My Journey


Hey Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to this beautiful space. I’m Sarah Nicole Oracle … Priestess of The Rose Lineage, of Sacred Sexuality … Oracle, Psychic, Womb and Energy Mystic, Star- Seed, and the list goes on!

I’m here to help women heal their deepest wounds of womb trauma, and guide them to completely rebirth their deepest pain to gold, to magic and soul purpose.

I’m called to this work because the Universe and I made a deal a long time ago that went something like …

“Beautiful Sarah … You’re gonna go through a very very dark time in your life; you’re gonna feel abandoned by the masculine, you’re going to be raped multiple times, you’re gonna feel body shame , you’re not gonna want to be alive anymore, and you may take your own life again like you did in previous past lives... However! If you stay and do the work, you will help thousands of women heal what you are healing right now.”

So here we are n o w . Am I nearly as close to healing ALLLLL of the trauma? No. But to stop healing, would be to stop Expanding and I’m willing to do the work and share my heart, to reflect that you were born worthy too.

In this space, I share my deepest wounds, I get vulnerable to remind us that we are not alone, we are in this together and that which we heal within ourselves, we heal for humanity and the entire Universe. It goes so much deeper than just us Divine humans <3 … I share tools and practices and I offer programs for sisters who are ready to really do this work!

I’m here to create a new 5D Earth, and if your reading this, so are you!

Welcome, explore! I know you will find exactly what you’re soul is searching for :)

with Love, Sarah xo

“The power that each of us have, lies with our own hearts and our ability to heal and face our deepest wounds, and Love ourselves anyway.”

- Sarah Nicole Oracle