Who is Mary Magdalena ? … from my own sacred Rose-Gnosis

SO… here we are now beloved sister.

I’m so honoured and excited to share that the Magdalena Rose-Heart Bundles are now available for $22.22 till my birthday Friday April 26th, 2019 … She has been guiding and insisting that I share these bundles at this specific price point.

May these bundles be of deep and soul resonating service to your Magdalena Rose-Heart … May they assist you on your Remembrance and your Reclamation of your birthrights of being a Sacred and Sovereign Woman.

Mary Magdalena offers us of the GNOSIS of who we truly are, through the Remembrance of our powerful Wombs, through the Sacred Rose and our Shakti Life-Force, and that of the 5 senses. And with that, knowing it's safe to be who we truly are as women. Embodying our Goddess-Given Gifts of our wombs, our Higher-Selves and our sacred sexual life-force energy...

It's been engraved in our DNA, and our DNA has been tampered with, to have deep fear of being killed when fulfilling our life's mission and hearts as healers, medicine women and the Priestesses that we are... Mary Magdalena offers us the Goddess-Given permission, to come out of hiding from deep within the belly of the Mother and birth Our Truth of what the Divine Mother has to offer us; through our Goddess-Bodies, our Rose-Wombs, our Rose-Blood and our Rose-Hearts… Through Her.

The message here, and the call to Remember for me personally, is to come back down to my Womb and Heart, to deeply know that the codes in which I so deeply long to “be” … I already hold and carry. To come back down to my Womb… To reclaim my Innocence, to reclaim my Pleasure and have an inner Gnosis of the answers I seek to relieve me of suffering… IS within my own Rose-Heart and the choice to come back to Unconditional Love as I peel away layers of sexual shame, of fear and of disconnection.

I'm aware of my deep fear of being killed for bringing my Rose-Womb-Blood back to the Earth. I sometimes feel paranoid that someone is watching me, that I will be shamed, threatened, killed and or cast away. When we experience these Remembrances of past life experiences … It’s our souls, and Mary Magdalena indicating that she is here n o w, that it is safe to release the memory, and let it be cleansed by the waters of your sacred blood. So, just because we may re-live it in terms of a memory … It’s surfacing because it’s releasing, not because we did something wrong.

Mary Magdalene understands us so deeply … She does not judge us.

One of her missions on Earth, was and still is, to ”lick the blood and wounds of my sisters." ... The blood shed by thousands and millions of rapes and violence towards us women. This is why her energy is so potent and powerful because we are Her… And we are meant to carry this messages, and spread it with every inch of our Beings….

Our DNA is being activated, to fully step into the Divine Feminine leaders we truly are though the heart space, becoming leaders and space holders in the world to carry Her words, which ARE our words too.

We have and are experiencing the same initiations she has experienced in the beloved temple of Isis... And she lives deeply inside our wombs and hearts as this Remembrance; we can feel this in every inch of our beings ... She knows deeply of what we yearn for in our own hearts, and the desire to walk upon the earth barefoot as we claim our temples and claim our calling to Priestess and to Heal.

Mary Magdalene … was a prostitute in the bible... that she had to "beg Yeshua to forgive her for her sins.” …


Her and Yeshua were tantric lovers... And many didn't understand her and her purpose as a Priestess of Isis who practiced tantra and sex magic. Who was incredibly powerful, and Whole unto hHerself… This intimidated many men and women... because she embodied what it meant to be a Divine Human, a woman in her pleasure, deeply rooted in her body, a woman on her mission, a psychic woman along side Yeshua’s mother, Mary… and a carrier of the ROSE CONSCIOUSNESS… She completely embodied the sovereignty of what a woman truly is, and the power we actually hold in our wombs. And because of this, they called her a prostitute, and a whore... They were also jealous of her relationship with Yeshua... She was the one he went to first after his resurrection.

They BOTH practiced tantric pleasure . Both Mary Magdalene + Yeshua... They both deeply served one another within their journeys, and as Yeshua knew it was his time to walk through the death initiation portal of High God Horus … Without Her, Yeshua’s journey would be VERY different; this is my truth.

The forgotten pieces of the Divine Feminine within our Herstory has been completely subsidized and demonized as evil ... When really, Mary Magdalene was embodying The Cosmic Mother.

