How Angel Cards Have Completely Changed My Life

The Angels are messengers of God or The Universe. They help us out in our everyday lives, day in and day out and love us unconditionally. Using Angel cards is a wonderful and powerful divination tool for someone to use who needs guidance and answers, and they've completely changed my life for the better. They've given me the answers that I need in my life, in all aspects. I love and appreciate The Angels and this divination tool so much I even took a course to become a Certified Angel Card Reader. The Angels want us to speak and communicate with them, their job is to help us! With different angels helping out with different areas and issues, they never seem to let me down, they bring me up because they always tell me what direction I should head in. Being intuitive is a gift I've always had and I've been blessed with these wonderful gifts of feeling, hearing and sometimes seeing the presence of The Angels. Being an extreme empath, I am very sensitive to the energies around me, so in life I was shunned of my emotions (sometimes not intentionally, because everyone has their own programming) and was told I had ADHD and all that comes with it ; the conventional medication, the many test and doctors offices, and post to those experiences led me down a very dark road of depression, abuse and substance abuse. Time and time again I didn't know what else to do so suicide was number one on my list. I've tried to commit suicide 3 times, all of which failed (and for a wonderful reason) I was always trying to escape my past guilt, shame, regret, the abuse and everything else that came with it. 

My journey to enlightenment and spiritual awakening only happened because of the lows I've experienced. If someone can get themselves into a hole this deep, what about the highest in the universe? If someone can abuse me, then maybe someone can love me unconditionally. Everything in this universe is governed by the Law of Attraction, without darkness there's no light, and everything and anything you focus on expands. 

When I was 13 years old my friend Jessica brought her Angel cards to my cottage (it’s so funny, and its not a coincidence at all that very deck she used is one of the decks I have and cherish now) and she gave me a reading at the time, I didn't care much but looking back everything in that reading came true and yes Jessica’s energy helped interpret the cards. The Angels and the cards themselves are a divination tool you use for the answers of your hearts desires no matter what the circumstances are. You never choose the wrong cards because since our Universe is governed by The Law of Attraction, the card or cards that you're a vibrational match to, are the cards that come up.

I bought these cards and decided to be an Angel Card Reader for my expansion of Source/God/Universal Consciousness and to help others on their journey and because I was so exhausted of feeling worthless and stuck, every choice I made only made things worse. I needed a guiding system and tool that could help me with my expansion and the next steps to take in life. It all fit! One thing I've learned here on my journey is that any inspiration or idea to help with your expansion or the expansion of the world is a direct message from your Higher Self. These cards are my new best friends. They're a gateway between myself and The Divine. I'm unconditionally grateful.

They've helped me let go of anything that no longer serves me ; people especially, jobs ect.  And have warned me loud and clear that something will take place unless I change something NOW! They've helped me become organized, think about what my heart truly wants, and reminds me every single day that I am being divinely guided. I've become so dependent on them and my prayers that I no longer stress about day to day “issues”. I simply Let Go and Let God. If I do feel stuck, I Pray and ask them what I need to do now, the cards never fail me and will always help you too. These cards will help you in so many ways that you could never imagine. And my prayer and hope for you is to live your hearts true desires. Listen intuitively to what The Angels are telling you! Because they know exactly how to help in whatever situation you come across. 

And so it is.