Transmuting Body + Sexual Shame w/ Mary Magdalene <3

Claiming Your Holy Temple 

A potent and profound message from the Magdalene herself to me, is to honour my body as it is right now. Not when I get laser hair removal, not when my zits are all gone, not when my stretch marks are gone... not when my behind is nice, plump and perfect like the dancers I know who hit the gym everyday... and not if I get a boob job... 

To love my yoni ... to be grateful of my sacred womb and the blessings of my blood that I shed each month. To love my body... to deeply know the codes I hold within my own womb in which are the same as the codes of Mama Gaia and Grandmother Moon in her cycles, in her eruptions, rage... Her grace. Her shadow... Her blood and ashes ... Her illumination. All in which is of Mama Gaia, is in my own sacred womb in its fullness... And as I sit here now...

Sometimes I question my belief in who I truly am... my mind likes to play tricks on me. My mind likes to compare to stimulate its cells... but as I lay my heart across the Magdalene's Womb of Knowing; I feel her presence as she caresses my hair and tells me to keep going; my mission is special and unique and there is not a single soul walking the earth who has my body, or my heart. And that's the message. 

To claim who I truly am! To claim this body and all that comes with it. For it is sacred in the eyes and heart of She and the Divine. For I AM THAT.

As I walk this path ... and go deeper, I find that the deep and heavily ignored shadow parts of myself that I don't think are lovable... are surfacing... Parts of me in which I search for love outside of myself ... Old old beliefs of being dirty because of having sex at a young age, and unpure because of the choices I've made.. sadness from having 3 abortions...  and not being able to touch my own innocence fully growing up as a girl. Some parts of me still feel like scum. This part of me says I don't like my corse hair on my lady parts ... I also have a belief that my womb blood smells bad in some kind of way. When really, I only thought this way because of what boys use to say in my class growing up about our menstrual cycle. Memories of who I've let in, memories of men making fun of me and my body parts, of not being honoured or good enough. To "keep it clean" ... But then the obligation of being the "sex kitten" and meeting his needs... And just overall feeling confused of what's "expected" of me...

But then the Magdalene comes in clearly...

"You are not here to please or validate anyone, except for you... You are here for your own remembrance... You chose this body ... claim it beloved as the holy temple it truly is."

So ... How do we actually step into this portal of transmutation and truth ? ..


You've already stepped through if you're reading this.. these codes of the Magdalene Remembrance as I type, are making it's into way to your light body right now.

As I sit here sharing my heart and womb remembrance with you, there are a few things that I know have deeply helped me... and initiations I've walked through to transmute my body + sexual shame.

The thing about initiations ... is that it's literally an initiation. It's fucking real. What does that mean? Well.. when you choose to walk a certain path, everything that is not in alignment with that  truth and path, will be surfaced to be transmuted and loved in your own heart. Sounds easy right? ... It can be challenging , and rewarding to our hearts when walked through and transmuted. 

I'd like to share the last few days with you, which are in essence the very real and potent steps that've truly helped me  :

Deep Self-Awareness...

The past three days ... I've really been honest about how I feel towards my body in ALL ways; how she looks... The way my lady parts smell at different times of my cycle... What I've chosen to do to my yoni... Who I've let inside ...  and the most important, the thoughts in which I truly feel about my body. The behind the closed doors thoughts and beliefs about how I truly feel about my body. 

I've noticed that I was not at all vibrating at that coherent and clear unconditionally loving level in which I thought. I still had little gremlins reminding me of why I was not enough, or why I was dirty. But then again, as I'm initiated...this is a very important and needed part of this path... to release and love these parts, to see them as sacred and call them into my heart for transmutation.

I presenced this... and usually, when things surface I make it a huge drama... but this recent threshold I walked through has been powerful and a needed part of my process.. and the way in which I arrived here was through my own self awareness and honesty about my body, and calling it in to my heart. and loving these parts of me in which I usually pushed away, and threw back into the shadow. 

What Part(s) of You Need Nurturing?

As I walked this initiation the past 2 days ... just wow. I am astounded and really proud of myself. Now its clear, and now I know what to do if and when this happens again through another initiation. So I noticed that as I was real honest and aware of my thoughts... memories in which supported those beliefs surfaced as well... One of them being completely disconnected to my own mother, not feeling safe and feeling like I didn't have someone to guide me in the way I truly needed as a little girl. The second was feeling really really REALLY dirty... the feeling of when you see dirty trash and compost on the street, and everyone walks by it... walks over it , but no one picks it up and puts it where it needs to. This part of me, was associated with memories of sneaking out and going and finding random people to sleep with... I was 13 years old. And many older men would pick me up, and I would sleep with them. 

I felt very shameful... and as I still transmute this. One thing is clear. 

When I called these parts in to my heart and held them and saw them as love... I was then able to listen to the guidance to what these parts of me needed.

My inner Little girl, needed to lay and cry with her blanket and her bear. While she held her heart, and allowed herself to be held by the Cosmic Mother, and by Mary Magdalene. I imagined I was laying on her lap, and she was just listening to me cry and talk about how dirty I was. And in moments of silence... transmission of truth was able to come through. 

"Your innocence is part of you... it can never be taken from you. Know this in your heart, beloved."

The girl who felt really gross from the age of 13, felt cut off from her womb and yoni... and did not see it as sacred back then. She felt like what she needed was to say I'm sorry... as she knows that she can't take back what happened... What she can do now is tell her womb and yoni how beautiful they are... That she will listen n o w... That she will take care of them n o w.

This worked, because I looked inside my own heart, listened to what I truly needed... and then did what needed to be done by saying and nurturing my womb through loving touch and kind words.  

Ground Into Your Body...