Mary Magdalene was cast aside from the vey beginning because others did not understand what it was she was embodying. They didn't understand that they too, have birth rights of Sacred Pleasure and Safety.

Of Connection, and of Divine Truth.

There was back then, and still is a plan of control over the Earth, of our Consciousness… Over the Feminine to directly cut us off from this aspect of us that is receptive, that creates …

That is powerful.

She knows what it feels like to have deep sexual shame. This is why she is here now, one of the deep embedded beliefs and collective trauma’s is that of sexual shame, and sexual trauma …

She knows what it feels like to want to hide because of fear of being judged, shunned or "too much".

She knows the yearning in our hearts to connect more deeply with our bodies, our wombs and yoni's.

She deeply knows how much we want to look at our bodies with unconditional love.

She knows how much we need sacred space to peel these layers as well as guidance from her to remind us of who we truly are.

We are Daughters of the Earth… Daughters of the Rose … Daughters of Magdalena … We are Sovereign and Sacred Beings of Light... And our body temples we've chosen to come into on purpose, is our way to EXPAND to feel and know this Truth.

And we are LOVE… WE are the ROSE…

Given that most of us have experienced sexual shame ... one of her many messages are …

"Beloved, it's safe to come back home... to your temple. Release your shame, claim your body as sacred. You have codes that when activated can deeply shift your perspective, and the planet.” …

Oh the Magic of Magdalena …

She has many messages...Each unique and powerful for each and everyone of us.

But as I step into and feel the collective wounding and shame of what it is we are experiencing as a Sisterhood.... (sexual shame of our pleasure, of our menstrual cycle, not feeling safe in our own bodies, hatred towards the masculine, hatred and jealousy towards each other… ) I feel that Mary Magdalena, offers us space to know its safe to be our authentic selves, as we are Worthy right here, right now. ALL OF US. Accepting our thorns… Accepting the thorns of others and knowing there truly is no other.

It's safe to be lead by our Rose-Hearts, our Rose-Wombs, by our Intuition, our own SHAKTI ... our Higher Selves and by the Goddess within us.

It's safe to remember how sacred our womb blood is and with that, our birth-right to live in rhythm and synchronicity with Mama Gaia and Grandmother Moon.


☥ Are you being called to drop the layers of sexual shame, to flourish and step into your divine purpose?

☥ Are you really sick of the on going patterns of "I am not good enough." and wish to create a new and resonate way of how you see yourself?

☥ Do you desire to feel safe and alive in your own body?

☥ Do you yearn to feel safe as you embark on a journey of full Soul + Womb Retrieval of who you actually are?

☥ Do you want to dance with your shame, call it in, learn to love it instead of pushing away powerful aspects of yourself?

☥ Do you need safe space to be held in while you do this?

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How has Mary Magdalene been showing up for you?

Do you have any past life memories as a devotee in the Egyptian Goddess Isis Temple?

I’d love to connect and receive you sister. Go to the Venusian Rose-Oracle Sisterhood Temple on Facebook, and create a heart felt post of your own rose resonance energy and how Mary Magdalene has been leaving you rose petals to the truth of your own Rose-Womb-Heart.

You can enter the temple here :

I LOVE YOU, ALL parts of your beloved Sister,

Love, Sarah Nicole Oracle

Feeling Worried ? | What to do, when you feel worried ...

Hi sweet sister, thank you so much for being here  ... I am beaming into our temple as a pillared in Priestess ... And with that, comes with me sharing and being vulnerable of my struggles... And the opening of something more resonant with my soul as I clear and cleanse "3D programming."

Opening the space with the beloved Mary Magdalena and my own Rose Resonance, and to know it's safe to come as you are ... myself included. We are a Sisterhood. No one os above anyone here. 

As the frequency of the Rose pulses through my Being ... I'd like to talk about worry and go a bit deeper to see things a bit differently to keep you present in the now along this journey of truly embodying your own Goddess Essence ... As you flow with life and truly know in your being that you are safe to be here n o w regardless of what your mind has you believe yourself to be.

I've been worried the past few days about money, about my worth ... If I'm really a Priestess of the Rose ... If i'm really this magical being that I say that I am ... And what had come through during this live stream in the Venusian Oracles Facebook temple was that I am Safe here and now, even if there are parts of me that don't believe that I am good enough ...  When I go deep enough I KNOW, there is a Gnosis of BEING this worthy multidimensional Queen that I truly am, that which you are too in sacred mirroring here. 

