Clearing Passed Down Female Lineage Beliefs of Sexual + Body Shame w/ The Magdalene <3

So here we are n o w beloved,

I had the honour of holding space for us in the Divine Goddess Sisterhood Temple on FB this afternoon, to LOVE, CALL IN, and transmute any passed down beliefs that tell us it is not safe to be here in our bodies ... that we are somehow below the masculine... that we are somehow not sovereign beings who hold MAGIC and ancient codings within our bodies.

I really wanted to deepen into this, because I have been noticing the patterns of shame, manipulation and fear within my own female lineage that was passed down from generation to generation. Specifically body shame... and not honouring our bodies the way we as women actually FEEL and WANT to. We feel somehow afraid that we will be shunned... or cast away... just like the Magdalene was. We are afraid of the "consequences" of being who we truly are. And with that, we've decided to not show up, to not say what our hearts want... to not claim our bodies as THE HOLY TEMPLE that it truly is. To hide... and even shame ourselves for feeling and wanting a deeper connection with ourselves, each other and with Mama Gaia. As I've been going deeper, there is one thing thats apparent. I am here for the Remembrance of who we actually are especially as Women, and as Souls. 

It hurt me as I realized the deeply engraved beliefs and shame from generation after generation within my own blood line. And then again, the Magdalene came in clearly, to remind me that Compassion towards this... will ultimately set us free.

This isn't about blame beloved, this is about coming together and seeing that the generations before us, only did what they knew best. They were not aware of what was happening... what they were engraving into us. And that if someone feels powerless.... or angry, shames us, and projects fear onto another to get what they want... their needs were not met at a child. And to me... this realization changes everything. Because their inner little girl's needs were not met at all... just like mine. That I was not taught what my body truly was. What sex truly was... and this is okay. And I choose to discontinue this cycle. Because the journey back home now to my temple, and the initation to hold space for all of us to remember who we are is SO WORTH IT. And I love this path that I've chosen. 

As we go through the steps on how we can truly transmute passed down female lineage beliefs from generations back and forth... I'd like to share the word Compassion. Understanding. And Radical Fogivneness. To ourselves. And to our mothers. it.

It even took me a day or two, to re-align with my truth and mission.

But the Magdalene ... and my heart were clear. When we hold space for all that does not serve us... when we connect with our own essence, which is indeed the Cosmic Mother and the Great mother herself... the Goddess herself. Across all time space dimensional realities, all body and sexual shame is transmuted within the ethers and my heart of knowing. My inner-knowing, beloved. And I choose to believe this. 

In the Ceremony, I shared and held space for us to connect deeply with our own inner-Mother... The Great Mother... The Cosmic Mother and the Magdalene ... to clear all passed down female lineage beliefs ... We connected deeply with our wombs and hearts. Created a clear and safe space to truly transmute all the shame that was essentially not ours. It was powerful. I felt a shift. 

Here are the key steps in Transmuting Passed Down Female Lineage Beliefs of Body and Sexual Shame w/ The Magdalene  ...

We walk through the power of simply being SELF-AWARE.

That this journey is a LIFE-TIME Initiation

And Why the Great Mother, The Cosmic Mother transmutes passed down beliefs of body and sexual shame....

It was POWERFUL MY LOVE.... Enjoy the Ceremony... Head Down to the bottom of the page to step into a deeper temple of Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene <3 



Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene <3 

a 3 month Magdalene Lineage Initation dedicated to your own journey back home to your holy temple body <3 


This 3 Month Initiation Includes :

 ▽ 2 live bi-weekly Ceremony's with the Magdalene / month

 ▽ 2 Guided Meditations / month (*pre-recorded by me)

 ▽ 2 Sacred Rituals / month

 ▽ 1 hour 1-1 Womb Remembrance session / month (optional with the Red Rose Chalice)

 ▽ 24/7 online sister support via email, FB Group or FB chat 

✧ FREE GIFT : Rose Essence Goddess Gift 

 BONUS CEREMONY : Birthing - Bringing Your Own Magdalene Magic to Daily Life

✧ BONUS RITUAL: Sacred Womb Blood Ritual


Here’s what the Program Orbit looks like:


Week 1 - 2 : Magdalene Light-Code Activation w/ Isis

Do you wonder beloved, how exactly the Magdalene has initiated you into her presence throughout your life? Maybe currently she's been leaving you clues, feelings, downloads as to what she's truly asking of you. We will resurrect the conscious and subconscious initiations of her unconditional love through your own personal lensning. We will presence the Magdalene inside the temple sisterhood and activate the light - codes held in our wombs + hearts through connection with the Great Mother + the Goddess Isis. How are you, and how have you been asked to Walk as a Divine Human? What does walking as a Divine Human mean? We will set powerful intentions for what's to come throughout the 3 months together. 

