as I leaped for the two bigger ones. Relief is what I feel. As I breathe in the air I allow it to fill me up with abundance. I love this spot. It's so sacred here.

But, I did not always feel this way about this spot.. you can barely hear the cars and the street just up the road, you couldn't here someone scream if they needed help..... And this very spot I was abused by someone in school in grade 7 for 2 years... those rocks over there that kind of create a chair, kind of hidden by that giant tree... I was actually forced many times to give many blow jobs here. And this one time he actually hit me with a stick. Another time he punched me in my head when I finally said NO!

Why am I telling you this?

I say this to you because the memories of pain and suffering still reside here at this spot, of course they do... but they've also dissipated through my own remembrance of the unconditional LOVE I have for Mama Gaia... for the remembrance of who I am for it is also this same spot that I do my womb blood rituals at. For it is this spot where I come to clear my mind and connect more deeply with who I am.

Alchemy in the making as this spot was the same beautiful place the entire time, and I choose to see it as that. As Love. My experiences, as Love. For it is my experiences and pain, that were my catalyst for the Remembrance of who I truly am. The purpose of these painful memories was to experience this remembrance of who I am, which is love. And this shift, has completely transmuted this pain altogether... because I choose to let it be there way.

So, back to breathing in the abundance as I leaped from the smaller rocks, to the bigger ones... Sitting on the two sacred rocks as they lay perfectly right in the middle of the creek... I decide to take my shoes of. Can you believe I’ve never taken my shoes off on these rocks before? Feeling the coolness l beneath my feet... seeing the water as it trickles onto the leaves, onto the trees and back down to the water ...

“We See You... You Are Us.” The trees speak to me. They remind me that Mama Gaia is holding us all, that there is nothing to be afraid of and that I chose to be here. I feel that Purpose ... that Intention.

Of course I'm suppose to be here... of course I chose to be here... and as I felt a jolt of energy vibrate from the soles of my feet, up my legs and into my womb and heart. I feel a sense of Remembrance and Safety.

I feel connected to all that is around me. My Native Roots are really coming through. As I see the squirrels chase one another, and see the birds as they communicate in their present joy. I am them.

The golden rays of Sun peaking through the trees; I move to let the sun beam on my face. I love this feeling... I love it on my eyes. I feel as if my eyes are receiving life force energy.. they definitely are. Breathing in . Beaming in the present moment and the Sun relaxes my face... I am grateful. And I remember why I’m here.

This is our birthright, to feel joy and to Remember that we chose to be here for Love!

As I decide to head back home, I decide to keep my shoes off... feeling the cool wet ground for the first time in this area... brings me back to a time where everything existed in my heart. When I was back with Source.

I Remember...

Walking home on this secluded path, a white butterfly joins me as we walk back. Foot steps so present with my breath that catapulted me deeper.

I smile ... “Hi Nanny, Hi Michael...” I say... my Guardian Angels. I now see them in my minds eye, walking with me, by my side. Oh how grateful I am to have them with me. I feel my whole team as they tell me “Remember ... You got this.”

It feels so great to know this truth. That I am here on purpose, that I chose to be here.. I believe that this is our birth right and knowing this truth, transmutes all pain, shame and trauma.

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I love you,

Sarah xo