As I've been flowing, and feeling ... Witnessing myself go through this deep initiation of coming home to myself, seeing myself , loving myself exactly as I am now... Especially in those moments of questioning who I truly am. Especially in the those moments, of wounded aspects of myself screaming, and crying as they come back home to me inside my safe and sovereign Rose womb heart... I lay before you, the challenges that I'm sure you are also experiencing ... But to see them through the lens of the Beloved. Where the worry, the confusion and shame can be transmuted into petals of unconditional love, purpose and erotic innocence. 

YES ...

A few days ago the bank machine ate my money as I deposited cash ... I could feel myself going into worrisome energy ... Even though right after as I was walking back to the subway station ... seeing number 22 all the way until I got home. Trying SO damn hard not to get sucked into this energy ... Until I just surrendered ... And started speaking to myself, my soul... Gently ... Reassuring that it was all good. I only knew that I was heard, and that I heard myself ... and I kept on soothing, and giving away these fears through speech to Spirit, which IS me and my own heart...

I asked Spirit directly, I asked Mary Magdalene directly what to do when this worry energy surfaces, or any confusion or foggy energy comes up to be transmuted ... She shared that when we are worried, we are not fully Trusting ...

What to do when you're worried Temple Live Stream below ...
Enter the Venusian Oracles Rose Temple Here...

What to do when you're Worried ...

So, because this is what we are nottapped into when we are worried ... Mary Magdalene shared with me to tune into this frequency of trust, and of safety ... Going as deep as we possibly can, into this vibration inside of our own Rose Womb Heart ... Asking "Where do I feel trust in my body?" ... "Where do I not feel trust in my body?" -> "Is there a colour to this energy...?"  ... "Can I sink a little bit deeper? ... "Can I accept that this energy is here?" , "Can I accept that I can decipher whether or not this is truly mine, or if this was passed down..." -> Just allowing yourself to go as deep as you can into this energy while keeping your heart open with it as well, simultaneously... This takes practice and devotion to opening your heart and always going deeper.

Give it Away
If you feel very confused ... because you're super focused on that energy, it will be extremely difficult to go into this energy with an open heart without getting totally sucked into the story and loophole of this energy. In moments of complete confusion and frustration... I give it away.This happens to be in the form of crying usually... Our tears are sacred rivers of love and cleansing, of our true erotic innocence. 

Or, I say a prayer and get really real with how I am feeling with spirit which includes the word "fuck" quite a bit... for example : "Spirit... here you fucking go... I give this shit to you because I don't know what the fuck I am doing right now." ... You get the point. Just be real, raw allows me to honour and see myself.

Ask ... " What amI clear about? ... What DOI like knowing?"  
The energy of worry keeps you in this space of confusion, and because this has to do with a program of control and having scarcity around the Unknown ... We can bring our awareness to what we ARE clear about, to what we DO KNOW inside out hearts ... This can be as simple as " I know, and am clear that I am a powerful being , even when I don't believe that I am sometimes." , or " I really love that I have clean water to drink and bathe in... I love that water is a high frequency of Source and just like my tears, can cleanse any energy that is no longer serving me." , "I like knowing that the rose makes me want to fucking jump for joy." , "I like knowing that I hold codes that are incredibly powerful and needed on Gaia even if I don't consciously know what they are yet..." .... "I like knowing and am clear that I have my own heart and womb as a guide to ALL." ... You see sister, we have the keys! We are the keys to the Universe to unlock a door that we believed we could walk through that would make us worthy.... But the truth is, you are the door. 

This can be tough and a bit challenging especially when many things that we've been thinking and we're being operated by, is coming to the surface ... We tend to go into resistance to what IS in the moments and opportunities of integration. Surrendering to me, means allowing the truth of my being to lead the way... To not force an outcome, or a feeling ... Justslip and sink into the  n o w n e s s  of this present moment. This can be anchored in through the breath and through toning and finding your voice! I am learning this in the Rose Lineage Council of Twelve teachings of the Venusian Temple Arts ... Very powerful! Inviting us all into this space of clarity in this moment,that there truly is nothing to do... there is only surrender to what is , to what we truly are and allowing ourselves to be guided from this inner Gnosis. 

