Are you a Daughter of the Magdalene?

Hi beloved Sister of the Rose … My sister recently shared a message from my Angels & Spirit Guides,  the message that came through for me, was …

“As your black rose blooms from the black pearl within your womb, remember that you are a child of the Divine; You are Divine ; You are a child of Maria Magdalena ; it is no coincidence that your birth name is Sarah.”

- Meghan Lockhart

This confirmed with me all that Mary Magdalena has been sharing with me my entire life …

There is a much deeper reason as to why I feel so connected to Her, there is a reason why I Love her so deeply … She is my Mother.

And not biologically … but Divinely

She is an embodiment of the Divine Mother and she is here to guide us, to love us on our journey.

In the Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, these two lovely beings channeled Mary Magdalena and also shared some of the secret temple teachings in which Mary Magdalena served and embodied within the temple of Isis… Her knowing and implementing of these teachings with Her beloved Yeshua, is one of the reasons he ascended the way he did.  She was incredibly supportive and a powerful pillar for Him as She held the deepest space for such Initiation as Yeshua’s…

Her Initiation was no joke… Yes she is Divine… But her Initiation was not just of Rose Blooms, although it was… But also, of very sharp thorns as her beloved was killed in front of her, and she traveled to keep herself safe because people wanted to kill her… She was also lied about for hundreds of years… 

Yet she still remained humble. 

She knew her message would be imprinted within the Daughters of the Magdalene; within the Divine bloodline of She.

The Magdalen Manuscript, is Her version of what really happened through her Initiation with Yeshua, and what happened after His death… 

In this channeling, it shares that Mary Magdalena had a child with Yeshua, and her name was Sarah … 

“ It is not written in the Gospels for no one knew, only the closest to us. Before Yeshua went to the Garden of Gethsemane, we conceived a child, and her name was to be Sar’h”

Could it be that I am also that child?

Could it be that YOU are also Her daughter, and my Sister?

… I feel a clear YES.

Don’t you beloved?

I’m here in this moment, wanting to mirror to you the truth that you know inside of yourself. 

That we are One.

That you are meant to deeply heal yourself, love yourself, activate yourself and remember the magical Divine Being you truly are …

All that you went through, was Not for nothing… There was a deep soul purpose underneath all that you’ve experienced, and Mary Magdalena was present with us, the entire time. 

She will always be with us as a Mother should.

So, how do we know if we are Children of the Magdalene?

How can we feel this truth within us more potently as a guiding energy that helps us in our everyday lives?

That helps us to transmute our deepest wounds?

Mary Magdalena is now guiding me to share this personal piece with you …

When I was a little girl, I loved to Love. I played outside and truly embodied freedom… I was pure Presence … I felt my sexual energy very early on in my life, as I carried into this life the magic from the temples of Isis that I once served as a Priestess of Sacred Sexuality, an ordained Priestess of the Rose …I was not consciously aware of this magic that I was carrying, as I felt like this was just something that was, that this was me … and indeed it was… so I embraced it. I touched myself, I loved my body and explored with no shame. I spoke my truth, I cried, I screamed, I laughed and did what a child does best. 

But within my family line that I came in … This was not embraced, this was not okay. I was not guided to know the magic that I held within my body, I was not taught that my body was a temple and that I should love it and honour it, I was not taught that my sexual energy was my birth right and is what creates worlds and dreams.  I was not taught that other beings would want this light that I hold. I was not taught that I was a Divine child.

Instead, I was shamed. I was told that I was too much. And that I was a bad girl for being me. I was compared to other children, and I felt not good enough. I was shown that I had to be quiet, and neat, and a good girl in order to be loved. I was told to never touch anything ever, and that I only deserved to receive when I was “good.” … Good, as in quiet. Good, as in not being me.

Now, this isn’t to blame anyone…For this is what my parents were unconsciously taught as well… I’m sharing this because there was and is an energy present within me, that of the Sexual Priestess, that of the Rose … but was covered, hidden and suppressed by a crust of shame

Shame … 

So, with that present within my field… I attracted many situations and experiences, and made choices from this space to experience even deeper traumas like rape and sexual abuse.

