☥ 4 steps to Reclaiming your Sexual + Womb Power ☥  

To be quite honest with you, I still experience resistance and shame when it comes to "owning" or "reclaiming" my sexual + womb power. Why you ask? Well.. because I had this belief that it took the same amount of time to claim my power, as it did to the programming, or the trauma that took place in my life. Meaning, if I experienced 10 years of shame and trauma, then it will take the same amount of time for it to transmute. This was true for a very long time... till I chose other wise.

My journey was not of a miraculous miracle after I stopped selling my body and when I stopped using drugs... Where I was able to see angels right away or I automatically loved my womb blood, or I loved life. Instead, it was a deep journey of deep transmutation and ACCEPTANCE - And yes ... It took about a year and a half to really just ... "be"... 

And that's what I'm going to share with you today. Everyone is on their own sacred womb journey... however, I find some women to just feel stuck, and to be so afraid of "feeling", and actually programmed to not feel at all.

Obviously you don't like feeling like this! Trust me... I've been where you are. Sometimes I find myself there again.

And thats okay!

But overall, it feels like you've hit another dead end in your life... For example.. 

First the really shit relationships ... which was a manifestation of you and your fathers relationship...To maybe having an aboriton making you feel so unworthy of being a mother... which goes back to the relationship with your own mum... And maybe she made you feel like everything you ever did, was a burden... then making everything that's ever happened to you a burden as well.. making things that are so natural, feel dirty and wrong. For example. your menstrual cycle. You're sick of chasing love, you feel drained because you don't know how to release. SO much shame + So much womb trauma and this could just be the tip on the ice berg for you... Girl, I feel you because I AM YOU! 

... hmm, but maybe this isn't you. BUT, there is a part of you that either wants a new way of living, a new and resurrected deep connection with yourself, your body + with life.. 

or you're afraid of that... which actually tells me that you want it deeply. 

Well sister, if that's what you desire!

Then it is yours.

Whatever you desire or strive to be, you are already it.

Yes it's that simple <3

To truly reclaim your sexual +  womb power ... is to say YES to it all. TO ALL OF IT. If we are to claim anything, and own anything, we need to first integrate the trauma, breathe in the shame and learn to LOVE, what we feel makes us unlovable, or unworthy.

We can no longer push away aspects of ourselves, because that it not owning anything. 

I also wanted to point out that, we have been shamed so much that even an inch of sexual desire causes us to feel deep shame. But for some women, we have rebelled... we have used this energy in negative ways to manipulate + seduce to manipulate... not seduce to actually please ourselves or a partner.

But, what if we used this energy, to deeply connect with ourselves instead? 

I'm so excited to share with you, 4 ways to Reclaim your Sexual + Womb Power in healthy and loving ways, that will work :)  If you truly want to transmute shame, fear + trauma ...you have to be willing to do the work. So, are you ready to commit and show up in your life? And create a life that you always knew you deserved?

You are?! Yay! Great, then lets get started! <3

1.) Choose <3<3<3

Have you ever been so distraught about a breakup? Or something really bad happened to you or something like that ... and then as time went by, you kind of forgot about it? That's because you chose to forget about it subconsciously. Now imagine if we CONSCIOUSLY chose to do anything in our lives... Imagine how empowered we 'd feel to choose what we'd like in our lives, imagine choosing how to feel about something, someone... OURSELVES. Imagine choosing what we want and what we don't want in our Queendom. Does that sound empowering? A little scary? Yes ... Anything scary though, doesn't mean that its actually something to fear or that you're unworthy of it, it just means we are going outside our comfort zones.

Fear needs a big ol' hug! When we begin to LOVE, and breathe in our fear, thats when the real transmutation happens girl! So ... Write down your current beliefs you have about yourself (and be honest)... Ask yourself "Does this work for me? , "Does this make me feel good as a woman?" "Does this belief make me feel empowered as a woman?" - If the answer is No.. breathe it in consciously until you feel deep deep appreciation for the LESSONS it has given you. Ask Archangel Michael + Source to lovingly take this from you, to say goodbye. Say "Thank you, but our journey is now over, thank you for serving me during the time that you did." Don't open your eyes or leave the meditation space, till this is done. Be committed to yourself!


