And There I was ... A Poem About Magdalena

And there I was... 

Clear as the night sky

The Stars and Moon

Shining its light to me...

Through me …


The message is clear

I am She ...


I am my own Holy Temple

I am my own Beloved


There is nothing to Clear

There is nothing to Heal

for I AM Love + Innocence ...


And it was clear, that I was being called to go deeper with her. 

I knew the entire time… just recently, have I been consciously aware of her presence. 


She reminds me

That I am already whole. 

... That there was never any shame to begin with ...

For I AM Innocence in and of itself. 


To Awaken.

To Remember ...

And with this remembrance ... 

I see my body and centre as a Divine Vessel


This is an Initiation.


We are Divine Humans 


As she sits here with me…

I feel her gentle presence. 

She caresses my cheeks.

clear sparkles of energy .

smelling the essence of the rose


She's Here


And again, the message is clear.


... I am Wholeness...


Am I ready to walk as the Divine Human that I truly am?