Healing the Womb Trauma of Abortion

I'm just gonna come out and say it, that I've had 3 abortions in my life. All were really, really sad at the time. But I have nothing to be ashamed of, and neither do you! And no one, absolutely NO ONE can tell you if you've made the right choice or not, it is not for someone else to make. Obviously, we are still effected by these judgements; we feel deep shame, we feel like a horrible person for making a choice we knew what was best for us at the time, and we pretty much feel like a fucking murderer... because that is what people, and ourselves tell ourselves that we are. 

As the years go by, I often feel and think of the deeper parts of what truly is happening from an esoteric stand point, and then I tune into my womb blood and ask her what she feel it all means. It's really quite interesting what is truly happening. Most women, blame themselves for making the choice to not go through with a pregnancy, much of us blame ourselves for not being responsible ... and yes that may be true, but no one is to blame.

Did you know that as soon as conception happens, there was already an energy or soul that already knew it wasn't going to be born into the physical ? Yes, its a choice that every party involved makes. We have these things called Soul Contracts, and while we're still in heaven, or with Source or God, or before we come to experience human form, we are pure consciousness, we are One with God, and within that, we wanted to get to know ourselves... or better yet, Source wanted to know itself, and it decided to create separate aspects of itself i.e. you and me. Before we are born, we choose the kind of life we want to live, we choose our parents based on their energy, based on how they will treat us, based on the energy of their childhood, we can also choose to not be born at all, sometimes we choose to come into this life, and go back to heaven a day after... Whatever it is that we choose, it is for the expansion of our awareness. 

For all the abortions I've had, I've had deep shame for making those choices. Not once, but three times. Some people in my life even told me I was a shit person for not having them. It was hurtful, and sometimes, I relive it in my mind of the procedure, the excruciating pain and the tears of grief afterwards... But what we do when we've tried to move on?  We may even have children of our own now, everything seems like its alright, but we're still reminded by the ego, by society and the old paradigm of how horrible and unlovable we are. 

What do we do, to love ourselves and the choice we made of having an Abortion ? 

Going to the source... Going to the root, literally.

THE WOMB is how we transmute this pain and trauma. By honouring ourselves in the NOW, by loving ourselves NOW, by saying YES I'm gonna love myself anyway NOW... not tomorrow or when we feel like we "should" ... RIGHT NOW is the time. 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've completely healed my womb trauma from abortion, but I'm on my way... I'm on an amazing path of deep diving within the womb, that must be shared, because even if it helps just one person, it really does make all the difference. 

The Key to transmuting womb trauma, is going back to her.

Your womb will always tell you the truth, she will always tell you ... "You are so deeply loved." Because it's true ! 

So, how do we get there?

Well, what I've learned is when women gather... Magic happens... When we witness each other... Shifts take place... Lives are changed, and that is what I'd like to invite into at this time, sister. 

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I will be holding sacred space for us women in the Free 3 Day Live Womb Workshop, where on Day 2 of our time together... we will be deepening and transmuting the shame and trauma of Abortion in sacred sisterhood! You will be witnessed, and have an opportunity to share your story, ask the questions you need and be guided into a deeper state of understanding and love for yourself, and the choices that you've made.

It's gonna be Powerful sister, and this opportunity is open for ALL WOMEN, of all experiences, of all ages + cycles. 

This powerful 3 day workshop, will take place in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Moon Temple on Facebook! 

Day One : Monday July 31st @ 2:22pm EST ~ Sexual Shame

 Day Two : Wednesday August 2nd @ 2:22pm EST   ~ Abortion  

Day Three : Friday August 4th @ 2:22pm EST  ~ Sexual Abuse + Rape

If my experience of Abortion sounds similar to yours, or if you need to be witnessed and heard with the trauma you may have experienced, I am here sister.And we will be going deeper during the Free 3 Day Live Workshop in The Divine Goddess Moon Temple.  To sign up for this workshop, please fill out the registry below.


If you'd like to learn more to about this 3 day Womb WorkShop, Click here :) 

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