Week 3 - 4 : Coming Back Home to Our Body Temples

The Magdalene teaches us to claim every inch, and every aspect of ourselves ... internally and externally. Light + Shadow. We as women have cut ourselves off from our bodies and birth rights as women! We will journey our way back home to our sacred wombs + hearts of the Rose as we step into our powerful initiations of truth + sacred sexuality... claiming our temples and creating strong sacred boundaries.


Week 5 - 6 : Alchemizing Sexual Shame

We will truly see our shame + mess as Gifts from our Higher-Selves + The Goddess. With the truth of what Mary Magdalene teaches us of feeling safe within our own bodies, this will shift our most painful and shameful experiences, into the GOLD it always was

Week 7 -8 : Sacred + Sensual Pleasure

Have you ever noticed how we may say some horrible things to ourselves and bodies... This has created a huge block within our wombs and with our connection with Life itself... Essentially cutting ourselves off from our birth rights as women. When we claim our birthrights as women which is our connection to Mama Gaia, and to our bodies as Holy + Sacred ... we become so in touch with our souls + purpose; it changes us. We will be creating our own inner sanctuaries within our own temples through sensuality, gentleness and Kundalini activation.


Week 9-10 : Womb Blood Magic

Our gift of bleeding each month from the Goddess herself, is a blessing. As we dive deep within the magic and cosmic truth of our womb blood through ritual, activation, meditation + ceremony... We will walk through a portal from the belly of the Magdalene + the Mother as we claim and love what is rightfully ours, in which has been demonized for thousands of years. What does your womb want to share with you? Are you willing to listen?

Week 11-12 : Healing + Honouring the Sacred Masculine

Here's the thing sister, I know we have anger, and even rage towards our men and the patriarchy... We know as a Sisterhood. Magdalene Knows. I feel it too! So how about we claim and honour the Sacred Masculine within ourselves, and then relfect that back to our men with honour and unconditonal love? This feels more aligned with Truth...


The Journey Itself ...

What to expect <3

Once you are all signed up, I will create our own Private Facebook Temple where you will all be added. This is where you can share all that is real within you, any challenges, any aha's ... and get the support you need within, and after our 3 month journey together.

When the 3 months pass us, you will still have a sacred and safe container for you to always go back to if you need support, or if you'd like to share your own special gifts with your sisters.


CERMEONY'S WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY'S in the Private FB Group I'll be Creating - if anything changes I'll let all sisters know in our private FB group, and via email.

Your Rituals and Meditations will be sent on the Sunday of each bi-weekly period :)

You will be reminded a few days before the ceremony, and 1 hour before our ceremony.

The TIME of the ceremony's will be shared closer to each date.

Ceremony's will be in our Temple forever, to re-watch if you cannot make it LIVE.

Your Rose Essence Goddess Gifts will be sent to you after our first ceremony, I like to take my time when creating homemade gifts for my sisters. You will be asked via email of what your addresses are :)

There will be a link  to book your 1-1 session with me when you receive your first meditation + ritual if you've chosen the Red Rose Chalice. This will be the link you will use throughout the journey, so be sure to save it :) 

Doors to Sign Up For Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene Close December 29th 11:59pm EST ... 

To say YES + to Step Into the Everlasting Remembrance w/ The Magdalene Journey... go here beloved! 


P.S - You can step into the deeper Temple of Everlasting Remembrance for as low as $111.00 which includes 1-1 Womb Coaching with me when you choose the RED ROSE CHALICE. And the PINK ROSE CHALICE, without 1-1 Womb Coaching is available for $111.00 to step in as well.... How? See here. This is really amazing! And felt called to offer you multiple payments plans... which make it a bit easier financially to step in.  <3 I love you. Go here beloved to say YES :) 



Wanna connect beloved? Having trouble transmuting some sexual shame? Want to know what your angels and guides have to say to support you on your journey? Have some questions about the Everlasting Remembrance journey ?

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