One of the most important messages the Magdalene has to offer, is to feel safe in our bodies. So how does one do that if we essentially have been cut off and don't know what that feels like to be in our bodies? Well... We must start somewhere yes? So I find the very first thing a sister could go ahead and do... is to spend some time in nature to allow the stillness and the Mother to hold her and remind her of what she truly is.

Allow yourself to see tree roots growing from your womb space, yoni and root... make their way down to the centre of Mama Gaia.

Just sit there,.. don't expect anything. Just allow. Receive. Breathe. And know.

Mama Gaia holds keys for us women to remember on a deeper level of who we actually are. As the earth orbits in her cycles ... so do we. She teaches us that we change, that we are not the same women every month... and to honour ourselves exactly as we are right now in our fullness!

Being aware of anything that essentially needs loving.

Beloved sister, anything that surfaces during these initiations that may not feel good... they just want to be loved. Call them into your Heart for Transmutation <3 

These transmissions happened since the Full Moon Gemini... I connected deeply with the moon outside with Mama Gaia as I gave my womb blood back to her as an offering. And ever since then... something within me shifted. And I'm so honoured to remember who I am through Mama Gaia + The Magdalene <3 

Do you feel you are being called to go deeper with the Magdalene and the medicine in which she offers us collectively as a sisterhood, and individually? 

Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene

I'm so honoured and ready to share with you a 3 month deep dive journey with the Magdalene in Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene ... a 3 month Magdalene Lineage Initiation dedicated to you own journey back home to your Sovereign Self and Holy Temple Body ...

This 3 Month Initiation Includes :

 ▽ 2 Live bi-weekly Ceremony's with the Magdalene / month

 ▽ 2 Guided Meditations / month (*pre-recorded by me)

 ▽ 2 Sacred Rituals / month

 ▽ 1 hour 1-1 Womb Remembrance session / month (optional with the Red Rose Chalice)

 ▽ 24/7 online sister support via email, FB Group or FB chat 

✧ FREE GIFT : Rose Essence Goddess Gift 

 BONUS CEREMONY : Birthing - Bringing Your Own Magdalene Magic to Daily Life

✧ BONUS RITUAL: Sacred Womb Blood Ritual

Here's what we'll be Deep-Diving Into:

Month 1 : Magdalene Light Activation

Week 1 -2: Magdalene Light- Code Activation

Do you wonder beloved, how exactly the Magdalene has initiated you into her presence throughout your life? Maybe currently she's been leaving you clues, feelings, downloads as to what she's truly asking of you. We will resurrect the conscious and subconscious initiations of her unconditional love through your own personal lensning. We will presence the Magdalene inside the temple sisterhood and activate the light - codes held in our wombs + hearts through connection with the Great Mother + the Goddess Isis. How are you, and how have you been asked to Walk as a Divine Human? What does walking as a Divine Human mean? We will set powerful intentions for what's to come throughout the 3 months together. 

Week 3-4 : Coming Back Home to Our Temples

The Magdalene teaches us to claim every inch, and every aspect of ourselves ... internally and externally. Light + Shadow. We as women have cut ourselves off from our bodies and birth rights as women! We will journey our way back home to our sacred wombs + hearts of the Rose as we step into our powerful initiations of truth + sacred sexuality... claiming our temples and creating strong sacred boundaries

Month 2:  Sacred Sexuality

Week 5-6: Alchemizing Sexual Shame 

We will truly see our shame + mess as Gifts from our Higher-Selves + The Goddess. With the truth of what Mary Magdalene teaches us of feeling safe within our own bodies, this will shift our most painful and shameful experiences, into the GOLD it always was.

Week 7-8 : Sacred + Sensual Pleasure

Have you ever noticed how we may say some horrible things to ourselves and bodies... This has created a huge block within our wombs and with our connection with Life itself... Essentially cutting ourselves off from our birth rights as women. When we claim our birthrights as women which is our connection to Mama Gaia, and to our bodies as Holy + Sacred ... we become so in touch with our souls + purpose; it changes us. We will be creating our own inner sanctuaries within our own temples through sensuality, gentleness and Kundalini activation.

Month 3: Divine Feminine + Sacred Masculine Union  

Week 9-10: Womb Blood Magic

Our gift of bleeding each month from the Goddess herself, is a blessing. As we dive deep within the magic and cosmic truth of our womb blood through ritual, activation, meditation + ceremony... We will walk through a portal from the belly of the Magdalene + the Mother as we claim and love what is rightfully ours, in which has been demonized for thousands of years. What does your womb want to share with you? Are you willing to listen?

Week 11-12 : Healing + Honouring the Sacred Masculine

Here's the thing sister, I know we have anger, and even rage towards our men and the patriarchy... We know as a Sisterhood. Magdalene Knows. I feel it too! So how about we claim and honour the Sacred Masculine within ourselves, and then relfect that back to our men with honour and unconditonal love? This feels more aligned with Truth...

✧ Bonus Ceremony : Birthing - Bringing Your Own Magdalene Magic to Daily Life

When we allow ourselves to become empty vessels for the divine... we can then birth LOVE through our temples into the world. There is no right or wrong way on How to walk as Love. It vary's with each sisters. This week we will  sit in sacred circle and ask what is being asked of us, and how we can bring our Preistessing out into the planet by listening to own own hearts. Taking inspired and Sacred Masculine action.

I'm so honoured and blessed to share this heart offering with you <3<3 If you'd like to learn more and feel that this is for you, you can go here to say YES <3 ...

Divine Goddess Sisterhood

Enter the temple of LOVE and REMEMBRANCE in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood... a safe and potent container to come as you are... We celebrate ourselves and each other here. And as we Remember within ourselves , we activate Remembrance all around us! Join us for daily guidance + remembrance. Fun + LOVE <3