2.) Claim your Sexual Desires - Say YES to your Lack there of ...

Myself included, I find so many women who've been sexual abused or experienced shame or womb trauma, have an issue with really owning their sexual desires, or lack there of. This is quite normal. But if we are to reclaim our sexual and womb power for our overall expansion, and for the elevation of consciousness on the planet, we must begin to LOVE all that we are feeling. If you happen to feel aroused, or maybe you have a desire to be intimate, and you hear those little gremlins saying you're not good enough, or you're ugly, or you feel you'll never find the one. Or "Omgsh ... I shouldn't be horny right now." - Stop in that moment, breathe into it. Call IN these feelings, say YES to them, whether you have sexual desires or not.

Whether you feel shame for having them, or shame for not having them... bring it in closer.

And really begin to embrace it all , all that you are, all that you feel! Bring one hand to your womb space, and one hand to your heart, and say "YES. I hear myself. I honour how I feel... and in this moment, I will not try to change a damn thing." Own it girl, own it all by breathing it in and saying yes even if you think those things are "bad" or "not good enough." You got this ;)

3.) Explore your Body <3

Like I share all the time. The only way "out", is "in". Into it. SO, if we are ashamed of our bodies, if we are shameful of our desires. Its time to, in the most gentle way we can, to cut the crap and just go in there and release through masturbation... and really really explore our bodies. Explore what we like.

I use to really surpress my sexual desires and energy, especially in the morning. I'd say things to myself like "No, I will wait till I meet the one." I ignored it, I told myself NO. - When I began connecting with the moon, and started to recieve coaching myself... it really helped me to realize that I AM a sexual being. Sex is how we are here. Our temples, the female body, is what carries and births life. When we feel the urge to have sex... its an urge to create life. And how fucking powerful is that shit? Very :) 


So, next time when we feel like touching ourselves, next time we feel like dancing in our rooms naked! Its time to really do it!

And make this experience even more powerful by creating it in a ceremony like way. Meaning, light some candles, grab some sexual toys if you feel called to. And set the intention of what you'd like to accomplish. Lastly, when we begin connecting with ourselves, really explore our bodies... try something new. touch yourself in ways you haven't before. Try touching the rest of your body before you begin touching your vagina. If shame comes us, pleasure yourself through it. You will transmute it that way, but choosing pleasure. 

4.) Celebrate your Womb Blood ☥

This is one of my favourite things to talk about because I have had profound and deeply transmutative experiences really connecting with my womb blood and my time of bleeding.

One reason why many women, including myself at some point, are so shameful of our bodies, of our sexuality... is because we were raised into a society whether you're catholic or involved with the church or not, that completely oppresses women and everything that comes with being women. For example, our womb blood... making it the original sin... some of us literally think that being here is of the original sin. That living and being a women is evil + bad because Eve picked the stupid apple (I could go on about this story lol). We are raised to think otherwise of our time of bleeding as sacred. We don't slow down during our time of bleeding, society has not acknowledged this as a time of great healing for us, to replenish and renew ourselves. We never really talked about it growing up either... We always hid it in school... We were never taught the real ways.. our ancestral lineages' ways of the womb. Which is one of literally, PURE MAGIC. That is what our womb blood is on an esoteric level. Is Magic! 


Now how does celebrating our womb blood help us to claim our sexual and womb power, and how do we even celebrate our womb blood? Awesome question :)

Well, to celebrate something, is to honour it, to LOVE it, and to acknowledge it as something significant in your life; Like a birthday. Imagine how incredible it would be if all women of this planet treated there cycles every month like it was their birthday every month. A birthday, is to celebrate you being here on earth... so imagine celebrating you being here every month. Sounds fun to me lol. Massive shifts I tell you! 