These beloved steps do not have to be in an particular order... just come to this space when you feel worried and see which one resonates the most with you.

As so many of us are coming home to ourselves, who we truly are and who we came here to be ... I am extending and expanding my heart to every single one of you in this moment... That although we are experiencing an intense purging of the old 3D patriarchal paradigm ... Much is coming up to literally be thrown up and out of our system... When this happens, sometimes we "think" we are on the wrong path or we are doing something wrong, or when deeply integrating ... We believing we are not good enough and that we are doing this work alone. This, is so far from the truth for we are all ONE. One with each other, and One with Source... And with our Beloved mentors and guides who will ALWAYS be with us, supporting us!

I bow to you and your sacred heart, and your inner child who can lead you on this path of awakening your innocence ... to surrendering to the Unknown, having the Gnosis that the Unknown is safe.

You are the Unknown ... YOU ARE GODDESS.

You have you own sweet beloved and protective Goddess Essence that the world needs, that you came here to anchor in for the New Earth wave of R e m e m b r a n c e ... I am so honoured and excited to walk this deeper path with you together as a sisterhood in Awaken Your 5D Goddess 13 week Initiation ... I'm calling all sisters in who feel a call to this energy of the Divine Goddess, of Mary Magdalene and the Rose Lineage, to deep service, to finally feeling safe in her body and purpose and releasing, loving and cleansing the beliefs, programming and shackles from lifetimes that have kept you small and mouths taped up!  I am here to do this work with you, to hold the deepest space I possibly can, to guide you to remember that it was US all along... We just needed that activated code to Awaken... Sister ... the code within you, has been activated.

Do you choose to go deeper and walk your path that you're called to ?

Join me in this journey of Awakening Beloved....

Awaken Your 5D Goddess Includes : 

▽ 6 BI-WEEKLY LIVE SISTER CIRCLE GATHERINGS ON ZOOM CHAT (link will be sent prior to gathering)

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Awaken Your 5D Goddess Initiatory Portals :

🌹 Week 1 - 2
One-Heart Crystalline Activation

🌹 Week 3 - 4:
Feeling Safe + Juicy in Our Bodies

🌹 Week 5 - 6:
Clearing Karmic + Ancestral Wounding

🌹 Week 7 - 8:
Embodying Our Inner King

🌹 Week 9 - 10
Orgasmic Energy Activation

🌹 Week 11 - 12:
Menstrual Magic

🌹 Week 13:
Embodying, Birthing and Sharing Our Magic

This journey begins Saturday April 6th... Doors close this Sunday March 31st, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

Sweet sister I love  you so much, and bow to you and your sweet Goddess Essence .. May you feel safe to Awaken in all your radiant glory and Unified Consciousness that IS YOU, I love you.

Sarah xo

𓋹  Our Sexual Energy is Sacred  𓋹

I used to be so shameful of my Sexual energy. Many people shamed me growing up… I had this belief, that this desire to feel into my sexual energy was bad and made me dirty and that it made me a whore… But what was actually happening was the Rose-codes of my many past lives as a sacred sexual Priestess, were being activated once again ; where sex was sacred. Where sex, was a gateway to the Divine within. This explains me masturbating at a very young age and exploring this energy, not truly knowing what it was or where it was coming from. But because I was born in a generation where this was not honoured, where I was not guided to knowing what was happening, to truly loving and understanding my body and the codes I carry… I became confused … This confused energy, made me an energetic match for the shadow sexuality reptilian wounding of the collective; my life purpose is restoring the truth of who we truly are through my own Rose heart and womb of Remembrance.

I used to be so shameful that I was, and still am a Sacred Exotic Dancer … And the truth is my sexual energy is the most innocent and unconditionally loving energy that pulses through me … Because just like my womb blood … My sexual energy is LIFE itself and it’s what creates worlds, it is what creates Life, whether that is an actual child, or my dreams and my desires. 

My own sweet Divine Rose heart and womb, is connected to this primal energy that is my birthright. 

My Sexual Energy, is Sacred.

