How We Can Honour Our Womb Blood ♡

Most of my life, whenever I am PMSing or experiencing these emotions of wounds and of pain… I’d put them to the side… I’d tell myself,  “Oh Sarah, you're just too sensitive.” When the truth is … everything that I feel, everything that is happening inside of me is REAL AS FUCK!  

I feel like our womb blood is something that some are so ashamed of… most of us HATE it and find it to be an inconvenience to our daly lives. Have we ever wondered why we experience cramps, or PMS or any type of fertility issues? Have we ever sat and thought about why we feel emotional pain again each coming cycle? Have we ever wondered why we manifest the same type of pain in different relationships? Or we seem to always be stuck? 

It is because we are not honouring this sacred time of bleeding as an opportunity of healing. Every cycle, we have an opportunity to sit, surrender and let all that has not served us be released through our sacred womb blood.  The truth is, is if we actually sat down, rested for the first 3 days of our bleeding, we sat with the stillness,  we let it consume us,  and let our blood ground us to Mother Earth… We will find and KNOW that deep down this is a miraculous and sacred time of healing and truth. A time that when actually sat with and honoured, will activate remembrance inside you and your womb space of thousands and thousands of years of wisdom. Wisdom of true power and unconditional love.

Our blood is so pure! Our blood is LIFE blood.. it is the blood of life.

Think about it, any other kind of blood shed upon this earth besides when a women is having a baby, is shed by violence or a cut or something. I call this the blood of death.

Us women are the only living creatures on this planet that can naturally experience and release LIFE blood. Our blood is a sacred beautiful thing we are now remembering.

Everything that you feel IS REAL during this time! Our time of menstruation is a time of releasing, a time of REMEMBERING the truth of our womb blood. 

It’s a time when Mama Gaia is calling us back home, calling us back to her. A time where we give back to the Great Mother all of what she has given us. 

I bow to you sister for all emotions that come up for you during your sacred moon time, I honour you RIGHT NOW, I am here to bless you with Mama Gaia’s purity and wholeness. Because you are releasing.

Menstruation is a DEATH inside each of you. You are releasing everything that no longer serves you. All emotion. All that is flowing through you; any old beliefs, memories of pain, is being brought up for the greater good for YOU,  your own consciousness, and your own souls purpose, as well as the collective's evolution. 

Compassion is a huge factor when it comes to really celebrating our moon. Why? Because there are many people who are still in the old paradigm and who do not yet understand what's really happening inside us women. And I speak on behalf of myself for feeling small and "too sensitive" during my moon time. This is for myself and my sisters who have felt unheard, and then shut down by a friend, parent or partner when needing to share and get witnessed. I want to ask you sister, if you have ever experienced this;  Have you ever opened up, or was honest to a friend, a partner or parent, only to get shut down… then blamed for being too sensitive and then you're the one who is apologizing? Yes, me too… And the truth is… unhealthy anger like resentment and revenge will not help… that is what the ego stands for… the ego wants Separation… The ego wants to be “right”.

What we can do … 

Is we can BE Compassionate towards ourselves, and towards others. We can know that deep down…. How we are feeling is REAL AS FUCK, and we can consciously release that energy back to Mother Earth. We can accept and be nicer to ourselves if we’ve made mistakes, or for simply not speaking up for being heard.

It’s time to remember… because once we give our blood back to the Earth, mistakes that we may have made, and not speaking up, will not matter anymore! ... You can call this alchemy, or transmutation.

We need to allow these emotions to flow through us during this sacred time of bleeding, This is NATURAL for us to be feeling this way.


You are not dear one. 

You are TRUTH, POWER and DIVINE FEMININITY! And all emotion that is coming up is part of your beautiful monthly rhythm. 

How would you feel if you felt you could reclaim your power back? How would it be to actually feel like a daughter of Mama Gaia? 

I invite you sisters, to a place where you know is quite familiar. You know this in the depth of your own being. I offer you a time to really connect with your womb blood. 

But the first step is Compassion. SO … NO MORE getting angry at yourself when you are sensitive. NO MORE apologizing for “being too sensitive” or “being a bitch” … you are not a bitch you are a woman releasing the old, and there is a part of you dying when you are bleeding. Death is transformational… and things are not going to be all smiles and rainbows all the time. And that is okay

We need to have Compassion for others… when we tune into the stillness of our wombs and of our being… we will know that every person knows this truth… the ones who are not ready to see the truth need the most Love and Compassion… they are in a lot of pain.  And there is no difference between us and them. We are one. So choose Love. Say YES to your Womb Blood and say YES to Mama Gaia.

ALL THAT WE HAVE FELT, is now getting validated. You have permission from Mama Gaia to feel this, and to offer this back to her with your own blood.

The old paradigm says you shouldn't feel this way, we shouldn't be feeling all of these emotions. When the truth is, the patriarchy and this modern world we live in do not understand what is really going on inside of us.


We tell and give our daughters and young girls a box of tampons and an instruction pamphlet … that if they have cramps… instead of diving deep as to why, they are told to take a shit load of Midol and go to school.

NO, this is NOT the way.

A girls first period is such a beautiful time, and she needs to be celebrated. When she is celebrated, she will live on to know how powerful she truly is…. how graceful she is, and true strength of a women is one of stillness and understanding… and how connected she is to the Great Mother. She will live and share this truth with her friends, and with her daughters.

When we give our womb blood back to the Mother Earth, we will be giving our vibration of LIFE back to our Great Mother, 

Once all women give their womb space blood back to Mama Gaia, there will be no more blood shed by men.

We receive cramps, and that feeling of pull, because Mother Earth is calling us back home. She is calling our blood back to her as an offering, as a prayer for peace on our Planet. 

We also receive cramps because we are not LISTENING. We are neglecting and resisting the truth of what our wombs want to say and do! We are not listening to our bodies. We are not sitting down during this powerful and sacred time of LIFE.

The missing fragment of wholeness, oneness and peace on earth… is the menstrual cycle. 

When both the men and the women of this planet KNOW this, not believe it… but KNOW this truth. The blood offered and given back to the earth will save our men and loved ones from war and violence. 

I invite you sister to really TUNE IN during your cycle. I invite you to STOP for the first 3 days of bleeding… go out in nature. sit and let your blood ground you to mother earth. Become the watcher of all that is.

In this video I share with you how Im honouring myself at this sacred time, and how you can begin this true awakening too! 

Enjoy xo


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Love Always,

Sarah Nicole Love  ♡