Can you relate to this beloved?

I want to share, that if you’ve experienced sexual shame, or womb trauma … it was because you are meant to clear that wound within your lineage and bring the teachings of what your heart knows back into your specific bloodline; which is part of the collective healing taking place on Gaia right now.

She comes to the specific woman, who’s experienced this…because we deeply need to understand the Black Rose teachings of pure surrender and acceptance … To understand the bottom of the barrel, the belly of the Darkness … to feel unworthy, in order to feel the UNCONDITIONAL ROSE-LOVE that pulses through us …

We are Divine Feminine leaders meant to heal the wound of Sexual Shame; that we are dirty, not good enough and that we are not safe to be us on the planet…

So, as we face all of these deep wounds within ourselves …

We are supported … 

Along this journey, along my path … When I first heard and felt Mary Magdalena she came to me and caressed my check with reassurance and love, ensuring that she had always been here, and that I am ready now to walk the depths of my own inner dark temple and reclaim my black rose, while simultaneously loving the Rose within me through all my phases.

You are a Daughter of Magdalena, if you’ve felt shame for being a girl or woman, if you’ve been raped, or sexually abused , if you’ve been sexually shamed, if you were told that you’re dirty for getting your beautiful moon, if you were misguided as a young girl to believing that you were anything less than Divine,  if you felt your sexual energy very early on… If you feel an undeniable connection to the Rose… to the Earth… You feel a pull to serve the planet.

If you feel fucking terrified to share your story but you know that the time is nearing for you to reclaim your journey to rebirth yourself … 

I bow to you, and I’m so honoured to be here with you. It makes me feel so joyous knowing that I am not alone on this journey of awakening … Holding this deep space of Oneness within the One-Heart and One-Womb of All…

Your undeniable magnesium to Her, is enough to deeply remember your Divine Soul Purpose and what you’re meant to do here on Sophia Gaia… 

How far back can She take you?

How forward can She take you?

How deeply can you remember your connection to Her?

She is also inviting us to close our eyes together … Place your right hand on your womb, and left on your heart … Breath beloved … And call her into you… You’ll feel that she has always been here guiding you as you’ve been channeling and embodying Her Essence the entire time. 

Ask her what you need to know right now in your life? Ask her anything you want! She is here to love and hold you through your journey of reclamation and self love and healing.

She is not judging you, she is not shaming you in fact as our Mother she intuitively knows what is going on within each of us, and is here to help us remember!

You are a Daughter of Magdalena … We are Sisters! <3

Now is the time to deeply remember how necessary it is for us to wake up, to reclaim, to love and witness the magic that we carry… The codes that we hold inside our wombs and to activate them. You are worthy of remembering, and the world needs you to show up. We are part of the puzzle piece to create New Earth … 

Which is here n o w.


We are the Roses the world needs for the One-Arrangement of LOVE.

I’d love to share with you a portal in which you can remember the codes you carry as a potent Rose petal of the One-Rose ; that which you are … ∞ Infinity of the Rose ∞ is a 7 Month Magdalena Initiation Into the Depths & Essence of your own Rose Wheels through the Spiralling Golden Liquid Light of the Infinity Symbol, While Harmonizing your Inner Black Rose Garden to Full Remembrance as a Priestess of the Magdalena Rose…

This journey is meant to deeply awaken and activate within you what you deeply know in your soul; that you are unconditionally loved, that you are guided and that you hold a very specific Rose Essence that YOU need to feel fully safe to be you… We journey through your spinning Rose-Wheels within your body while simultaneously walking deeply into the temple of the Black Rose, as each Rose has a black-rose counterpart quality… Clearing, loving and facing all parts of you that you may have hid in the closet, and under the rug.

For me, working deeply with each Rose Wheel, I’ve been gifted petals of Remembrance while loving the Black Rose within me too… 

This to me, is priceless… May I guide you sister. 

