▽ All Ceremonies are held bi-weekly, every Saturday beginning on Saturday April 6th, 2019. Time will be sent to you prior to our gathering (if you cannot make it live, the replay will be sent to you, and posted in our Private Facebook Temple, which I will add everyone to when we’re all signed up)

▽ Each Workbook Journal Prompt will be sent to you through a link to the ONLINE FORUM … Each Workbook is sent right after each of our ceremonies (bi-weekly beginning Saturday April 6th, 2019)

▽ If you paid in full, you Bonus + Goddess Gifts will be sent to you ASAP, check your inbox! (access the Magdalena Meditation Album here)

▽ You’ll receive your guided meditations every Saturday for 13 weeks, they will be posted and added on the ONLINE FORUM every week, and sent to your email as a reminder.

▽ The link to book your 1-1 sessions with me will be sent to you on Saturday April 6th, this will be the link you go to book your sessions every month (you are responsible for booking these calls and calls cannot spill over the 13 week journey unless discussed and agreed upon) 

▽ If you have any questions for me sweet sister, please email me at sarahnicoleoracle@gmail.com or message me on Facebook at Sarah Nicole Tynes :)

Password : unconditionallove

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