Who is Sarah?


Sarah Nicole Tynes, also known as Sarah Nicole Oracle and the Venusian Oracle, is a reincarnated High Priestess of Sacred Sexuality, an Initiate of the Venusian Rose Temple Arts Mystery School, a Daughter of Maria Magdalena, and a Sacred Exotic Dancer

She's here on Earth to make Sexuality Sacred and pure once again, by walking her profound initiations to shine light and break down any and all paradigms that keep one separate from their pleasure and the magic of one’s sacred body temple.

Sarah is a voice and guide of Love, of Integration for those who suffer from sexual shame and womb trauma.

Through integrating her own rape-trauma, trauma from sexual abuse and sexual misuse, she now sees herself as Unconditional Love, Innocence, and is devoted to being a mirror for the beings who are still remembering their own purity of their Sexuality.

Before she was conscious of her soul purpose, before she consciously knew she was a reincarnated High Priestess of Sacred Sexuality, the essence of the Rose emanated from her being, allowing her to connect to the Great Mother, to Nature, and to the Unseen World which initiated her into the Rose Lineage temple teachings before she even knew what a Priestess was, and what the Rose truly meant to her. She did, however, know she was a Witch. And she'd spend hours dancing with energies around her, and casting spells and making mud pies of abundance with her sister. 

Being a child of divorce, she felt unseen, abandoned by the very beings who brought her into the physical world. When it came to Sexuality, she didn't know what was going on, let alone her parents to comfort and guide her into a space of self embrace β€” this enabled her to go into the direction of the rebel, going off on sexual binges, making her incredibly confused. Little did she know this was all part of the plan, and those very wounds, that trauma was her catalyst to the greatest Love she'd ever know. Love of self. Love of her soul and her Life Purpose.

Sarah began sex work in 2008 when she was only 15 years old and started her Stripping Initiation in December of 2010. Some of the situations were out of her control, but let me tell you she's experienced every nook and cranny of shadow Sexuality, especially within the strip club and the realms of sex work. Yet, this has also mirrored to her, her birthright to pleasure, to service, and the purity of Sexuality. 

She thought she had quit stripping and sex work back in April 2016 when someone raped her two months prior β€” followed by a devotion to activating her gifts through meditation, and no alcohol or drugs. She went back to the strip club in August 2017 for a month and quit again as there was still some shadow work to do, and she did not prepare her body or energetic field for her to able to do the work of the High priestess in the strip club, yet. During this time, she started her own healing business and began doing readings, hands-on healings, 1-1 mentoring, held online and in-person women circles, created online courses, and began writing her experiences in her Integrative Blog.

In April 2018, she decided it was time to go back to the strip club. Yet she did not know what she was about to get into, as 2018 was the most intense Initiation yet! ALL of her wounds came up, she began drinking heavily as a way to avoid what she needed to integrate, and the romantic relationship she was in mirrored all this very intensely... 

After this intense soul rebirth, Sarah was able to see why she chose to begin sex work back in 2008, and all the trauma and shame associated with her Sexuality from the very beginning. 

At the end of 2018, after all the trauma and necessary mirroring, she decided it was time to Unconditionally Love herself and witness how deep this has unfolded for her. 

As of now, she consciously strips at her home club Brass Rail in Toronto, one of Toronto's most beautiful gentlemen’s club. And although she feels stripping coming to a completion, she remains in her integrity and still serves the hearts and souls to all beings who enter her field of Presence while she consciously strips. She uses her Oracular gifts to choose particular beings to serve and have that sacred sexual exchange with, and she's a match to her ideal man inside the club, every time. She understands the deep unseen realms of Sexuality to serve the beings who do not feel safe in their bodies and who are afraid of intimacy. To her, stripping means so much more now than just making money or being seen by the Masculine. She is there to serve for the highest good of all, through her sacred sexual life force energy, and because of her integrity to her soul, the Universe rewards her with abundance.

Sarah has been creating some magic around Consciously Stripping to serve the sisters who work in these realms, and she'd love to make this journey more juicy, pleasurable, meaningful, and more abundant for you. The way one can do this is by turning the mirror in and asking the deep questions and insights Sarah provides in her new Youtube Series titled β€˜Confessions of a Conscious Stripper’. Sarah shares her perspective on what every stripper should know on how to rebirth yourself from Stripper to Conscious Stripper to your fully integrated High Priestess of Sacred Sexuality Self within the strip club. 

Go here to subscribe to her Youtube Channel, where you'll also find monthly Tarot Oracle Readings for each Zodiac sign. Her readings are fucking amazing and ALWAYS on point. She has never disappointed a client.

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The first episode of β€˜Confessions of a Conscious Stripper’ will be released in November 2019.

She is working with some of the most sought out High Priestesses of our time! Both as a mentor and protege. She is honored to work so closely with such powerful sisters of the Rose.

Sarah is currently taking new 1-1 clients for a 3,6,9 month journey into the inner realms of Sexuality to understand what has brought you to the realms of sex work. She guides you to know that you are pure, abundant, beautiful, and worthy of all you deeply desire in life by guiding you into soul retrieval, ancestral karmic clearing, high priestess womb activation, priestess embodiment, self Love and pleasure rituals/spells and shadow-underworld integration.

Sarah believes that all women called to work closely with her, are meant to do some beautiful things on the planet. 

To apply for 1-1 mentoring with Sarah, you can email Sarah here.