∞ Infinity of the Rose ∞ : 7 Day Rose Wheel Transmission Journey


Welcome Beloved Sister of the Rose…

My journey with Mary Magdalena, has been a deep and potent one… 

She has brought me here with you n o w, to open, and wake up the Rose Wheels within your Sacred Temple Body.

Coming into the Infinity Geometric Symbol of Connection, of Life, Love and the Rose…


In our 7 Day Journey together we will be activating your 7 Rose Wheels from within, while simultaneously clearing, loving and integrating the Black Rose counterpart within each Rose Wheel.

Your Rose Wheels, are also known as your Chakra’s.

As we Complete the 7 gateways in a very specific flow, multiple Infinity symbols that connects you to this specific Rose Lineage, will be activated from within you…

Step into the potency and magic of the Rose as it lives through very specific frequency activations, knowing its safe to also walk the Underworld and clear the deepest and ”darkest” shadow of our collective conscious/unconscious. 

If you feel called to this kind work, it’s because you’ve been doing this for lifetimes, and that deep Soul Resonance is an indication, that the time is n o w, for you to fully step in to your purpose and fulfill your duties here as a Priestess of the Rose.

That which was pre-planned before coming into the physical. 

This journey is for the Priestess of the Rose sister, who is ready to activate the deepest parts of herself, to arrive vulnerable and ready to do the work; to Love herself… To deeply know herself, and to walk the Underworld (which is essentially loving and integrating individual and collective shadow, thought forms and paradigms) hand in hand, heart to heart, womb to womb, with the beloved Mary Magdalena.

She who knows us so deeply, and knows us as HER; For she was and is the Apostle of Apostles…

She, as well as our beloved etheric Rose mentors, knows why we are here… And they are waiting ever so patiently for us to say YES to listening to the subtle yet powerful guidance that is our Divine purpose here on Sophia Gaia.

… To fully serve here now, means to be fully activated within our gifts and soul purpose …

Welcome Beloved…



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∞ a Deeper connection with your Rose Essence within, and with Mary Magdalena…


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My name is Sarah Nicole Oracle, also known as The Venusian Oracle… I’ve been doing this sacred work for lifetimes, and I’m honoured you are here with me as we do the work of the Rose together.

As you know, the Rose is one of the most potent forms of magic in the Universe…

For what is the Rose if she is not Unconditional Love itself, if she is not the Divine Mother Herself?

The Rose, is the all encompassing energy that connects the lineage of LOVE, of Sacred Sexuality… of honouring both the Feminine and Masculine within our bodies, allowing it to reflect out into each of our lives.

I’ve come to know the deep power of my own Beauty of the Rose within, of the 5 senses that live within me, that ARE me … As well as my Shadow… And when integrated, loved and respected… I am no longer afraid to show up to serve.

I am here as a sacred mirror to guide you safely into this Rose Remembrance that you deeply know as YOU…

And while the Rose is beautiful as she unfurls, and we find ourselves blooming and blossoming in all forms of awakening and re-birth… She does have thorns.

You have thorns, and it is part of your medicine that you carry…

No longer pushing and ignoring the shadow and β€œdarkness”, we need to face and see this part of you as Love.

I do very deep shadow work and know how to walk within these realms.

I will be walking these realms and paths forever… For it is my greatest gifts to see and feel that all is Love, making the way of Light for you to walk WITH me on your own path as a Priestess of the Rose..

She who loves her thorns, as she loves her velvety petals.

Thank you for being here beloved…



May the Infinity of the Rose, 7 Day Rose Wheel Transmission Journey deeply serve your soul, your Remembrance for you to create Heaven within, and on Earth.

May you know that Heaven and the Underworld are one and the same, and you have the power to merge these two realities with the Love of the Rose, within yourself.

We will be journeying through the 7 Rose Wheels within, as we activate very specific frequencies that live within your sacred body temple…

As such, shadow will surface… and the Black Rose counter part of each Rose Wheel desires to be witnessed, bloomed and blossomed at the perfect time for you.

This is an initiation into the Rose Lineage … as it pulses through your body… As She pulses through you… As the Rose medicine of your own line of magic resurrects.

As you honour the petals and the thorns that make you, you.

This is the path of the Rose.

I love you Sister <3


The Beloved Rose Wheels




Day 1 

Pink Rose Transmission

of Unconditional Love & Compassion … within the Heart



Black Rose ∞ Separation


Day 2

Blue Rose Transmission

of Divine Truth & Expression … within the Throat



Black Rose ∞ Vow of Silence 


Day 3

Peach Rose Transmission

of Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Pleasure… within the Womb



Black Rose ∞ Shame


Day 4

Red Rose Transmission

of Passion, Safety & Trust … within the Yoni & Perineum 



Black Rose ∞ Fear


Day 5 

Ivory Rose Transmission

of Overflow, Abundance & Self Worth … within the Upper Womb & Solar Plexus 



Black Rose ∞ Lack


Day 6 

Indigo Rose Transmission

of Oracular Gifts & Clairvoyance … within the Third Eye Chakra



Black Rose ∞ Illusion 


Day 7 

Rainbow Rose Transmission 

of Multidimensionality & Dream Time … within the Crown/Cranium



Black Rose ∞ The Divine Mother/God/The Unknown




We are the Venusian Rose Oracle Sisterhood. 

Come where your Roses and Thorns are deeply honoured and held in the essence of the Divine Mother…

The Rose Lineage and the Rose Priestesses that walked before you, await…

For that time has come n o w…

To Remember its Safe to come as you are… Fully expressed… Fully embodied as a Daughter of the Magdalena…


Thank you for being here with me, in this beautiful and precious n o w …

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I’m so excited to gift this to you beloved.

With Love Always,

Sarah Nicole Oracle