How to Honour your Monthly Cycle, Even When you Feel Like you "Can't"...

Today, is my first day of bleeding... I am here at Erin Mills on my half an hour break... I took the bus here... waited 45 minutes for the stupid bus... froze my little toes off... and here I am as I write this to you.

Feeling the frustration of us women and not being able to take the time off that we need when bleeding... 

When actually...

The truth is .... We have a choice...

I am here in this mall, because I still chose to get up and come here.

I still chose to let the story "well... I have to." be the reason I am here right now.

I am 100% responsible for my life. And the choices I make.

This comes to my next thing that I'd like to share with you.

To me... the time of bleeding, especially the first day. Is truly one of my favourite times of the month because I get to honour my cyclic nature as a woman. I get to relax and feel the heaviness of my womb... a call back down to mama gaia. And this feeling of connection I have with the Earth, especially during my moon time... is incredibly special to me.

This isn't a post about how we as women are not honoured during our moon time... or about the fact that we live in a world where we "still have to work" ...(no we choose to work lol ) .... because its always our choice as women to honour OURSELVES, no matter what we are in.

Do you see what I'm saying?

So... in all honestly. As much as I want to be home right now... as much as I don't want to fucking be here... as much as I know the truth that I indeed chose to get up and come here...

I am Still able to honour my time of bleeding.

How? How do I honour myself when I am at work? ... When I feel super sensitive... How do I still manage to honour and love myself as I am right now?

Well.. first of all... I don't think I am loving and honouring myself completely as I let societal expectations of  "I have to go to work..." be what I chose this morning . Yeup ... I'm judging myself a bit lmao but thats okay I choose to let that be okay right now.

However... as I sit here... I am still able to honour myself by putting my two hands on my womb space, taking a few belly breaths... and allowing myself to honour and feel what it feels like to be me within my body, what it means to have a cycle.

Here are the 3 things that really resonated from within me today, to honour my cycle even when I felt I wasn't, or couldn't .... 

1. I Accept that I will not stop Bleeding right now... Even if I wanted to!

And thats pretty fucking amazing how my body is responding to the moon and Mama Gaia.. No matter where I am... no matter where I go... No matter who I talk to ... the truth is that I am bleeding. I am bleeding whether I choose to stay home, or I choose to go to the grocery store, or go to work. So, right now... instead of focusing on the fact that I am actually forcing myself to be here... the laws of nature... my call to the Earth is more profound that what is happening around me. I choose to focus on the actual truth of what is happening in my body. And honouring it as I feel my blood release from my yoni and vaginal walls... All of these other women around me... it makes me wonder how many of them are also bleeding at this time. And that the Universe... the Goddess is more powerful than anything that could happen around me. Because this is MY time of release, of descending to the earth, and loving this process. I choose to focus on my intuitive nature, my sensitivity as well as the fact that I could not stop bleeding even if I wanted to. And to me... my body as a perfect reflection of Mama Gaia and Mother Moon.. is more potent, loving and powerful than anything that happens around me.

SO focus on the Truth. You are Bleeding. Blood is Life. Literally. Honour that by bringing that awareness to your womb and yoni... feeling the receptive energy of I AM during this time. 

2. I Held my Womb, as if I was Pregnant.

Thats all I did today. It made me feel so much better. I held my womb. I rubbed my belly... and hardly spoke to people lmao. I let go of whether or not I was being a "good empoylee" ... because to me I'm not interested in being a good employee... I'm interested in meeting my own needs. I let go if I was doing my job right. I really didn't give a fuck. It was me and my womb today, even if I was working... The grirl I was working with asked me "What if someone from head office comes..." ... You know what I said? I said "I will tell them that I'm bleeding and I don't want to move." Because thats the truth... As a woman... as a child of the Goddess and the Great Mother. I choose to honour myself as I am now...dropping the belief if I am "good" ... Of course I'm amazing. Why? Because my body is bleeding. 

3. Remember that I have the CHOICE to go home after; relax and nurture myself more deeply. 

At the end of this hectic day.... I am so grateful that I am home now.

So the last thing I will share with you is that the time that I CHOOSE to really take care of myself when I’m on my cycle, is to do what my body wants me to do. I do what I want to do with the time that I CHOOSE to have. Emphasis on “choice” as I did still choose to go to work today. I don’t have to fucking do anything I do not want to do. 

I feel that some women don’t know where to start when it comes to “honouring your moon.” The first  thing I do and want to do is rest. Is hold my womb and sleep. Soo... I invite you to tune into your womb, and what you feel called to do or don't do, you pursue that. The second is I want to meditate and feel the stillness that naturally IS ME when I’m bleeding. I want to nurture myself with hot baths. I want to hold myself as I cry and release the shit from the previous cycle. I allow myself to be held by the goddess as she holds and honours me, simply because I am bleeding. Because I am worthy and I honour in myself all that is part of me.

So now, as I finish writing this ... I'm so excited to take a nice hot bath. Put on some incense... put on some cozy pyjamas ...  read whatever book I feel I want and sleep! Being aware of what needs to be released, and as I feel my blood being releasing from my womb... spilling out of my yoni, I know that I am also releasing some things that don't serve me, conscious or subsconscious. 

Also, I am not going to work tomorrow. Why? Because I choose my needs first. I choose to trust that I am always taken care of and this "job" is not my only source of abundance. I AM ABUNDANCE.

WHOO! Thank you so much. I hope that this deeply served you as it did me today. I could choose to make this a real shit day ... however this was one of the best days this year... realizing that I have the free will to do whatever I want that allows me to feel my essential self. I also have the choice to give in to the societal expectations by suffering to make some coin lmao. While on my period? No thanks. Feeling sensitive, raw and honest today. And it feels good and safe to be me. 

With Love + Womb Remembrance ,

Sarah Nicole <3

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