We are taught and programmed to believe that sex, anything that has to do with our beautiful genitals, with menstrual blood, with pleasure, with the feminine… is deemed bad and evil, or not of importance. This was deliberately programmed within us from the church, the reptilian energy of control, of the mind to keep us small and cut us off from Our Divine Birthright of Creation. And instead, programmed us with violent porn, pleasure for the wounded masculine only, which is what you see in the modern strip clubs these days. As I bring my own Rose resonance to this environment, I can say that I am shifting this paradigm.

When I claim my holiness, that which IS my sexual energy, that which is my desire to dance naked and adorn my body with Rose petals … I am not only loving every inch of my Being … I am loving and honouring You too … That which I do for me, I do for You. 

Shame can be a gateway to your Awakening if you allow yourself to question how it got there… If it’s actually true, if the belief is actually yours, and your willingness to feel inside your own Rose womb and heart to feel the Innocence and Unconditional Love that pulses through you …

You will hear and feel yourself adoring every inch of your soul, including your thorns, because your birthright is just that, Loving all parts of you and seeing them as Sacred.

I no longer listen to people who tell me “I’m just a stripper” … or to cover up my body, or to “respect myself” more because I am a SACRED EXOTIC DANCER… Claiming my birthright to love my body and to do what feels good triggers you, because you were taught that it was wrong… but the reason it feels so “bad” to you is because you were taught a lie. Truth feels good. Lies feel like shit.

I believe that we all hold specific codes within our Beings, that when activated, we can create LOVE and UNITY on the planet. 

I feel that one of the collective blocks is Sexual shame. As I tune in, this energy does not belong to us (not in a pushing away kind of way) … But we can clear it with the reclamation of who you truly are by activating your own Goddess Essence, and loving our shame.

Loving all the shame you’ve ever felt and allowing yourself to face it, to go deeper and understand that you overcoming and unconditionally loving and accepting your shame, can truly be of service to other beings and to Mama Gaia Herself.

How? Because we are One.

Challenging the system, the status quo is what we came here for. We came here to restore this current level of 3D consciousness to that of Divine Truth and Love. 5D New Earth Consciousness. 

When we do what is scary, when we truly listen to our hearts … When we let our hearts and Rose wombs lead the way, this is how we set the path for those coming in after us. Even though we are in this n o w moment, all can change with your choice to remember and claim who you really are … And there are many souls who will be coming in (our children, their children, and their children) who deserve to come into a world where they are unconditionally loved, seen, guided to support one another, shown how to honour and respect the feminine and what true sacred masculine energy is, and how to embody it. They deserve to come into a world where LOVE is the force that inherits the Earth. I feel this is so much bigger than us, this is literally for generations to come.

I am the protectress of the Feminine Mysteries and the Rose Consciousness of Divine Love that is actively on the planet right now. You are this too. The world needs you. The world needs your messages … The world needs you to face and love your shame, to go deeper… To love your sexual energy, your blood… All faces and aspects of you sweet Divine Rose Sister!

I know “times” are intense as fuck right now … I can feel us all Awakening and I am here to support you on your journey back to yourself and your heart + womb … To see your journey as Sacred, your shame as precious gems, jewels and needed so you can fully step into the Divine being that you are… To emanate your own Goddess Essence across the planet and everywhere you go.

As you know, Awaken your 5D Goddess 13 Week Initiation, is now open as a door and portal to walk into as yourself, to activate every inch of your Being more deeply. We walk through very specific portals of Initiation, that which I’ve walked through that has truly gotten me to this place of unconditional self Love and Remembrance of who I truly am. These initiations and portals have lead me to this space of Devotion for the Awakening and Remembrance of who we truly are, the rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness and the Rose Consciousness of LOVE. We will be facing and loving our shame in week 3-4 and honouring our Sexual energy more deeply in week 9-10.

You can learn more about the 7 portals we walk through here: http://sarahnicoleoracle.com/awaken-your-5d-goddess

Doors close this Sunday March 31st, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

Sister … I honour You. I honour and love your sexual energy, your blood and your willingness to step into your souls calling of PRIESTESS … of Divine Feminine Leader, you are making the way for many other sisters to see and witness you be you, for them to do the same. May we all come together with this Remembrance of who we truly are, and why we came here.

I love you sister!

To say yes to this journey, go here my love : http://sarahnicoleoracle.com/awaken-your-5d-goddess 

Many Blessings to you!

Sarah :)