When we treat ourselves, our sexual desires and our womb blood as sacred once again, we can begin to reclaim our sexual power. Why? Because we are honouring every single aspect of ourselves... and honouring the places within that we thought we dirty or bad, or evil which is the act of transmutation itself.

We are turning our pain, or old beliefs, into gold.

We can celebrate our womb blood every cycle by slowing down, and treating ourselves as queens during our time of bleeding. The time of menstruation is a time of deep transformation... we enter a dreamy imaginative realm space where our left and right brain hemispheres merge into one. Our intuitive abilities are much stronger. and our abilities to release the previous cycle through meditation and stillness, is what will allow us to truly release the old paradigm. I experience full on psychic abilities during my time of bleeding. I experience full on physical and emotional releases when I sit and actually sink into the stillness of my own womb + womb blood.

Do you notice how heavy and grounded we feel during the time of bleeding? This leads me to the second way of how we can celebrate our womb blood to reclaim our sexual and womb power.

We experience this heaviness, this grounded energy... because we are being called back to the earth with our womb blood.

Our ancestors did this every Dark Moon, when all the women of the community (yes the men did fine on their own with the children, I say this became someone tried to argue that the villages would go to shit if the women went away for a week... not true.) gathered in sacred sisterhood in these wonderful red tents + moon lodges to bleed together, on to the earth. To give back to the earth all that she has given us, to heal, to release, to cry, to drink teas and lots of other awesome fun stuff. They knew that doing this, would bring peace on earth, and peace within.The wise women + mothers of the tribes usually held the space... they were the oracles. Women would also give birth in these red tents! When their bleeding finished, they would embark on a new inner journey for the next cycle. They were refreshed because they consciously released and sank into the stillness of their own wombs.

So sister, I invite you to begin doing this, by meditating on it first, and begin to give back to mother earth all that she gives us. This is the ultimate way of honouring our wombs and claiming our sexual power. When we do this, you will activate remembrance within your entire being... as this wisdom is already deeply engraved into you.

So there you go beloved. This is what I continue to work on deeply within myself all the time. And invite you sister to begin integrating all 4 ways above into your life. This will completely change everything for you

 The Journey of The Goddess + The Priestess is a life time endeavour. It is a life long commitment of self love, discovery and remembrance. If you've read all the way to the end, it's our mission to resurect wisdom within each woman we meet, but first we must walk this journey internally first by embodying our natural ways of the womb, and embracing ALL OF US, together. 


Now I leave you with this...

If this is your souls calling, if you deeply resonate connecting with your passionate sexual energy, if you feel the calling to step into your own womb power and really begin to embody The Goddess and the inner Priestess within you... If that is what you wish to be, then that is what you are. and no one can take that from you!

But... are you truly ready to commit to this? Are you truly ready to commit to all 4 steps above? If yes... then you got this girl! With commitment, and perseverance,  with constant tuning into your womb and a willingness to get a little bit uncomfortable sometimes to transmute, will take you places incredibly fufilling and magical. 

So, if you're wanting this for yourself. If you're wanting to really embrace all aspects of yourself and learning new ways in which you can contribute to your own consciousness, the consciousness of the planet,  your own inner womb journey, and have amazing support along the way. I want to invite you to a 5 month program I am currently offering to you and my fellow sisters.

<3 It's the deep dive of  Womb Blood Alchemy, and together, will  literally be embodying the Goddess, and our natural ways of the womb + womb blood together in sacred sisterhood, with a step by step process of going deep into the Blood Mysteries of your own sacred womb filled with Blood Magic, private online gatherings, guided meditations + So Much More! <3

Doors are open of another week, however the Bonus ends tomorrow!

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If you have any questions about this journey, or curious if it's right for you... You can book a free call with me. No pressure at all! My sacred intention is to ask your Higherself + Angels : "What is the next best step for you right now?" and follow that.

You can book your free session with me here.

SO much womb love to you on your jouney! You're already killin' it girl <3

xo Sarah Nicole