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It is such an honour to be with you at this specific time in Herstory… as we Remember ourselves as Daughters & Sisters of the Magdalene … May you deeply remember this truth inside of your own heart beloved.

There is a reason you’ve experienced such trauma… I promise, it is not what you think. 

It is Divine … and a Gift… do you choose to open up Pandora’s box,  and see what she has for you?

I love you beloved.

May we Remember who we truly are…

Sarah Nicole Oracle

♀Remember Who the Fuck You Are! 🌹 Rose Queen! ♀

Hi beloved Sister of the Rose ... How are you feeling?

We have entered the Gemini portal ... That of the twins, the beloved and unification inside of oneself ... Loving your counterparts... And having fun while doing this deep work ... For me this is what’s come through for Gemini ...

My father is a Gemini, so clearing and loving any and all karmic patterns and cords that are no longer serving me... Just feeling now how this season for me, will be of deeply loving and honouring the beloved within me, the feminine and masculine counterparts as they exist and are devoted to one another unconditionally.

I also wanted to share a transmission that I received 2 days ago ... it was incredibly powerful and I want to share it with you;

Okay, so as you know I broke up with the Scorpio ... However, he was still on my mind and heart even though he is a wounded man and treated me horribly. As I sat with this need to be validated by the wounded masculine ...

A voice came in ...


“ You are a Queen. You are a Rose. Your Heart is Pure and You deserve to be treated in the highest regard.”

... So no more needing love from someone who is not in alignment with his higher self...

I’ve really come into this space of Love for ALL. More deeply every moment... And choosing this path of the Rose, which to me is essentially the path of Love and devotion to oneself as a Divine Being with super powers, to serve Gaia.

Deeply honouring myself and the power I hold. I felt this power of love more deeply today and is still pulsing through my being.

I’m now sending this Remembrance Codes to you beloved sister. May you remember beloved the Queen you are!

I wanted to share beloved sister that whatever you’re going through... Remember the Rose you truly are..

Do not settle for anything less than the highest treatment, while still having integrity and loving the reflection that’s being mirrored to you. But remember that you are Divine. No matter what. It’s your birthright. Don’t be confused of the wounding of another, you can clear this within yes, but remember, you do not deserve to be projected on to...

May we deeply Remember and Know who we are!

I am Remembering WITH you beloved, it’s such an honour to be in this space with you...

I deeply desire to be of service to you on your journey back home to yourself... I know sometimes this journey can be heavy and we need support.

I am here for you.

If you’re drawn to these deep mirroring Rose teachings with Mary Magdalena and desire to awaken this within you ... Infinity of the Rose, is a 7 month Magdalena Initiatioin into the medicine of your Rose Wheels, activating the magic of these Rose Codes... While simultaneously harmonizing the Black Rose of each Rose Wheel. We will be going deep into what Balance and Harmony, Connection & Sisterhood feels like for each of us, as we face, love and cleanse all that no longer serves FROM your own self and magic.

Infinitely connecting all aspects of yourself together for a Rose-Birth awaits you at the end of this journey.

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You’ll hear more on that soon.

The Rose Wheels ... are as followed... this is what we’ll be walking deeply in together and activating through the next 7 months :


Of Unconditional Love & Compassion

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Separation 🥀


Of Divine Truth & Expression

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Vow of Silence 🥀


Of Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Pleasure

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Shame 🥀


Of Passion, Safety & Trust

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Fear 🥀


Of Overflow & Self-Worth

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Lack 🥀


Of Oracular Gifts & Clairvoyance 

... 🖤 Black Rose ∞ Illusion 🥀


Of Multidimensionality

... 🖤 Black Rose  ∞ The Unknown 🥀

If this is something you feel drawn to... you can read the  ∞ Infinity of the Rose ∞  Page here: Remember Who You Are ... Rose 🌹


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.... And I will leave you with this beloved;

👑 You. Are. A. Queen. 👑

You’re loved and seen in the highest regard... N O W , and a l w a y s ...

