A Life Time of Healing

Healing can only occur when you realize that you deserve to heal, feel better and that you are worthy of it. Most individuals, believe it or not, are completely unaware that they're so attached to their pain, their "story" that they're unable to start the healing process. I believe solely that healing usually can only happen once you've hit rock bottom, which is subjective. But, it takes small steps everyday to be perfectly okay with wherever you are, in every situation you are in. Its a process in which you go deep inside yourself and find the root of an issue, and become completely present with it. Dis-idetentification with the mind and the ego is a way in which you can heal from a situation. When memories or past trauma are triggered, its an indication that it needs to be healed, its not something in which to say there's something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. Running away from emotions and problems will only bring forth them stronger and more intense. My advice, dive straight into the problem and the pain, be completely with yourself, emotions and how you feel without judgement. This technique opens the doorway to the oneness that we all are, and the realization that the "problems" you think you have, aren't really problems because you are a spiritual being living a human experience. There are no mistakes! Because if you did go back, you'd do the same thing because the choice you made was based on wanting to feel better inside, and you were an energetic match to the choice and situation, and that is okay! The truth is, we as human consciousness are always looking for ways to feel better, we yearn for something better to happen, a better job, more money, and are focused on lack, on what you don't have. And you wonder why you keep receiving what you don't want. If you want healing, start to feel good now! Feel good in this very moment, where ever you are. Affirmations like "I'm healing with every breath I take" or "I completely approve of where I am right now" or "I am in perfect physical, mental and emotional health". Actually feel these emotions as if what you're saying already exists, and you will receive what you're affirming. Remember, what you're seeking is always seeking you in return, so instead of putting the focus on getting out of a funk or depression, which comes from a vibration of lack, put your focus on your breath, how natural it is, the beating of you heart and how it beats by itself, THAT YOU'RE ALIVE and LIVING. Feel the inner and invisible presence that is inside you, and feel how peaceful and pure it is. Only then will you receive healing, because you're focus is on Source/Universal Energy, which at its core, is unconditional love.

Appreciation to life itself is a wonderful tool in which you can start to heal, and for some such as myself, that may take a life time. Let's be completely present and approve of that right now !

And so it is.