Being in My Darkest Time a Year Ago...

It’s interesting how things work sometimes. And when I say interesting, I mean that there is an underlying truth that everything and everyone is connected. That there is a Soul Purpose for everything and everyone in our lives. Whether you perceive it as good or bad, is your choice.

I am not here to tell you that since the path of healing I have all the answers, I don't have all the answers. And to be honest, I don't think there is such thing as a right or wrong answer. Although I do catch myself of wanting to be right, and the vulnerability I feel when I am “wrong”….. That’s just the world we live in, there is such separation, we crave that feeling of being right, and hate the feeling of being wrong. 


What I can tell you, is that's SO far from the truth. The truth of what we are. It’s difficult to even put into words; ever since I’ve taken the journey of healing and being in my Divine Feminine Power, I see myself and the world through completely different eyes. Or better said, my third eye, my being, my entire self. And from being in the darkest time of my life exactly a year ago today, the world needs to know that there is a way to heal! You can heal IF you choose to do so. And what I offer here with my story, my wisdom of The Universe, and my gifts that I am put on this earth to embrace, is to spread it to you. To remind you of what you  ALREADY have inside yourself.


The Divine Goddess. 


We can’t forget about the Dark Goddess! 

She is JUST as beautiful and just as important. She is where our healing comes from! Because she can help us to embrace and own our pain, and transform it into something beautiful, something meaningful.

We cannot see the light without knowing the darkness, and we cannot know darkness without the absence of light. 

We all have The Goddess within us, even the men in our world. A true Goddess honours her feelings, is honest with how she feels TRULY, and knows what she is creating with her thoughts. Old memories that arrive again are not there to haunt her, but to let her know that it's time to heal and dig deep within that memory of herself. When someone pisses her off, or someone does not support her, laughs at her, thinks she crazy; she knows that it is a deep rooted wound that needs some tender love. That needs healing, that needs some looking into without judgement. She knows everything in her space is a reflection of what is going on inside. She is completely and so Divinely ready to heal it! 

And I urge you sister to find that Goddess within, to let her come out in honesty, without judgment & with COMPASSION! 

& straight up… it’s painful! Gosh is it ever so bloody painful! But it's just as beautiful, just as meaningful. Sitting with BOTH our light and dark will indeed set us free. 

But how…?

That's the question I get every day on my journey. HOW have you "changed" so drastically? HOW did you just stop drinking? HOW did you just stop stripping? HOW did you just turn your life around? HOW ?!

The truth is, I have not changed at all… I have simply changed perspectives.

I DIVE DEEP WITHIN MY PAIN! Within my Darkness… It’s scary, it’s hard. I want to die sometimes, but I let it consume every cell in my body, and I let it feel its way through me. Without judgement, I validate it. I validate myself. I let my feelings and emotions just be as they are…

You know …A LOT of our today Spiritual Teachers, tell us to focus on the positive, to ignore the negativity in your life. To forget all about the pain and suffering we've caused in ourselves. To tell the shame, the guilt, the anger and resentment to “go away” .

And to be honest those teachings are complete bullshit!

It’s bullshit because they've completely ignored the fact that those feelings are still there… there still needs to be healing. In order for your being to actually "move on", you have to DIVE DEEP.

Embrace The Darkness!

The Dark Goddess is just as beautiful as the Divine Goddess. Both are Divine indeed.

My Loving and Beautiful Angels have stressed to me on my journey something so wonderful we call "Free Will". It’s much easier said than done, considering we live in a world today where there is so much violence, hate and greed. We’ve become stuck in the thought of“things”. In our “identity”. 

Imagine what it'd feel like to trust and let that all go. That is what I am still doing, and what I invite you to do as well. You sister, have the free will to EMBRACE, to step into your power and TRUST! Trust your Struggle.

Let Go, Embrace Your Pain, because your Pain is Your Gold! 

In order for you to heal, you Must Dive Deep within these aspects in you, there is no seeing the light without embracing the darkness. 

Some of us Goddess' don't know how to access her.

And that's where The Divine Goddess Healing Program comes in!

I have a special Invitation for you Soul sister...

I invite you to join me for a Divine Goddess Healing experience of a lifetime! -  We DIVE DEEP into all childhood wounds, to unblock all of that unwanted and painful energy. We break down all your limiting beliefs, we will find core beliefs that've been detrimental to you. And we BREAK FREE! Together. We unlock what a life of purpose truly means to you. 

Imagine what it would feel like if you finally had full clarity in terms of your Purpose. If you understood what to do with pain from the past. If you could see the bigger picture of WHY you've been manifesting the same thing over and over again. Imagine what it'd feel like to receive REAL guidance from your personal Angels to help you with the next steps in your life. To live in your true power, your Divine Goddess Power. 

In The Divine Goddess Healing Program, we'd be unlocking that for you!



This 3 Month Journey Includes:  

  • Six 1:1 INTENSE Readings/Healing Sessions Via Skype , Facebook Video Chat or FaceTime 
  • Weekly Divine Circle Chats on Zoom  
  • 5 "How To" Videos I was Divinely Guided to film
  • 24/7 Access and support of the Divine Goddess Healing Facebook Group
  • Printable PDF Worksheets for Video Content 

And AMAZING Bonuses : 

  • 2 Bonus Sessions with me!! Whenever you choose :) 
  • An Angel Card Deck that I've Personally Cleared and Blessed for You! 
  • Healing Crystals hand picked based on your Personal Needs
  • Bonus “How To” Video’s
  • 2 POWERFUL Meditations 
  • Weekly Bonus Homework from other Spiritual Teachers & Mentors


Journey Details can be Found Here ! 


I would love for you to join us on this profound journey, if you feel called to.

Follow your heart, follow The Goddess Within, she will never misguide you, as she comes from pure honesty and Being.  Xo 

This is your opportunity to open the doors to awakening The True Powerful Goddess within!

You will open all the doors and keep them open within and after this journey.

You'll walk away knowing what it truly means to love yourself completely.


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With SO much love,

Sarah Xo