🌹 Remember who you are ... 🌹

May you see the beauty that IS YOU.

I love you sister of the Rose,

Sarah Nicole Oracle 🌹

I decided to let the Scorpio man, go

Beloved sister of the Rose … Honestly … this fucking Scorpio Full Moon, is getting more intense by the moment … I’m sitting with all that is coming through … And its almost like a fog comes over me when I think about certain things… Or when something is not in alignment with my highest truth.

I know deeply in my heart, that although I do not see the clear path ahead of me, meaning I do not know EXACTLY how its all going to fan out for me … I am clear about where I am at right now in my life … and with this I am able to relax, and trust my journey.

Scorpio does not tolerate anything that does not serve you … I feel like this Full Moon in Scorpio won’t let you continue on what no longer serves your highest good, and the good of all beings; that’s how I feel, that’s whats being mirrored to me.

It’s intense, I know … This Saturday, join Maria Magdalena and me as we enter the temple of the Black Rose … To dance with our darkness and deeply love all that wants to come through; When we love every inch of our beings, when we choose to LOVE every wound, every experience, the judgment, the grief… A Black Rose from within births… Your love for every inch of you was the process in which your Black Rose was birthed from. Parts of you needed to die. Patterns, Stories, relationships … Or more so … You’re unconditional Presence of those things dying within.

Your Black Rose wilts, and re-births… Again and again as we deeply let go and understand that nothing is stagnant, all is moving, we are expanding… Petals fall away, and turn to ash. I was scared of this for a very long time, and fear still arises where I need to hold on tightly to what was… And to the “what if’s.”

I had to make a choice today, that has me feeling sad, and angry, almost repulsed. Not by the choice… But this sense of Shame for “going back” to someone I deeply know isn’t in alignment with where I am going…

However, I know this choice, begun the process of letting go, or physically choosing to not be in this persons space, I’ve cleared the cords of attachment to this person… 

All that is meant for me, is on its way. 

It always has been, now there’s a much clear path.

So, if you’re wondering … I can no longer be in the space this Scorpio man… No. My soul does not want me near him, does not want me in his house, in his space and my womb definitely does not want to receive his sexual energy. She is a clear NO.

I feel good that I am finally listening … Trusting this decision. Having discernment, and boundaries.

I feel angry at myself for connecting with him again, I feel that I wanted validation from him, because I emailed him right before my birthday because I didn’t want to be alone on my birthday.

There, I said it :)

This anger I feel, I am loving… Seeing as Sacred, as the Scorpio medicine… I am letting it move through me today and for ever how long she needs space held for.

Was it a mistake of seeing him again? … No. Because I again, expanded and learned so much in this short amount of time…

I just feel that what is being mirrored to me through him I have already worked deeply on, showing me the work isn’t done. 

Mirroring to me the need to be perfect, to be right, and to get what I want. To manipulate and project.

Then again … although this may live inside of me, I feel whats truly being asked is to LOVE all beings no matter what, have compassion yet still holding the strong boundary.

This is what I wanted to share with you today sweet beloved.

I know many of us are going through it right now. I feel relieved and grateful that we are in this together, that we’re not alone, that we are guided and supported every moment on our journey.

If you’d like deep space held for you while you face your shadow and enter the temple of your own Black Rose … I’ll be holding a Full Moon in Scorpio ceremony with Maria Magdalena … This Saturday May 18th, 2019 at 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

When you sign up, you’ll receive the link to the online portal, as well as a free Black Rose Transmission recorded by myself and Maria Magdalena .

You can say YES to your own Black Rose here:

May we be gentle with ourselves…
May we be gentle with others, while still standing in our strength and deep gnosis of who we truly are…
May the energy of Scorpio clear all that no longer serves…
May it mirror to us where true power resides ; within change, within acceptance, within death, and rebirth… 
Within Love…

I love you Sister.

Sarah Nicole Oracle